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Wiganish returns.


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Hi after a long while in store, i have managed to rescue Wiganish. You can see the initial layout in my blog [ if anyone can create a link please do]. The first item to be completed is the fuel storage area.





More to follow when I can get the layout erected.

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Had a few spare hours this evening, never thought the Peco office building fitted in with time period, so after a little inspiration from Mr Wibble. have built a new office block. This is made of Arkitex components and foamboard. Instead of running alongside the shed it will now sit parrell to the baseboard edge.


Like so,




more to follow,


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Have managed to get scenic boards together to have an overall view.





The shed will have 4 roads, 2 off the spur with the wonky sleepers [am using a PHD Design sleeper spacing tool to adjust Peco track but after using C & L for Polmadie will use this again] and 2 off the point near the fuel point, this should give the impression of long spurs and no overcrowding of the tracks. There will also be a spur from a point where the track on the bottom left ends, this will be a storage/fuel filling siding. More later.


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Have had an unexpected surprise from work " enjoy your 10 day holiday break" !!!!

So have been able to erect boards tonight ready for some serious modelling time, which has been missing for quite a while. will be using a rake of coaches as a close backdrop. Had a quick mockup tonight with a south wales interlopper. I am trying to recreate the large areas of open space that I seem to remember at many depots not the lets have lots of tracks and locos in as small space as possible, I cant imagine having more than 3 or 4 stabled on shed at one time, but movement will be created by locos running in to refuel then running back off stage.









sorry about the poor quality pics.

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Have decided on final track plan. after messing about and taking several photos this is what will be layed.




have been placing locos in position for when the track is down to see how it will look.















more later.

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Have not got as much done as I had anticipated but have layed and wired track to the front of the boards. Also test fitted the removable lights to give the height I reqiured.

This gives, I think the air of space I'm trying to achieve.








The Capri pays homage to my first seriuos car, though it should be dark blue.

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