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Long time no updates, I have been doing a little work. Still waiting for odd bits to turn up.


But at long last I have finished this one. After the traumers with the chassis to get it running. The rest was plain sailing just slow as I have had other things taking up my time. The name plates came I am impressed with the quality, just a little bit of a pai having to cut them out. I have added all the transfers etc since last post and it has all been varnished.


I think it looks the part but will let you all be the judges of that though. It is a bit of a photo overload, but I blame it on the lack of recent posts.


The first ones are prior to fitting buffers etc. But after varnishing.










These next few are after final assembly.

Close up off the tender and cab. C/W fallplate



Tender front showing fall plate



Cruel close up of the injectors etc on R/H side



And the whole thing.


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Good to hear from you Pete. Congrats on finishing this one, must be very satisfying after the trouble you had. The paintjob looks really neat and smooth.


But why is the tender chassis back to front?


Anyway, it's not very noticeable.


Your workbench looks very tidy btw!



PS: Only joking about the tender chassis, I didn't get to fool enough people yesterday :-)

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Looks fantastic. Only thing that's niggling me is the totem's on the tender - they look a bit on the small side.

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Thanks to you both for your comments.


Hi Mikkel the vac cylinders on this are at the back. I just followed the instructions on the frames.


Toboldlygo. The pictures i have of watersmeet it has small logos. These are from HMRS and there where just two sizes. Not sure then if there was a third size.

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Thanks guys. I am pleased with it now finished. I lost enthusiasm for it towards the end. I suppose it was because it was a struggle and the challenge was over by the time it was running. It certainly looked impressive on the bench.

Kev the plates where by Diane Kerney, they were the only ones I found who would except something other than a cheque as payment. I also got the ones for the Hall

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Ah yes, with most 7mm suppliers being a bloke in a shed that must make paying for stuff rather difficuilt for anybody living overseas.  It's just not cost effective for smaller suppliers to have facilities to take payment by credit/debit card.

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Yes it is a pain, but I understand, I think a few should get on the paypal thing as it is no dearer than a card machine, and I am sure there would not be too many complaints about a small surcharge.

My biggest gripe is the postal services. I need to get even the smallest packet insured and signed delivery or it never gets here. My last Item bought was a wagon kit and the postage was half the value of the kit.

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Perhaps with the rise of online banking, bank transfers will become more common?


I had my own experience of international postage last year when I sold off a large proportion of my 4mm stock. A chap in South Africa bought several items. It cost

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Congratulations on finishing the kit. I am building the same at the moment . Some slight differences in the parts supplied.

Doesn't make it a good kit though. Possibly one of the worst I have ever seen. 

Your blog inspires me to keep on and finish it.

Well done.


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