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Image restoration from pre-May 2021 continues and may take an indefinite period of time.

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  1. Oh hello! We're back! well done everyone.

    1. Metr0Land


      Well done everyone indeed.  Now I can stop modelling, gardening and doom-scrolling.

  2. Enjoyed riding on Manx Electric stock in 2017 using a contactless ticket long before it was an option at home on the buses.
  3. I understand that some people run locos (and coaches/ wagons) with different numbers on either side, thus appearing to increase the size of the fleet. So IF the two sides of the Fell model ARE different and therefore representing different periods, then surely that's of benefit to those of us who don't base our layouts and fleets on one individual day/ year/ month?
  4. Tim Hall

    2021 in Loftshire

    I've been very tardy with my blog this year, but there has been some activity in the attic. The scenery is pretty much finished, just got to finalise the station and platform signs, can't quite find anything convincing. Added some LED light strips as well, very pleased with them. So here's a few snaps and a link to a YouTube film:
  5. 37648 doesn't exist, should be 678, and "Gartcosh "was 884, not 784, There may be others I didn't notice in a quick skim through.
  6. Lovely. It would be interesting to hear it without music to hear the motor noise (or hopefully lack of it...).
  7. Yes, mine does sound as if it's about the start shedding vital bits, but hasn't (yet).
  8. According to FB, 4953 also a failure this morning.
  9. Mine arrived from Derails today. Initially, it ran indifferently , as one of the rear sandpipes was bent down, and catching on some sleepers and pointwork. A quick tweak with tweezers and all was well. Yes, the tender is very light, but has caused no problems on 18 mineral wagons and a brake van. The BR crest isn't quite as sharp as some I've seen, but won't be noticed if I weather it.
  10. Mine was purple and lemon! Which put next to their turquoise class 22 was quite noticable.......They are now an acceptable shade of rail blue after a bit of deft brushwork, and fit into the range of shades from other manufacturers satisfactorily.
  11. I've seen footage on a Locomaster Profiles compilation video of 4TC being propelled by a 33/1, with a GUV behind the loco....
  12. I did mine last year. I think it's thin card/ credit card job between the sole bars and the bottom of the sides, quite fiddly, but doable. The roof does not come off separately, I'm sure.
  13. Listing ended, probably for the best......
  14. Photos of 93 and trailer 92 taken at Didcot 28th May 18, showing lamps. Not sure whether this helps.
  15. Indeed, I'll probably relieve them of a BR liveried one in due course
  16. I got one for about £7 on eBay a couple of years ago...
  17. Arrived today via Hermes. Took me by surprise, as no tracking data received. Anyway, it's had a gentle bit of running without problems so far.
  18. Apparently I'll receive it next week.
  19. I have, as I'm still waiting, with an increasing sense of doom....but no reply yet.
  20. Anyone else still waiting? I emailed them nearly 3 weeks ago and was told that my order was "being processed".
  21. Shouldn't that be a cereal killer?
  22. Sorry, keep thinking of Hancock and "The Bowmans". Has anyone fallen in the threshing machine recently?
  23. Apparently they are still sending them out, including mine. No indication of how long it'll all take though.
  24. Indeed, virtually all heritage railways have such locos, coaches, wagons cluttering up the sidings, with little prospect of being restored, and spoiling the view for "normals".
  25. Cab windows (or the lack of) are quite noticeable, surely? If you want rivet counting, try the Hornby Terrier thread, where they have been actually counting rivets....
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