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News from Warley 2014

Andy Y

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Kernow Model Rail Centre have released the latest CAD images of the forthcoming 1361 GWR 0-6-0 ST as announced here http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/89145-kernow-model-rail-centre-to-produce-gwr-1361-0-6-0-saddle-tank/


The images show the provision of different chimneys and clear daylight beneath the boiler above the frames.


Our model has been developed with full access to the original works drawings in conjunction with the Great Western Society at Didcot.  We have also laser-scanned the constituent parts of the original locomotive at Didcot and work will progress to checking the details and dimensions as well as incorporating the variations that made each individual locomotive unique.













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We are pleased to announce will produce the GWR Steam Railmotor in OO Gauge in association with the Great Western Society at Didcot.

The Great Western Railway wanted a cost-effective way to improve local passenger services at the start of the Twentieth Century in response to the threat from urban tramways.

The Railmotor was their solution to this and such was their success in many areas that patronage rapidly outgrew the capacity available! Several batches were built and by 1905 there were around 50 in service with around 100 built when production was complete in 1908. A number of trailers were also built in response to the success of the Railmotors to increase their capacity. By the mid 1920s most Railmotors had been converted to auto-trailers to allow longer trains to operate in conjunction with a more powerful steam locomotive.

Operational details and preservation
Used through the Great Western Railway from Cornwall to the London suburbs, number 93 is preserved by the Great Western Society at Didcot and has made many visits around the country, most notably to work on the Looe branch in Cornwall and the Brentford branch in London.

The Proposed Model
The prototype will be laser scanned at Didcot to ensure an accurate rendition of the body shapes and details. Working in conjunction with DJ Models we intend to fit working directional oil lamps and working interior lights. The model will be DCC ready with a 21-pin decoder socket. Five versions will be released with a price of £159.99 at release, although you can save £10 per model if placing a pre-order. No funds are taken until we are ready to send the order and of course the orders can be cancelled without penalty at any time before delivery.

Dave Jones, DJ Models Owner, said "I am very pleased to have been asked to produce this for Kernow Model Rail Centre, further cementing our business relationship which is now beginning to bear fruit with the revised Beattie and O2 models with the gate stock and 1361 models appearing soon. The Steam Railcar is an iconic branch line train which oozes class and beauty, and I think between us, both Kernow and DJModels can raise the model Railcar 'bar' still further and give all modellers with an interest in this type of traction, something to be proud to own for many years."

Graham Drew, Great Western Society Railmotor Project Manager, said "The Society is pleased to offer every assistance to Kernow Model Rail Centre and DJ Models to enable an historically accurate model to be produced to the highest standard, and to be involved in bringing this unique vehicle to modellers of the GWR.”

Chris Trerise, Kernow Model Rail Centre Managing Director, said "When I first rode on the Railmotor from Liskeard to Looe and return in 2012 I was hooked and knew I had to get this into my portfolio of models. I am really pleased to be working with the Great Western Society as this project progresses"

Further details of each individual model are available on our website: -

K2301 DJ Models GWR Steam Railmotor number 93 in Crimson £159.99 (£149.99 for pre-orders)


K2302 DJ Models GWR Steam Railmotor number 97 in GW Choc/Cream £159.99 (£149.99 for pre-orders)


K2303 DJ Models GWR Steam Railmotor number 63 in GW Choc/Cream £159.99 (£149.99 for pre-orders)


K2304 DJ Models GWR Steam Railmotor number 85 in GW Crimson £159.99 (£149.99 for pre-orders)


K2305 DJ Models GWR Steam Railmotor number 61 in GW Choc/Cream £159.99 (£149.99 for pre-orders)


Image of Railmotor 63 is Copyright and Courtesy of Mike Morant Collection.

Images of Railmotor 61 and 97 are courtesy of Graham Drew

Updates will be given as required through our weekly newsletter and we have also created a dedicated web page for this project http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/page/79/gwr_steam_railmotor

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Kernow Model Rail Centre are pleased to announce that we will produce the WR Suburban DMU in OO Gauge, in conjunction with DJ Models.






We have already laser-scanned a three-car Class 117 so the project is off to a flying start!






The Prototype


The Western Region of British Railways needed a suburban Diesel Multiple Unit to carry passengers in a high-density formation. The result was a series of almost identical units built by three different builders to a standard design.  From 1957 Derby built 42 units which became Class 116, followed from 1959 by Pressed Steel Company which built a further 42 units which became Class 117.  The final 15 units built from 1960 by the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co became the Class 118.  They were used extensively throughout the Western Region and later on most other regions and in the case of the Class 117 they lasted in service into the year 2000.


The Model


Clever use of slides will allow us to produce models of the Class 116, 117 and 118, with most of the detail variations of each class also catered for.



