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  1. Shoeburyness - terminal station - 'by-pass' to war department sidings/depot.
  2. Is this the same Daily Snail that has all the euro panic about bent bananas etc??
  3. Oops sorry. Ah well, Gee Dub all look the same to me If you know anyone who needs to fit to 66XX point them here! If it's anything like the old one, just take the chassis out.
  4. "The joint can be seen on close inspection." It's more obvious than Ernie's hair!
  5. Here you go - uploaded to Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/97290912@N05/sets/72157656914311495 As I was reassembling I noticed that there were remnants of glue at the back of the cab - last photo.
  6. I'll try and do some tomorrow morning - haven't yet posted any here but if I have any problem I'll put them on Flikr.
  7. Just taken a look at the loco and as I say I must have been lucky as the roof just lifts off with the front and back plates. There are a couple of lips on the front plate (spectacle??) which I suppose should clip tighter under the tanks. There are no traces of glue anywhere on the cab. Right, I've just taken the chassis out (never done it before) and even if you cannot get the roof off the firebox plate comes out along with it so you can get to the footplate. That said the clips under the tanks are visible now. Now to get it back together...
  8. I think I was lucky - the roof and sides came off easily! Not as lucky with the 45XX. Not as much glue had been used. Now if I can fathom how to get the cab off the class 20 I can put the windows back in and put a driver in...
  9. Forget the rising bollard idea. They have been used (and abused) on Burton High Street for some years now. They disappear for buses then rise again but the Darwin Award hopefuls try to follow the buses with the usual consequence of a bollard through the sump despite there being prominent no entry signs.
  10. Have a look at office supplies places like Staples, they do the paper trimmers - but they are not cheap.
  11. Always had phosphor-bronze bearings on my slot cars, back in the day. (late 60s, early 70s)
  12. I have a pair of 153s and have found them very good runners - but - there's always a but - I have under track magnets for uncoupling and they are affected by these, slowing the motor down.
  13. Better look after that drill bit 'cos odds on when you want one out you'll not be able to find it!!
  14. For some reason the WCML electrics did not have the red style OHLE flashes.
  15. Thanks Bluebottle. I'm not a snapper, I enjoy watch the action as it develops. Radford Mill was enjoyable because there were trains running much the same as Hazelbank at the DEMU.
  16. Condolences to the family. This was a fantastic shop, one of those where you came out with something you never knew you needed! RIP Neil.
  17. A great show. And like andyram was impressed by Radford Mill - well I had to be!!
  18. I lived on Station Road from 1958 to 1977 so spent a lot of time by the track. You certainly have captured the feel of the station and yard. Now for the real thing. These not very good photos (I was only in single figures at the time!!) were taken in the early 60s - probably 61 or 62 for the steam. D5188 was the only diesel to come to Mickleover prior to the RTC taking over and may have 'belonged ' to them as it came from Eggington Jct, changed ends at the station and left after about an hour towards Eggington Jct. That was probably in 63. https://www.flickr.com/photos/97290912@N05/sets/72157653599585310
  19. Great show. Best layout - Hazelbank. I'm not usually a fan of DCC sound but this layout used it very well. The down side was the state of Burton's roads - the suspension on the Routemaster took a hell of a battering!!
  20. I don't know about disconnecting but a little bit of "easing" I found was enough. Mine runs well very slowly with no stalling over insulfrog small and medium Peco Streamline points. The maximum haulage I use it for is 5 Mk1 coaches (Bachmann) and it handles those with ease.
  21. It will not make much difference if the Crewe line is closed as the first train from Crewe does leave until 1404 on a Sunday!!
  22. The only Hymek I ever saw was D7028 in primer at Derby Midland.
  23. Class 153 DMU - the only Hornby I have not had to adjust something!
  24. Listed in Platform 5 Loco Register as xi - dual braked boiler isolated (Cut Doncaster Works 08/84)
  25. Thanks - I managed half a dozen RMs but ended up rereading the articles!! If you've got this month's, there is an article on lever frames - a repeat from one I read this afternoon!!
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