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    Cornish Railways. Motorsports, trams, cars, disused railways and stations.

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  1. Lots of catching up to do on RMweb. #longabsence

    1. 46444


      Welcome back Jack! ;-)

    2. Jack00
  2. just bought the latest BRM mag. but have to wait until saturday to read it on the journey to Gatwick!

  3. Evening Jeremy. Really lovely photos you posted, layout progress is great too! Have you been on the Cornwall Railway Society recently? The homepage has a great photograph of 37196 Tre, Pol & Pen. All the best Jack.
  4. lovely progress Jeremy. really good stuff and good news on the St.Blazey venture. looks like you will need a few yellow LDV vans judging by the above photo. all the best Jack
  5. just had a look at 31 233 and DBSO at Penzance. very nice

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    2. RSLR


      Yeh seen that on facebook

    3. WD0-6-0


      Nearly missed my train home after school because I was looking around them

    4. Jack00


      Hi Jeremy, I'll try and upload them but need to reduce them a bit as they are big files.

  6. http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/cornwall-railway-gallery---2-main-line-scorrier-to-lostwithiel.html Jack
  7. Looking fantastic Jeremy. I have a link to post here in a sec. Cornwall Railway Society's page, scroll down about half way and there are a few new photos appearing of par from the late 80's. (Having technical issues) Jack
  8. Richard, really like that sentinel! Great progress on the layout. Cheers Jack
  9. Glad I found this Bob. It captures Uckfield lovely! Jack
  10. Just found a brilliant YouTube video. Explains how I want Uckfield to operate perfectly. Starting to like the 70's/80's period a bit more now. Blue thumpers with FYE's Jack
  11. There are a few topics on here. Looks like a good kit. And not bad on price either, KMRC's commission is very nice but already have the 205, so 207 or even a tadpole would be a nice addition to the Uckfield fleet. Jack
  12. Hello Ian & Ian. It was a long shot to model the 33's on fuel, and would look a little out of place, but none the less, a great photo. Just some dogfish/grumpas In the sidings for me I think. Also, didn't realise DC kits did the 207. Now that I want to model! Jack
  13. http://www.transport-of-delight.com/UK/BritishRail/Diesel/jpgs/Selsdon%20-%201.jpg Another link, a class 33 on fuel tanks on the Oxted line, 1977. Jack
  14. Well, im going to get stuck into the layout soon. I have 3 days off work after tomorrow. Very keen to redesign the baseboards, using the 6mm ply and polyfoam sandwich style. (Used on one of my side projects) then carve the landscape out, which will also enable the brook and shelter 'on stilts' to be modelled. I'll add loads of pictures of progress. Jack
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