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I have been attacking a few plastic wagons as I have been stuck at the appartment. I was half way through a Parksibe brake van and thought it ought to be compensated, but could see no easy way around it. Then I thought I like Haywoods spring system could I incorporate this into the Parkside kit.


Well here is to receipe.

Drill the top of the axle box and the bottom of the spring to clear a Slaters hornblock spring. I found that drilling holes to leave only 0.5mm to be compressed seems to work well.




Then assemble the parts as per instructions but traping the spring within.





It seems to work well on the brake van. I am trying it on a covered wagon now. This time I am drilling the axle box down to the bearing hole. This leaves about half a mill or so sticking out which is enough and there is not the worry of lining two holes up. Spring will still be trapped.


I will need to find some more springs now I will get more from Slaters, but would like to try some softer ones like some sprung buffers.

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To spring my wagons, I have used both Bill Bedfords system (from Eileen's) and Slater's system.  Bill's uses spring wire and Slater's uses coil springs.


I haven't sprung all of mine.  My layout is short and speeds are not high.



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