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The Farthing layouts


GWR large flat dray

Posted by Mikkel , in The Old Yard, Horse drawn, Figures 07 August 2018 - * * * * * · 647 views
GWR, Horse drawn, dray, figures and 3 more...
Here's the third and last instalment about my recent trio of horse drawn wagons. This is yet another GWR "dray", as they are commonly known. GWR drawings generally use the term "trolley", which I understand was the original and more correct term for what is today popularly called drays...


Ratkin & Son horse-drawn wagon

Posted by Mikkel , in The Old Yard, Horse drawn, Figures 06 August 2018 - * * * * * · 657 views
GWR, Horse drawn, Fruit and 1 more...
https://farm1.static...1fc7d8cb7_o.jpg  Here's another contribution to the RMweb "Horse Drawn Weekly" as Dave calls it. My efforts don't even get close to his superb models , but a horse is a horse as they say in Farthing. Today's subject is a wagon from Ratkin & Son, makers of finest jams and marmalades (or so they claim...


Kit-bashed GWR light dray

Posted by Mikkel , in The Old Yard, Horse drawn, Figures 04 August 2018 - * * * * * · 416 views
GWR, Horsedrawn, Dray, Kitbash and 1 more...
I've been finalising a batch of horse-drawn vehicles for Farthing. First one done is a light one-horse dray – or trolley, as the GWR called them. It's of a type that some GWR drawings refer to as the “Birmingham pattern” . There was a variety of designs of this type from the 1890s onw...


Porters and Barrows

Posted by Mikkel , in Barrows, The Old Yard, Figures 16 May 2018 - * * * * * · 609 views
GWR, Figures, Andrew Stadden and 3 more...
These days 4mm modellers have an excellent choice of figures from Model-U, Andrew Stadden and Dart Castings - but there's always room for a bit of tinkering! Here are some porters for Farthing Old Yard, modified and pieced together from various sources. The figures have all been attached to something - e.g. a barrow - as I find this helps "integrate"...


Lamps and Lamplighters

Posted by Mikkel , in The Old Yard, Lamps, Fittings, Figures 04 April 2018 - * * * * * · 853 views
GWR, Yard lamps

Yard lamps have appeared at Farthing, using a mix of scratchbuilt bits, modified parts from old whitemetal lamps, and modified Andrew Stadden figures.


This is an early GWR platform type, based on old photos I have fou...


Buffer stops, point levers, fishplates, loading gauge, wall

Posted by Mikkel , in The Old Yard, Fittings, Track, Construction 17 March 2018 - * * * * * · 646 views
buffer stops, point levers and 5 more...
Here’s an update on the sidings at Farthing, or "Old Yard" as I have now dubbed this part of the station. 
I have reached the point where detailing can begin. I'm going for the uncluttered look, although a few weeds etc will be added at some point. 


Same but different - early 1900s GWR wagons

Posted by Mikkel , 07 January 2018 - * * * * * · 1,334 views
GWR, wagons, kit-building and 1 more...
For the past year or so I’ve been adding to my fleet of early 1900s GWR wagons. The idea is to make each wagon a little different. Here’s a summary of some of the detail differences so far. First up is this gang of Iron Minks. 


Pre-grouping livery clippings

Posted by Mikkel , in Liveries 09 December 2017 - * * * * * · 1,089 views
liveries, pregrouping, Edwardian and 2 more...
Here are a couple of PDF files that may be of interest to pre-grouping modellers. 
The first document is an 1896 article from Moore's Monthly Magazine (later renamed "The Locomotive") on British pre-grouping liveries. It includes brief livery descriptions for a number of the rail...


GWR Park Royal stable block

Posted by Mikkel , in The Stables, Buildings, Construction 15 November 2017 - * * * * * · 1,104 views
GWR, stables, scratchbuilding
My model of the GWR stable block at Park Royal is now almost done. Here's an overview of the build and some pics of the finished item. https://farm5.static...50272e31d_o.jpg  The stables at Park Royal followed the classic outlines of what I call the “Styl...


