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  1. I don't how widespread it was in real life, but obviously popular enough: Trix HO Club car 2006
  2. Antarctica For those of us that will never make it there.
  3. Thanks! P.S. As both my parents passed away, I am currently available for adoption.
  4. Here's some resources that might help: P N Sud Modelisme I'm not sure if he's still active, but various French modelisme sites seem to always a handful of pieces of this stock that may be of interest to your project. Just to note, I've never used any, so can't actually recommend it.
  5. These are my favourite post wagons. The REE Ho models are fitted with interiors.
  6. Apart from Roco's occasional pack of Era1 Austrian freight cars, there doesn't seem to be too much interest coming from MMR manufacturers. Brawa do a handful of G10 boxcars every year and maybe a tank car. Locos from this period, especially in 3 rail, are hard to come by, unless you want yet another BR18.1 or T5 Is it the natural order of things that this period is in decline for collecting?
  7. Good grief. Virtually every European retailer (Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France) that I have dealt with over the past 12 years has been able to automatically deduct the Mkwst from the published price, based on the delivery address. They tie this in with the freight charge. They are all very good at it; they want your business. I have not encountered a retailer that didn't want to help, so if you are having problems, I suggest that you contact them again. One strategy I used was to post every paragraph in both English and German. This sometimes helps the reader to discern any nuances in what you may have asked them. They all have contact phone numbers as a last resort and most have English speaking staff. Menzels are a bricks and mortar retailer; it could be that they have been closed or short staffed due to lockdowns. I have dealt with them before and had no problems myself. EBAY is the only place that has ever caused me a problem with buying German made and/or sold MRR products.
  8. European locos are also described by the number of axles, not wheels. e.g 1-5-0. Pacifics are 231s. etc. I also found that learning some German was the only way forward when dealing with German model rail. There are many translators available on the internet. Here's some reliable history in English at DBTrains Website.
  9. I don't know that it was a rant. It was pointed out to me earlier in this discussion, that a lot of this forum's users will be affected by this. Having worked in a federal government for 30 years, I can say that it really will take time to re-assess legislation and put new policies and procedures into place. The friendly advice from me is to put off buying anything until that happens. If you can't wait, then expect problems and deal with them as they arise. The main function of Public (civil) Servants is to ensure that legislation is enacted correctly. Taxation, by definition is extremely complex. But as far as world events go, this really is in the bottom 10%. Down there with "Newt's disembodied plastic dolls-head". Enjoy.
  10. As an aside, there are people elsewhere in the world that had their homes blown up this week. Another man was forced off a plane he was traveling in by a fighter jet. Democracy and freedom of speech don't always work out how we expect them to. So if the import duty and VAT are too hard to fathom, then just stop buying until the dust settles and the crap gets sorted out. They're just pieces of plastic, Ripley.
  11. MSL have them up for preorder now.
  12. In relation to Pierre Dominique. I have used them several times and have some comments. They don't clarify what is new and what is used. Unless the 'collector' label refers to 'used' or 'pre-owned' or whatever. For Australia, Colisimo charges increased to 50 EU for minimum spec parcels. This is in contrast to the DHL average of around 37 EU from the mainstream German shops. The often have specials. What isn't obvious is that they also often change the 'list' price upwards on some models then apply the discount. Whilst there are bargains there, a lot of their stock is ridiculously overpriced. That said, the offerings of new releases from REE, LS Models etc are sold for the msrp from those manufacturers. If you're looking for something unusual, they cover a lot of defunct brands e.g. France Trains RMA etc. Be prepared to pay for these. Overall, I don't feel disappointed with any purchases. I just find some of their sales tactics to be a bit old-world. Until recently they had a rather confusing and outdated website. They have upgraded to include mobile-friendly in that description. Worth a visit, just email then if something isn't clear. Generally, French sites don't show up in English searches. Internetial discrimination.
  13. Here's some recent items: Hobbytrain: Electrotren: plastic spring for coupler mechansim Rivarossi: Fleischmann: Piko Hobby, I think; factory feathered, set of 3. Tillig: I would like to see more Rivarossi and Electrotren items in Era 1 and 2.
  14. What's the difference between K and KKK? Here's the Brawa 47217 SSml buffer end: Here's the Fleischmann buffer end from 580908 set: Both cars have buffers inset from the sides of the car.
  15. THIS did not help at all. Does "10.000" mean 10 euros? or 10 000 euros? If we can't concur on how to identify a decimal place, then this may be the real reason for "Vat fraud".
