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DCC Controlled (PECO) Turntable Project using a Arduino Uno

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Thanks Simon.


I can see your logic and was going to adopt the one way round idea until I suddenly remembered that despite it not really mattering whether diesels were turned or not, the majority of the stock on the layout is fitted with Dingham couplings which means they'd need to be turned twice.

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I originally purchased an A4988 driver and then discovered that the DRV8825 driver handled more current, so I purchased one of those and have been using that for the testing.


Trawling through numerous Internet pages yesterday trying to find something that might give me a clue as to how I could address the problems I've been experiencing led me briefly to a forum post or response to a post somewhere suggesting there were reported problems with the DRV8825 driver.


And so, on the off chance that it might be better, I swapped the DRV8825 for an A4988 driver and BINGO! My problems disappeared.


I've now had the A4988 running for a while during which it has performed some 120 or so randomly generated push button combination move simulations in groups of 40. It returns to the starting position at the end of each set - at least I can't see any deviation from that position on the test bed.


Problem apparently solved, thankfully.

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On 07/09/2023 at 01:45, 38Durum01 said:

Hi Ternder/Ray

I am following this 6 part project and can read the text but connot open the variou jpeg files. I have tried several browsers but nnone will open hem. Can yo send me copies of the jpegs.


Ken (30Durum01)



See post ref pics a couple of pages back.



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