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    The club are holding an exhibition/open day at the Milland Memorial Village Hall on Sunday 29th May. Open 10:00 - 16:00 Admission: £3.00 for adults, accompanied children free We have the following layouts on display, which are a mixture of club and member's layouts: Inspired by Fredrichstrasse - German H0 Kenekimura - Japanese N Waalhaven - Dutch H0 Ffestiniogbach - Welsh 009 Ehrwald - German N Titherleigh - BR(S) 00 South River Terminal - US H0 Plus 00 and N gauge test tracks Displays of new club projects Club sales stand Teas, coffees and soft drinks
  2. I saw that service pass through Clapham a bit later. It was moving surprisingly quickly and I was not on a convenient platform, so only captured a rather indifferent photo.
  3. I doubt it. There is a driving trailer from a class 317 which has been saved, so an example of Mark 3 bodyshell EMU is likely to be kept for posterity. You may potentially get a surviving driving trailer from a 455, but a complete unit is unlikely (4-car EMUs take up a lot of space, the class 365 which has been saved for the East Kent line only consists of 3 carriages and I believe will be used for other - static - purposes). Sadly we won't see complete sets of all class 455 variants saved and I don't think it is sticking my neck on the block to suggest that none of the Southern sets will be saved.
  4. 66703 heads the 6O64 13:06 Ferme Park - Tonbridge West Yard away from Clapham Junction - 13 May 2022.
  5. 59102 'Village of Chantry' at Clapham Junction with the 13:06 Acton - Tolworth. 13 May 2022
  6. Yes, apologies. I went to West Croydon by accident, catching a train I thought was for South Croydon. I seem to have got the two confused throughout yesterday, even when writing the captions for the pictures!
  7. 73961 spent today shuttling back and forth between Wimbledon and Kensington. Not sure the reasons, but here it is at Clapham Junction.
  8. Thence to Selhurst... The roller blind destination board reads 'Sardine Special'. It could be a tribute to the many years these units were stuffed to the gunnels with commuters, or perhaps a portent of things to come (either the tin can this unit will probably end up as, or the fact these units are being replaced by timetable changes and the reshuffling of existing rolling stock - I have heard the wry comment that Southern have a 'magic electrostar tree', that seems to be the cure-all for all ills). That is quite an incline! Finally, a classic paring at West Croydon. Odd to think that this scene will be history from tomorrow...
  9. As today is the penultimate day of the Southern class 455 operation, I paid a visit to South London. First up Clapham Junction. Next, to Wandsworth Common. More in my following post. Run out of upload allowance...
  10. A pair of 69s were out and about today on the 4Z69 09:30 Tonbridge West Yard - Acton Lane Sidings. 69005 leads 69001 through Wandsworth Common, with the northbound working, running about 90 minutes late at this stage. They were back about an hour later, running light engine. 69001 takes the lead as the pair pass through Clapham Junction. At the risk of reopening the livery debate, that line looks straight, but the grill in the first photo certainly is crooked. Its like hanging wall paper with vertical stripes and realising your walls aren't straight! I do like the livery though.
  11. More engineering trains down the Arun valley, this time the 14:55 Purley Oaks - Eastleigh. 66414 does the honours on 7 May.
  12. Today I hear the first of the Southern 455s are off to Newport to meet their maker. 47727 is performing the last rites for 5838 and 5839. Here are the two units back in happier days; not amazing pictures, but the only ones I have of these two units. 455838 leaves a snowy East Croydon back in February 2013 455839 approaches Victoria in January 2015. RIP
  13. 66194 heads the heavily delayed 11:55 Gatwick - Eastleigh East Yard engineers service - a very similar length train to the one in 4630's picture yesterday - towards Pulborough on 1st May.
  14. I have heard it said, and only a rumour mind, that Southern are dispensing with 73202 in September. It really hasn't had a lot of use, so I am not surprised. What would surprise me is if it isn't snapped up by another user, or preserved, fairly rapidly.
  15. I know. Turn of phrase on my part which probably doesn't translate very well in writing.
  16. Certainly is interesting. I wonder if it is inspired by the class 33 BR green livery? Perhaps a homage to 33008, if it is going to be named 'Eastleigh'.
  17. A couple more 313s whilst waiting for the aforementioned class 50s. 313210 on the Bognor - Littlehampton shuttle. It was probably one of the most photographed 313s that day as the 50s were following, so an ideal subject to check on light/shadow etc. 313206 nearly made itself profoundly unpopular with the number of photographers on the down platform at Ford. A few seconds later and the tour would have been obscured. Sadly I did not catch 313201.
  18. Looks like it is the 16:01 off Brighton https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:U66006/2022-04-30/detailed Also looks like the stock is being berthed at Newhaven Town Yard during the Brighton layover.
  19. Later on in the day 50008 heads the tour down the Arun Valley
  20. Class 50s on the south coast. 50007 looks resplendent in its GBRf livery as it hammers through Ford with the BLS tour along the south coast and then up to London. The train has a number of reversals timetabled, so both locos will get significant legs of the journey leading. The reversal at Littlehampton meant that 50008 takes the lead as it passes through Shoreham.
  21. Here is 50007 on the same tour passing through Ford station. More pictures on the 50 thread. By coincidence I was also at Shoreham, but on the east side of the river. The view of the train crossing the bridge wasn't great so I nipped up to the station and caught it at the level crossing.
  22. The return is the 1Z54 17:52 Cannon Street to Eastleigh, via the Arun Valley. Hopefully it will be running to time, or pretty close to time, as the weather is going to be quite pleasant and I should get a good picture from my favourite location. If it is running late it may pass after the sun has set. I do not know when the last class 50 was in that part of Sussex. 50008 and 50015 were at the Brighton 150 celebrations, and I recall 50029 and 50030 operating a railtour along the coastway as part of the class finale. That was 30 years ago!
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