Backdating the Oxford Rail Dean Goods (1)

Posted by Mikkel , in Locos 31 October 2017 - * * * * * · 1,508 views
GWR, Dean Goods
Here’s a summary of the work so far on my attempt to backdate the Oxford Rail Dean Goods to 1900s condition. Thanks to everyone who has helped with advice and information. 
My model is based on a 1903...

Welcome to Farthing!

Attached Image: farthing2.jpg


This blog chronicles the building of "The Farthing layouts", a series of small OO layouts that portray different sections of a GWR junction station in Edwardian days.


Intro and concept
How to eat an elephant
Design principles
State of play


Gallery (1900-1904)
Four o'clock blues, ca. 1902
What really happened in the Cuban...
The honourable slipper boy (Part 1)
The honourable slipper boy (Part 2)
The honourable slipper boy (Part 3)


Gallery (1904-08)
The trials of Mr Bull
A most implausible arrival
A parcel for Mr Ahern
Blue skies and horse traffic
The Remains of the Day
Motley crew

Edwardian daydreams


Gallery (1914)
All in a day's work, Part 1
All in a day's work, Part 2
All in a day's work, Part 3
All in a day's work, Part 4


Out of period
Undecided sky (1867)
The sleeping giant (1887)
Bunker first (1927)
Fitted fish and piles (1947)


Once Upon a Time in the West
Summer silliness
The unbearable lightness...
Across the years
The Sidelight Job
Painting coach panels

Traverser testing


Low-tech pre-grouping stock

Short trains for short layouts
Short trains with a twist
Hand-me-down coaches
Low-tech coach restoration (1)
Low-tech coach restoration (2)
Low-tech coach restoration (3)
Low-tech coach restoration (4)
Low-tech coach restoration (5)


Sprat & Winkle couplings
3 plank Open in GWR red
Outside Framed 8 Ton Van

In the red: GWR 1900s wagon liveries
In loving memory...
Scratchbuilt GWR one-plank wagon (1)
Scratchbuilt GWR one-plank wagon (2)
MSWJR 3-plank dropside
LSWR 10 ton sliding door van
SDJR Road Van
LSWR stone wagon
Fake news and wagon sheets
Same but different: 1900s wagons


GWR 1854 Saddle Tank (1)
GWR 1854 Saddle Tank (2)
Shiny domes and safety valve covers
Backdating the Oxford Dean Goods (1)


GWR large flat dray
Ratkin & Son horse-drawn wagon
Kit-bashed GWR light dray
GWR horse-drawn trolley
GWR 5-ton horse-drawn wagon
Parcels van and coal trolley


Fun with crates
Barrels, baskets, bales
Small crates and tea chests


Porters and Barrows
Andrew Stadden 4mm figures
Backdated Monty's figures
Footplate crew
HO figures for an OO layout
Lesser known whitemetal figures


C+L underlay and Carr's ballast
Experiments with C+L track
Comparing track
Messing about with track panels
Laying track on "The depot"


Constructing the Branch Bay
First bite: "The bay"
Simple structures for "The bay"
Platform trolleys and barrows
Signs, posters and adverts
Six lessons learnt


Constructing the Goods Depot
Second bite: "The depot"
Shunting Puzzle
Sketches of The depot
Soft body, hard shell
Kit-bashed roof structure
Dry Run
Dusting off the cobwebs
Playing with mirrors
Mezzanine floor
Progress on "The depot"
4mm slate roofing
The treachery of images

A roof for "The depot"

A tall bird from Paddington
Cranes for the depot
Shoulders of giants
Flight of the bumblebee


Constructing the Old Yard
Third bite: "The sidings"
Wagon propulsion
Progress on "The sidings"
Rising from slumber
The Biscuit Shed
A shed and a lock-up
Agricultural merchant's warehouse
Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall
Stops, levers, plates, gauge, wall
Lamps and Lamplighters


Constructing the Stables
GWR Park Royal stable block
GWR stables - an overview


Railway modelling and Art
Moving Pictures
Season's greetings


Layout ideas
A flexible layout
Kicking back in Gloucester


Pre-grouping livery clippings
Journey to Didcot
Detail hunting at Didcot
Here's looking at you
The mists of time (and all that)
My friend the operating chair
Ready-to-plonk freight
GWR Modelling website


RMweb Workbench
Flickr photostream

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