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L&B WOODY BAY Stn Building arrived today


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My Scenecraft Woody  Bay  L & B station  Building  arrived  today,  looks  quite  nice  obviously  a  little  pricey,  but  you  dont  need many  buildings  on  a NG 00-9  layout  (do  you??)  It  comes  with  2  additional   user  fitted  fire  buckets.


It  looks  to  be  quite  close  to  the  pics & diagrams  in  Chris Leigh's " Lynton &  Barnstaple  Railway"


Some of  the  big  retailers dont  have  any  stock,  BUT  Tim  at  ARCADIA in Shaw  has  stock  at  a  good  price


We  now  await the  arrival  of  Heljan's  2-6-2T  loco




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A couple  more  phots  added,  one  showing  the 'other' side of the  building,  with some  stock,  I really  must  get  around  to  respraying  the  bright white roofs  of the coaches & vans  a rather  darker  colour!,,


I cannot  quite understand  why Peco decided to mould the  rooves in white plastic, the  real things may  have  been white  when delivered, but that  would surely have  quickly  become darkened  by  the  loco smoke.


As many will gather   my  L&B  layout  is  still in  the  planning  stage!!!!!




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It  wont  be  my  first  00-9  layout  that  was in  1968!  ( age  being  given away  again!)


Actually  I  dont  see that  the planned  L&B layout  may  stay  exclusively  L&B!!  I am  sure  there  will be  several visiting locos!


Not  so  sure  whem  Heljans   2-6-2T will appear  although  we  have  seen  pics  of  its  component  parts taken  at  the  Warley  exhibition  and  posted on here in the  'Warley 2014 Thread'


In the  meantime  my L&B   working  in its parallel universe  and  prospering well into  the  21st century  will have  to  rely on borrowed  motive  power such  as  the  Zillertalbahn B0-B0 diesel  they  have on  loan repainted   in  Green livery!!



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