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"Banks road" 1980 to 2000 traction....


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Started building  "banks road" last year from scratch,at our local model railway club on the Wirral.

We started off with three members in our modern image group,but soon ended up with just two,me and D421.

The layout is end to end setup,its 30ft long,and 3ft wide.Stands about 5ft high from the floor,and pulls away in six sections.

In 18 months,weve gone from no layout to fully working Dcc layout.

And now also have five new members in our group,each with great idea"s for banks road.

The layout has station terminus at one end,Tmd and fuel point in the middle,and tunnel complex leading to the fiddle yard

at the other end.Were using Nce powercab,and seperate control panel for operating loco"s.

Last year "banks road" went to its very first model railway show!! was awsome weekend....




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The line leaving the fiddlers yard goes into tunnel complex,then through railway cutting.Ive used building foam from B&Q,which is easy to cut and shape for landscape.Then used modrock,along with cork sheeting.To make the rocky side walls in the cutting... :no:



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In the bottem of the railway cutting towards the tunnel complex,we have single branch line leading to the upper level of the layout.

The plan is to have station halt up there.The branch line is very over grown as you can see from the pictures... :no:



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