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Since my last entry for the work shop, not much has been done model wise.


With a trip to Rio, the house painting and the new pups. There seems to of been a shortage of time, for the life of me I do not know where it has been going.


I did manage to get the bow pen out today, and I also started rewheeling the frames, not much to show there, as it was just fitting hornblocks and washering up etc. Will take the pictures when there is something to see.


I have lined out one side of the loco, so that is I suppose a quarter of the job done. I am not sure I like the photos, they make it look like there is a lot of tidying up to do.





My little haul from Rio, just these few cost just under £35. Fortunatly we were going near to shop or that would of added £50 taxi rides. Must get more organised and make sure I do not run out in the future.

Makes you miss the model/toy shop 10 minutes away.


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That is some very good lining, I think. You must have a very steady hand.


Expensive paint. I suppose it makes you use it sparingly. As you say we are so used to just popping down for another batch.

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Lovely lining Peter. I haven't ventured beyond pressfix and methfix lining yet (as per my O2 tank) but despite all the best efforts of the MicroSol range, I still end up with boggly boiler band lining!



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Thanks guys for the comments.

Mikkel Yes the paint was expensive but I think I have found a local supply of celulose paint now. I have a straight ruler.

Paul I was going to use some pressfix I have but there was nothing on the sheet long enough, so I had to hand line, the Hall my well have pressfix though.


I am looking forward to it being back in one lump.

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