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  1. I can ignore the OHLE flashes as they went on later, the yellow horn insides I will add….so little buffer beam is visible with weathering the red paint won’t show. Here is one of my photos from the naming ceremony. https://andygibbs.zenfolio.com/p726940309/h39aeda42#h39aeda42
  2. Yes despite lots of photos I still forgot to paint the roof grey. The masking tape also managed to remove the TOPS numbers so I’ve had to make 73101 in two parts.
  3. I’m surprised no one spotted the ‘deliberate’ mistake! Can you spot the difference?
  4. The numbers arrived this week from Steve at Railtec, excellent service and product as usual……..so BEA is now complete. Very light weathering completed.
  5. The Dyane and GS would also be useful.
  6. Any DCC experts out there to suggest a sound chip and speaker combination for the class 73 and who to get it from?
  7. ….and indeed there was……not much done over the weekend as we were busy in the garden but did get the Railtec nameplates fitted on 73101 and the original dropped buckeye removed and the dropped buckeye from the coach pack fitted. I had time to fit the numbers to 73101 but found I didn’t have a set, so the complete set of c73 numbers has been ordered.
  8. It’s a single entrance version though, hopefully a centre door version will follow.
  9. RedAndy has now done a Leyland Olympian…they have sold out but more are on the way. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/80s-90sDetailed-N-gauge-Resin-Printed-Leyland-Olympian-ECW-D-decker-Bus-Primed-/165433411033?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 …and no I didn’t get one…..but will.
  10. It didn’t seem that big when trying to drill a hole in the top to attach a loop.
  11. Hi Paul, I have a couple of the old ones with metal frames, I understood they were not very DCC friendly?
  12. Back to the locos……being an ex Southern man class 33s and 73s have always been favourite locos. Class 73s were Bi-mode a very long time before the Govt decided that rather than a proper electrification programme class 800s would be the way forward. So back to the class 73 or ED! The Dapol model is the only game in town but as I believe it was their first modern image loco it’s a bit…well a lot….long in the tooth. The body moulding isn’t bad but the mechanism is not brilliant with the only metal in the frames being the motor. I’ve a couple of them to detail up so to start with I’ve added some of the multitude of cables and pipes plus a dropped buckeye head to the leading buffer beam. I think I have about half of what there should be…….there isn’t room for any more! Some are from the Farish loco buffer beam sets the rest are made from fuse wire…..15amp for those that like to know. I’ve photographed it unpainted otherwise it’s even more difficult to see.
  13. Thank you Neal 15th of May https://www.amberley-books.com/author-community-main-page/g/community-andy-gibbs.html
  14. My copies have arrived, they didn’t move the hyphen up a bit…..it’s called design apparently.
  15. A small parcel arrived from Harper Collins today….the delivery company left it in the middle of a stack of three recycling boxes!……they left a note to let us know. So my copies of the Cross Country book have landed.
  16. The range of T track modules is increasing at the club. My two three foot(ish) are in the queue to be built.
  17. Who forgot to take any glue with them today…….found that out when I went to glue a screw coupling into a class 73…….and I’d not brought any Mek Pak with me either……….still got some weathering done, 47555 is finished plus I got 4 Sleeping cars weathered. The Mk1s just need the door areas picking out now and Hunt magnetic couplers fitting.
  18. Off to Heworth today for the Yorkshire NGS meeting, non NGS members always welcome…….at least this is the right day unlike last weeks senior moment! I’ve some buildings to work on, surprise, surprise……and the three class 47s I’m detailing. I took 47480 into work Thursday to test on DC to find it had the dreaded click click of what is probably a split gear, so I’ll take a look at that today. I’ve several class 47s that can donate a part. Have an enjoyable weekend everyone.
  19. Just made a start on the buffer beam detail on 47555 to find the donor loco has a different buffer beam to the previous one. There is even a hook on the buffer beam which the other one didn’t have.
  20. Ian, Robin Hood also has Railtec 3D plates.
  21. As RMweb has lost so many photos I thought it time to start repopulating it. Name plates and numbers from Railtec. A couple of new vehicles from RedAndy….Jaguar 420 and Ford Mustang GT……it is Kensington after all. 2mm etched screw coupling etch from Scale Link.
  22. Some locomotives, rolling stock and scenecraft buildings added into a sale at Monk Bar Modelshop in York https://www.monkbarmodelshop.co.uk/sale-c235
  23. Several of my former work colleges and friends are involved with this Vintage bus running day based at Lewes. Hope everything goes well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3183758568613216/?ref=share
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