  16. Some views from the trip Southern Highlands of NSW through to Harden. The XPT got me into Cootamundra at 12:45. From memory, we would have arrived around 2:30PM in the old days. It isn't an interesting train. UKers will know it as the HST or somesuch from the mid-1980s. No modern facilties apart from a power outlet in the sleeper cabins "shaver only". The food is scarce but OK, coffee is coffebags - ueww. Still, it's a comfortable old thing. The staff are all older than the trains. NSW is apparently replacing these soon (lol) with some state-of-the-art jobbies. The train; not the staff. So, this may be a last look. One can only hope... My brother made me my first base board from two peices of masonite for my old Lima Le Capitole set and started a transformer that he never ended up finishing. He didn't finish a lot of things. As I said earlier, the last leg of a lot of journeys. Thanks Stephen...
  17. in 2020 I undertook an epic trip, travelling 2 hours by coach from Jondaryan Shire in SE Queensland to Brisbane. Then, after a wait of 4 hours, a four hour coach trip to Casino in Northern New South Wales to wait for the connecting NSW Transport XPT service to Sydney, which left Casino at 19:30 and arrived in at Sydeny Central at 06:45. A quick hop over to Platform 2 at Sydney and onto the NSW Transport XPT to Melbourne, which left an hour later at 07:40AM This train to Melbourne travelled through an area of Victoria, that one week later was the scene on a fatal derailment of this XPT Service. Our train itself went through a huge jolt over uneven track, so the incident later was unsurprising. I was possibly very lucky. I arrived in Melbourne around 18:30 and overnighted at Southern Cross, before flying to Hobart the following day. Around 33 hours by coach and rail. 2 hours by plane. A total distance of 2280 kilometres. I returned home 2 weeks later, just before all the covid19 lockdowns started. This was not the last leg. In August 2020, my late brother was diagnosed with a tumor on his carotid artery. With Queensland locked down, I was unable to visit him. He recovered temporarily, but was reconfirmed in January and I was finally able to go to Queensland again and stayed there from February until he passed away in early April. After a disjointed departure and brief stay in the Entrance, I arrived in Sydney. Here is the final leg of many journeys. I am travelling from Sydney to Cootamundra, a trip my two brothers, sister and I have made many times as kids to visit our grandparents in Cootamundra. Those days, we would have travelled by one of these, now defunct services: Riverina Express (to Wagga) Melboune Daylight Express (to Melbourne) Southern Aurora Express (to Adelaide) In those days we would have joined the train at Strathfied (Daylight and SA), or Liverpool for the Riverina. Today the XPT uses the East Hills line and Liverppoland Strathfield are no longer stops. Sydney Central Terminus - "Central" The Destination Board NSW Transport XPT
  18. So how much does this additional UK surcharging add to a EU220 purchase? What does a 500g package cost to ship from DE to UK? I think Australia adds 4% to values over AUD1000, but then DHL shipping adds 37-55 euros to the overall cost for a pacjakge of around 500g. I'm now curious to see if you Brits are really any worse off than us colonials down here at the end of the earth (and global freight routes).
  19. Well, based on the title, the discussion might have beeen interesting. Perhaps the title should have been “how brexit will affect trade between uk and europe”? I would not then have bothered reading it, as I am thourougly tired of most discussions in any MRR forum being relentlessly diverted to this one issue. I am not a UK resident, however I am interested in German Railways and Brexit has nothing to do with either me or German Railways.
  20. REE currently have short and long fourgons in most pre-SNCF liveries. MSL and PierreDominique had them on websites.
  21. I am confused. What does this discussion have to do with German Railways?
  22. Oops. Yep, you're correct. I was asleep when I posted this.
  23. I see that this topic has been pinned for posterity. Ill add what i can. Fleischmann, Roco, Electrotren and Rivarossi are all owned by Hornby International. Afaik. Fleischmann are now exclusively N gauge and Roco are HO only. As of about 2019. From what I can tell, price equates to detail. Brawa models are the most detailed. Piko are at the inexpensive end of the market.
  24. Hello, Your request is easier with German rolling stock. German railways were based off the former royal houses that were removed at the end of the WWI. The end of WWI separates German Era 1 and Era 2 rolling stock. France had an array of private railways, not linked to the notions of State. SNCF was created inn 1938, I think just prior to the German invasion of France. So technically, all those private railways had always existed up until the formation of SNCF, without the separation as seen with the German railways. So anything with markings prior to SNCF are candidates. If you are super fussy about this (I am) then you'd need to research the specific model in relation to the dates printed in the carriage frames. But generally, anything prior to 1920 works. From what I see, REE Models and LS Models are the only companies producing French models from this early period, but you may need to contact them if you really do need them dated early to clarify the date exactly. The USA-marked stock is all relevant, except that to be USA marked means that they represent 1940s France. The ones in your photos are available in pre-SNCF liveries from REE and LSM. Check also Pierre Dominique in Paris. They have some kits that are late 1800's from defunct 1970/80s firms. This retailer also has REE and LSM items in stock. Good luck.
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