CT-1995-00-00-108-L.jpg 1691-L.jpg 1986-01-00-B437-L.jpg



The units will have working directional lights, headlights and illuminated headcodes where applicable, as well as working interior lights.  The motor will be designed not to intrude into the passenger space of the motor car and the units will have through-wiring so that only one 21-pin digital decoder will be needed.  Gangwayed and non-gangwayed versions will be catered for.  We are grateful for the assistance of Evan Green-Hughes during the development of this project.



We initially looked at producing a two car unit with the centre car to be added later.  This has the advantage of keeping initial costs lower but being mindful of our Thumper experience we have decided to produce three car variants from the initial release.  This is a late change on our part and this has meant we have had to ask China to revise our program to cater for this.  As a result we are unable to give prices for these models at this time although we hope to complete our negotiations for these very soon and that will be a key part of our discussions when visiting our factory next week.



1985-07-L.jpg CT-1986-04-XX-001-L.jpg 32-L.jpg



We are also looking to try something a bit different with these models and allow our customers to decide which liveries to produce.  We will list all three classes in prototypical combinations of liveries, running numbers, and two and three car versions and then invite our customers to place their pre-orders.  We will keep the pre-order book open while we continue to develop the model from our initial laser scan to produce the various cads and when this is complete our initial order to the factory will be based on the pre-orders to that date.  We will announce which models are to be in the first batch which will allow customers to change their order to one of these models if they wish.

We hope by doing this we can counteract those who are disappointed when they find the version they wanted is not offered.  While there is no certainty that every single model we list will be produced, we will produce any model that gets at least 250 orders.


The Liveries


The following is a general list of liveries that will be announced once prices are available: -


BR Green with speed whiskers


BR Green with small yellow panel


BR Blue with full yellow ends


BR White and Blue refurbished


BR Blue and Grey


Network SouthEast


Regional Railways


GW150 Chocolate & Cream (Class 117 only)


British Telecom Advertising Yellow (Class 118 only)



A dedicated web page has been created - http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/page/80/wr_suburban_dmu - and all project updates will be posted to that page.  Our weekly newsletter will alert subscribers when an update has been made.

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Don't forget our special offers on the BRM stand at Warley. We're on Stand B4 about 100m ahead of you as you come in the entrance.


The RMweb project layout, Black Country Blues can be found on Stand D36 straight on from the entrance just over 3/4 of the way down the hall.




Our limited edition wagon has a local flavour to it!


1. Limited Edition Dapol Wagon

We have commissioned Dapol to produce this 7-plank PO wagon in the colours of Cadbury's of Bournville. It will sell for £11.99 and will only be available from the BRM stand at this year's Warley. Be quick as we expect them to sell-out fast!




2. FREE DVD for every visitor

There's no catch and no forms to fill in. Simply visit the BRM stand and we'll hand you a free BRM TV DVD worth £7.99. 




3. Free Gaugemaster Controller worth £39.95...

...when you subscribe at the show for just £12.49 a quarter by direct debit!




4. Buy the latest issue of BRM

We'll be selling the December issue, plus limited back issues.




5. Ramsay's Guide to Model Trains Catalogue 8th Edition

We'll also have stock of the latest Ramsay's Guide.




And, you'll be able to see Phil Parker's latest layout, the WW1 Field Railway of Owen's Bridge plus a selection of other projects from recent issues of the magazine.


We hope to see you all there!

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Bachmann Europe plc have announced the latest OO Collectors Club models at Warley Show.


Sealink livery Mk1 SK and BSK set.


39-001K PS2.jpg


West Country PO wagon set


37-078K PS2.jpg


Admiralty 14T tank wagon.


37-675K PS.jpg


Further details to follow.

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Kernow Model Rail Centre have today received the latest CADs showing the work carried out over the last 3 months by DJModels.


Chris hasn't had chance to check them over in detail yet as they were received whilst he was en route to the show.

















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Some goodies to keep your eyes open for if you're at the show.


The best printing on a model I've ever seen! Charlie Petty's 143 in First Great Western livery.




Decorated samples on the Hornby stand of the Black Motor, K1 and J15.








Decorated samples from Bachmann for the 64xx and E4 amongst many others.









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Two very shrewd announcements by Kernow.


The Railmotor was a smart bet when most had their eyes on the Adams Radial instead.  The generic DMU which can be produced in all three major class variants should sell by the bucket-load if wish-lists are to be believed.  Only this afternoon (early morning Warley time) those of us at the BRMA gathering at Llanbourne were discussing whether non-gangwayed DMU sets might be offered should anyone produce the three-car sets.  Our question has been answered.


Now excuse me while I head off to record my interest in a number of livery / class combinations ;)

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I like the Adams Radial. It will be 'interesting' to see how such a limited prototype scope model fares having been announced and being brought out by two manufacturers. I'm up for more than one though, just because I like the design (as long as I have the resources with which to purchase some, of course).

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