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  1. Great result, and not surprised bearing in mind the research done for the 2mm version. Looking forward to buying a blue grey set (or 2), so the 2013 predictions will be a 3 car set then. Good choice of liveries to go for so should see Bachmann do well.
  2. Very nice Jo, like the model 08947, an old westbury favourite!
  3. Very envious of your space Peter, the layout is coming on nicely, some lovely photos there.
  4. I am not quite sure how I ended up modelling BR blue, as I never really remember BR blue on the network as I was never into spotting, and only took an interest in diesels from the early 90's. I think it was a number of things which came together, but the biggest catalyst was I got fed up with Lima running qualities when Bachmann came on the scene, who started off with the Warship, 24 and 25 all of which I got in Blue. 2 Lima locos would fund 1 Bachmann one and BR Blue took over by stealth, to the point where of my 18 locos only 1 is green and due to be sold imminently. Also being in to doing respreays, BR Blue is dead easy especially on a 37 or 40!
  5. I have to admit to being really impressed with this work, it feels like we are on the edge of a revolution in model making if only the 3D printers can sort out the graining!
  6. Blimey, I barely recognise my "home" city these days, The bridge across was still there 15 years ago if my memory serves me correct. Shame the flyover went as well, as getting to bedminster now take a lot longer due to a myriad of traffic lights and roundabouts....
  7. 37114

    EBay madness

    Blimey, half tempted to stick one of my Motorail flats on if rare wagons are going for that sort of money....
  8. 019 at one end had a cut back nose, as did 373 at both ends. 102 was converted back to standard when refurbished, but still retains the odd tail lights.
  9. This layout gets better and better every time I view this thread, nice weathering on the locos Dave.
  10. You don't say what scale you are working in, but A1 did do the non working ones for the 37's, they were subtly different to the ones used on the 26's as the 37's were mounted on a bracket and were much more proud of the front of the loco.
  11. I shall watch this with interest, I have been asked to finish my dad's one which has been in build for 40 years! It is nearly complete assembly wise, chassis wise has a cast block no the lovely etched version you have though.
  12. Re putting a valenta in a production power car, the 125 group have acquired a number of valenta engines and associated cooler groups so they obviously have plans to do it at soem point. I also understood the RHC had assigned a complete set for preservation, not sure how recent quango changes affect this designation but irrespective of what the 125 group do we should see a complete set saved anyway. Hate to be the person that has to find a home for it though...
  13. 73's have vistied on railtours as has a class 37 - 37038
  14. Very nice, like the trees as the backscene behind the depot, very effective.
  15. My thoughts are: - Good on RE for putting up some cash for this and sorting out what has been a glaring issue which Heljan had previously been reluctant to address - The price of £100 per unit seems reasonable bearing in mind price rises due to inflation/ rising production costs, and also should note the specification is improved over the current Heljan offering. - 100% of my fleet is BR Blue, so there is no wasy I want a mixed livery pack, likewise I am sure many steam era modellers won't want a green/blue pack. I can see the logic for later years of mixed packs (i.e. NSE and Dutch for example) - I don't need 2 class 33's, but would think there will be a healthy demand for the second loco, and would wager you could sell them on ebay for more than £100, so 2 loco packs is not really an issue.
  16. I really like this layout, lots of lovely Blue locos and weathering especially good! As an aside a number of books in my book case on BR blue locos which I use for inspiration orignated with yourself Dave, I think I brought them of the Ivor and co on the Growler Group sales stand at a Gala a few years back.
  17. Its is an interesting point Tim, "Inspiring" and "great" to me are very different things. An inspirational layout will be one that makes me want to model something similar or along the same line hence why I chose the 3 I did as they all cover similar time period to that I model. I can appreciate great layouts that don't fit this genre but they don't inspire me to model that prototype or layout. An example of the latter that springs to mind was I saw a fantastic broad gauge O scale layout at Northampton a few years ago. In my eyes it was fantastic layout and while I was in awe of the efforts the builder had gone to, it hasn't inspired me to model broad gauge steam.
  18. Not only does it look great track plan wise it is good fun to operate. The revamp will be mainly electrical, scenery wise it was attended to and extended 3 years ago.
  19. It is quite an interesting topic to raise, for me its about layouts that represent BR blue diesels in the 70's in that I can relate to them more than any other type of layout: 1) Easington lane, I first saw it many years ago at a time when fantatsic BR blue layouts weren't as prevalent as they are now, and was inspired by the run down atmosphere 2) Wibdenshaw, the consitent quality and interest across a layout of that size captivated me the first time I saw it. 3) Mostyn, I was fortunate enough to have a go on it a few years ago and was amazed by the levels the guys were willing to go to.
  20. No excuses Dave, my 4mm springside series 3 had 5 levers added: Handbrake, Overdrive, red knob, yellow knob and main gearstick, I even kinked the Handbrake and min gear lever. Sadly can't be seen because I screwed the glazing up. Looking forward to seeing the welder finished its an interesting project, and I think its a great layout so hope you get the running issues sorted.
  21. Nice Layout Dave, you should be fine with a MK1 Transit, but not aware of Any 0 gauge ones? Shame to lose the Series 2 though.. Doh - Just seen Halfwits post, that C reg one looks nice, would also be a nice project to convert it into a tipper truck as the rear end is a nice easy scratchbuild.
  22. Those grampus do look very nice, I am tempted to get a couple myself
  23. Pondering which unfinished project to finish next

  24. Hi Steve, I will be watching this one with interest as I live in Calne as well. We had Black Dog halt running last week, although I think it is the only time a class 45/1 has ever been down the Calne Branch!
  25. As Adam said they are bauxite with the grey added, I was quite surprised when I researched for photos to work from, the Bauxite ones on Paul Bartletts site were remarkable clean so I didn't go too mad. My previous airfix ones are APCM grey and all the pics of those were very dirty.
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