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  1. Hi Ray.


    Been reading some of your very clear and informative blogs.  I have caught all the rats and found where they were getting in and sealed that up. Our critter guy explained that they will only occupy a house if there is a food source. The soy wiring that I used for some rewiring projects! Luckily there wasn't much damage to the wiring and we baited the traps with crunchy peanut butter which they find irresistible.   The Gophers caused much more damage to the back yard made worse by the dogs trying to dig them out. (Turns out they preferred garlic).

    Anyway if your poppy seed ballast has held fast for 9 years I'm convinced to give it a go. I particularly like the wall paper paste idea.




  2. Hi Ray. (Long time no chat eh).


    Nice tidy job on the ballasting. However be aware of using anything edible for modeling purposes for obvious reasons. We're currently having problems with rats eating electrical cables because soy has been used in the insulation! Very dangerous situation and I'm sure the manufactures will be facing some very serious lawsuits. (Blows me away how one can fail an electrical inspection when missing a couple of fixings within 6"-8" of an electrical outlet but soy insulated wiring is available from most DIY stores).


    Regards Shaun. Now craving a tuna Vienna roll for some reason.  

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  3. The junction signal on Dunster was made from two Ratio kits. One an old round post style the other was the working kind with the clear lenses. I drilled out the post sections and used filament wire to supply the power. This would work for the ground dolls. It was very fiddly to solder up and lower voltage bulbs would be needed.   

  4. Great stuff Ray! This is the best use of a layout corner I've come across. That Station building looks great and probably a collectors item worth a pretty penny now!

    Don't we all miss Mikes Models, their stuff was good.

    I'd quite like a Dukedog for Dunster but my budget for this month is going on a J11 and a Bachmann pannier and Lima J50 for a detail mix and match job.


    I can see that you've been blogging like a freak over the holidays and I,ve got much catching up to do!


    Regards Shaun.

  5. Whoops! Such a long post I neglected to include the cutting list. 



    #        Des.                                       RIP.               Crosscut.                                               Notes.

    1   x   Top                                        12"                  @48"


    2   x   Side rail                                   3"                  @48"


    6   x   Cross member                        3"                  @12" less two thicknesses                  Drill 3 for wire holes & 3 for bolts.



    Note if two boards the same are required double # ! 

  6. The last layout sagged but lucky I'm a cabinet maker and can over come this problem.

    My gt.gt.grandfather's sir name was Law I believe, that would have been my grans grandfather on her fathers side. Definately Southern days but I've no idea which box.

    Might have been found trainspotting in the yard entrance near the top of Lovers walk myself in the late seventies.  

    We've a Brighton here in Oregon, it's so small you could fit it under Brighton station roof!! 


    Regards Shaun.

  7. I am very intrigued to see someone attempting anything Brightoian, as my great, great grandfather was a signal man at Brighton for most of his life.

    I found 6mm ply is too thin for a baseboard top  unless you aim to cross brace every 4 inches or so.

    Base boards can be made to fit together by tacking on one extra end frame to one end and setting the other back, kind of male and female. It's easy to do, makes for simple assembly of layouts at exhibitions and does away with the need for alignment  fixings.


    Regards Shaun.


  8. I have been catching up on your very informative blogs in my spare moments and just read this one.
    Of my two 14xxs (one Dapol, one Hornby) both are OK runners. I too seem to remember stretching one of the rear axle springs, which I don't recall.
    On inspection all rubber bands are absent! Wonders never cease.
    Way back the eager young sales man at Kemp Models of Hove, home of Perseverance at the time sold me a chassis kit and Airfix body. Alas my soldering skills at age 20 were naff to say the least.
    I might just fit the front Dapol axle to the middle of the Hornby chassis and swap bodies when changing periods. I'll try

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  9. Thanks for the heads up Ray. Funds haven't stretched to the O1 yet, I might just hold out for Heljans O2 (I'm not a fan of Hornby of late anyhow) as my latest purchase the class 128 may just be even better than thier Heymek! 

    It's a pitty when paying arround 100 pounds for locomotives these days that one has come to accept that putting things right straight out of the box seems to be expected! ie: loose bits on 128, foot boards missing on thompson stock, unpainted items on A.H. Peppercorn,.... the list goes on...


    Great blog by the way.



    P.S.  If you feel like I'm whinging on your blog please remove this post!!!

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