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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.


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  1. the popup window that offers me the choice to block the cookies offers a 'save and exit' option, but apparently doesn't save as it reappears on each new page offering the memorised selections. Ian_B
  2. Chris X, that's an awful lot of wagons to buy - and a layout extension as well I fear. Ian_B
  3. Pity the production run was so restricted,
  4. Is there a release date for the NR DBSO? Ian_B
  5. features such as mulit-function Tightlock couplers - sounds a bit fishy to me! Ian_B
  6. Ian_B

    Class 142

    Hi Charlie, Have you heard anything from the factory in the last 3 months? Regards Ian_B
  7. What sounds would the DT be supplied with (and who is doing the chip)? Ian_B
  8. Pity. It would be Epic if they were programmable. But how would we program them? Ian_B
  9. it might have started as aircraft grey, but from looing down on it from numerous bridges it turns to 'weathered grime' fairly quickly! Ian_B
  10. I have yet to see a Model railway related advert, they all appear to be about cruises to Alaska, Catapillars and attempts to get me to complete charity 'surveys'. Thank heavens I can mute them!
  11. The early Overhead AC model locos (such as the 1960 Hornby models) were designed so that they could collect power from an overhead wire. In order to maintain contact they had to exert a noticeable pressure of the collector on the model Pan against the OHLE and this is where you get the out of scale spring strength from. I'm not sure, but I suspect that any of the more recent offerings that collect from the overhead will also be on the 'strong' side. It's the only way they can consistantly collect current. Ian_B
  12. When you have so many adverts that they obscure each other, that's too many. Ian_B
  13. and the blue (pressure) vessels behind the grating between the bogies on the underframe
  14. Andy (admins) is there any way to turn off the Google Ads which clutter my screen trying to sell me stuff that I am Highly unlikely to buy? ISO containers? Dairy farm equipment? Really? is this a ploy to sell me Ad Blocker? Ian_B
  15. yes you are correct.https://www.railwaysarchive.co.uk/documents/RAIB_Clitheroe2020.pdf has pictures in it showing it as a single wagon. I was misled by the wording into believing a whole set had 'escaped'. Ian_B
  16. they had a rake of 6 run away from the loading facility at Clitheroe so that may well be correct. I don't know. Ian_B
  17. Chris, there's a short rake that works from Clitheroe to Bristol docks and back. Ian_B
  18. Rupert, As ever, Rule 1 applies. It's your railway make it look the way you want! Other opinions do not count. Ian_B
  19. Rupert, is the start point the top or the bottom level? I was using set track rather than flexi as that was the track I intended to lay (I'm sure you realise what a pain flexi is to create multiple turns of curved flexi without creating knuckle at the joints) but does this make any difference to creating the trackplan? Ian
  20. Do the top and bottom of the helix have to be 180 degrees apart? Missed that in the instructions (shrugs). I'm attaching the top of the Helix to a piece of set-track and using set-track to form the helix itself, but without luck. Ian_B
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