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Now and Then.

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The view from Walton Well Road bridge, Oxford in 1964. Old Oxford North Junction top right




In 2004, first stage of building on the shed site.




Pretty much the same view this year. According to a nearby sign, the line under the camera, the up through siding is now used permanently in the down direction, to access the Bicester line without crossing the up at the new Oxford North Junction.







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Way back then, 1011 on the Up Main, Reading Mainline West a little over 50 years ago




Then, Reading Westbury Line Junction 29.03.11. The picture above was taken from the next platform over to the left




Then, Reading Platform No.9 29.03.11




Almost now, Reading Platform No.10 (previously No.9) 25.08.12



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Here are a couple from Exeter St Davids, 1981 and 2012



08259 shunts loaded dogfish hoppers from the New Yard into Riverside Yard, 9/3/81



159002 comes empty out of New Yard (do they still call it this?)

empty stock to form the 12,26 Waterloo service, 23/2/2012


31 years have passed but the motorists still get impatient at Red Cow Crossing!



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My old local station, Polsloe Bridge



Set P470 departs from the remaining up platform on a service from Exmouth, 15/5/79



143603 leads a service heading for Exmouth, 16/4/2009




It is amazing how the vegetation claims the land back over time.



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As you may gather I have never been the most prolific or accomplished photographer but here is another pair,...................


I know what you mean, at the time I was critical of my own efforts, and with hindsight could (and should) have taken many more,

however I am always interested in photos like yours, recording the unremarkable everyday scene which cannot now be repeated.

I wonder what the same scene at Barnetby might be in 2045.


Here are two from Topsham, not an exact match but the closest I can find from my collection.



Set P470 departs Topsham on the 13.18 Exmouth - Exeter St Davids, 15/5/79



Set 150123 on an Exmouth - Paignton working waits for the the down service to cross,

which must be delayed as the barriers have not yet been lowered.

The signal box closed in the 1980s, the line is now under the control of Exmouth Junction, 11/9/2012



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And another pair from close to my home in Weston



Taken in 1980 a fortnight after I had bought my first SLR camera,

46053 has just departed Weston-super-Mare on the 10.35 Leeds - Paignton.

The line here had been singled around about 1970, allotments border both side of the line. 15/1/80



60163 Tornado departs Weston on the Torbay Express.

The allotments have gradually all been abandoned, and it is less obvious that there was double track here.

Pickfords Warehouse was demolished some years ago and new houses and flats built on the site, 2/8/2009.



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allotments border both side of the line. 15/1/80



The allotments have gradually all been abandoned,


In other parts of the country people are queuing up for allotments! Big waiting lists.



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Here is another couple of then and now shots, this time from Bridgwater



47202 arrives at Bridgwater with 7V52 17.22 MWO Sellafield - Bridgwater, it attracts no interest, apart from mine. 9/8/83




I'm wondering if this shot would have been better in the 'Human side of the railway' thread.

I travelled to Bridgwater on other business so don't know if it was the flask train that was causing the excitement.

I took a couple of quick pictures of the DRS class 20 and 37 on the flask train before leaving the station.

The ground frame has been replaced and the crossover and yard connection are now power operated, 11/3/2011



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A couple of comparison shots of Manchester Victoria. Both taken from roughly the same spot on what was Platform 11. - not recognisable now. It's a good job that the L&Y Buildings and Concourse were already on a preservation order. They are now going to put some extra platforms back, out towards the old Exchange Station site due to lack of capacity ! Good innit !


5th October 1985



1st October 2006 (185s on Diverted services due to Standedge being closed)


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