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Well, here's a thing.  It arrived a few minutes ago and I was not expecting it.  The guest editor is Barry Norman and here are the contents:


Editorial: educate and inform


N Gauge rtr locos to 2mm finescale - fast by Peter Kirmond


And here's another old Toad by Paul Tasker


The ups and downs of semaphore signals by Derek Mundy


8-way signal operating board by Geoff Peters and Frank Jones


Dark satanic mills by Karl Crowther


An introduction to Hemyock by Chris Lamacraft


A quick upgrade of a Conflat and container by Tim Peacock


Educate, inform, entertain by Eddie Bourne


The etched kit and the resin boiler by Tony Geary


Check your rods by Philip Hall


7mm figure painting by Pete Armstrong


Small suppliers forum, letters, diary


Happy reading!



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I think the editor is trying to wind up Kenton.

Resin boiler and resin tender!


:D I don't think it is the editor ... its Tony Geary (who is more in tune with my opinions on resin use in metal kits) His conclusions do not seem to be glowing and were more along the lines of (well a beginner might like it).


Quite a good MRJ (even by my judgement) Hemyock will get another good read.

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Another absolute gem! Hemyock captures the feel of the place perfectly (I spent a very happy few hours poking around there not long before it closed to passengers) and although I certainly don't want to get into 2mm modelling I found the article on 2mm FS absolutely fascinating - fold up coupling rods? Brilliant!

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A trip to Smiffs is called for this lunchtime...... :sungum:



It wasn't in our branch yesterday but a lot of mags are distributed within WHS to go on the shelves on a Thursday according to a chap in our branch (so i was surprised to find BRM there yesterday).


To my great surprise, Ealing WHS had it in early!


The signal servo articles are fascinating.

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I thought this was a cracking issue. The Hemyock article was fantastic - what an absolutely gorgeous, inspirational model, the kind of thing that makes you rethink all your priorities and objectives. I also enjoyed Peter's lucid piece on the 2mm chassis conversions, and having seen his prairies running, they do operate superbly well.

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Just got this issue (I remain amazed that MRJ is available in some mainstream newsagents in Oz, albeit 3 months late :D). I particularly liked the 2mm chassis construction article as I'm about to dip a toe in 2mm FS and my first layout idea really needs a Gronk on the books for completeness. The before and after photos of the Prairie were particularly striking as an illustration of the improved appearance that can be achieved over the out of the box product.

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