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  1. It is. Then there are sub-licences for electric drive, clockwork, battery etc etc. For example, Hornby held the 00 and N gauge licences for the Hitachi 80xxxx, then Kato approached Hitachi for the N Gauge model, and Hornby released that licence, in exchange for another scale.
  2. Put simply, TTTE is a poison chalice, and I can reassure you that Mattel know the value of all their brands. You’d be surprised just how hard it is to sell TTTE products, they’re not the golden eggs that many think they are…
  3. Except, of course, there’s really only one character train that needs to be done, as all others are pale imitations… Psssh-ti-cof, Psssh-ti-cof, Psssh-ti-cof…..
  4. A little unfair Mike, as Hornby Magazine and Hornby are quite separate entities, and unrelated in every way. Key Publishing have a licence agreement to use 'Hornby' as the title; a legacy (I believe) from Ian Allen days...
  5. Only WCML so far: The Nightstar carriages in a test run in Plumpton near Penrith in 1997 (Image: David Ford)
  6. And yet, they’ve been engineered so that the opportunity is there for you, should you so wish Chris. After all, if it’s straightforward, is it really modelling?
  7. Can't speak for @Accurascale Franbut I've been off my t**s on Lucazade, Paracetamol and ProPlus, with an occasional dram of Laphroaig...
  8. You’re always welcome Rob, and you don’t necessarily need Mike’s presence - I’ll always open the cabinet for an interested party (although Gingernut biscuits will always help to sweeten the deal)
  9. And we’ve explained why that isn’t possible Hound Dog, at the present time. If, or when, we manage to track down a suitable candidate (Scottish Rig Tug boat anyone?), or find a way of converting archive recordings in a way that we are happy with, we will not be shortchanging our customers with an inferior sound recording. Best wishes, Paul
  10. Be good to catch up again Mike...
  11. Be good to catch up again Mike...
  12. There is a world of difference between the completion of the first EPs, and being ‘in production’ @jools1959 The tools have been made, and the results are now being assessed for a myriad of reasons, and the same goes for the testing of the electrics. Once these are approved/amended, second samples will be be prepared, including the decoration and it is only once these are deemed to be as good as they possibly can be, that the tooling will be signed off, and the project moved forward into a production slot. Hope that allays your disappointment! Best wishes Paul
  13. Patience is a virtue, however fleeting it may turn out to be! This launch is worth, what, 8 years worth of Hornby releases, if indeed they’ve even been covered? ALL liveries will be covered, in time, and remember, this is just the first phase of announcements…
  14. We surveyed the examples at the G&WSR and Quainton as part of the preparation for our Siphon G @Covkid
  15. Hornby's release is of the PBA, entirely different, as it's the Port of Bristol Authority Based on the preserved example at the East Somerset Railway, which is where the survey visit took place... 123275044_PBA39atEastSomersetRailway.png
  16. I doubt that Margate have paid much attention to that licence being renewed either….
  17. The bodies weren’t, but the bogies were
  18. Sorry, but that simply isn’t true. In my time at Hornby and Accurascale I’ve only worked on one loco project which has relied on scan data for the design. With good research and a wealth of contemporary photography, along with manual surveying (if a prototype exists), it simply isn’t necessary. I’d rather trust to works’ drawings and ‘Lens of Sutton’, than rely on a 3D scan.
  19. A nicer atmosphere played a bigger part Phil…
  20. And to attend a full show in Accurascale uniform... Look forward to seeing you all again.
  21. Shortbread is always welcome, no matter where the event is held. It also guarantees an insight into exclusive information* *possibly.....
  22. Hello Phil, and an interesting comment. Having come from the company that was (and still is) riding hard on the 'generic' coach ticket, in my view that's an avenue in which no one really wins. Try to make as many genuine features as possible, and the critics huff, puff and declare that 'it's nearly, but not quite', and that it's a waste of money, while if one pursues the most generic of generic layout (where the only 'correct' point is the length of the chassis and wheelbase) another set of critics will decry the project as no more than a toy, and that it's a waste of money. Certainly, one of the reasons I'm here now, rather than 'there', is that I'm opposed to the idea of a 'generic' anything, so from my point of view, if a bogie pre-grouping coach was a viable project, it would be based on a set of genuine prototypes, and measurements/details would be drawn from archive documents. All the best, Paul.
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