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  1. Timing is everything, in this case sunlight on a stormy day in Arizona. The first 777 in Cathay Pacific colours, B-HNL after 50,000 flight hours.
  2. Tribbles is a narcotic lap cat...
  3. The optional heater is funny! I can imagine the complaints from the Mrs when you didn't purchase that option...
  4. No traction tires and RP25 on the "American" version. https://www.piko-america.com/products/97447-sp-9002-diesel-loco-ho-scale This German site has some pics of pre production models. https://www.drehscheibe-online.de/foren/read.php?010,10559908
  5. Lizzy Kitten and Tropical Storm Ophelia, not a hurricane, thankfully. The first snap is a bit fuzzy, it is windy out there...
  6. I'm thinking the shot across the top of the Hattons' article showing four 22s are of the new run? There is some resolution there, if you open the image in a new tab...
  7. HURRAH! Looks like they are imminent... https://www.hattons.co.uk/directory/versiondetails/article?id=310
  8. Thanks! The newer Walthers locomotives run superbly, helical gear sets and five pole skewed motors. The H10-44s run as nice as anything I own.
  9. Well, she certainly knows how to get my attention...
  10. Thank you, details have been submitted. I'm in the USA, so it is always a pain to return items to the UK. To be fair to Rapido, the only other item I have had to return in many years was that Pi Victory in the video. It came back a very smooth runner...
  11. Thank you, I will that under consideration.
  12. So my Rapido 15xx arrived stateside the other day, cosmetically very nice, a couple of very minor glue marks but I'm otherwise quite pleased. It is lively on the rolling rolling road, about on par with some of my Bachy Panniers. The 15xx is geared higher than the Pi Victory, so this isn't a totally fair video, and the 15xx should settle down a bit on track pulling a train. Smooth as clockwork though, it isn't. Steam Locs by Pete Piszczek, on Flickr
  13. That Pannier on the Channel Islands Boat Express looks like it has a bell. This is a new one for me. Was the bell a requirement for street running?
  14. The new Athearn Genesis, Republic Locomotive RX 500 switcher, in HO Scale. DCC Sound equipped, with lights, and stay alive. 230524_53_silverbay - crop by lmyers83, on Flickr
  15. A 50 on an MGR at Stafford... https://flic.kr/p/2m5nhk4
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