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I mentioned I bought a wagon from Dragon Models. Well decided to give it a go, and have a little break from the locos. This wagon was bought to go with some other wagons I have. And others I want to get. My idea is to build up a farm moving train. I have the machinery wagons, a horsebox to these I want to add a few more, which will include a box van and some cattle wagons. These would also be able to be used individually too.


This is what you get in the box (well poly bag). First impression is that the castings are clean and the etches are tidy.



Following the instructions I make the platform first. This went together very well, all seems to fit nicely.



The details on the end I have left off the roping eyes until after painting.



Here I have fitted what I think are called buffer gaurds.



I decided as this model is for me, I added some rivets on the bottom flange on the sides and the buffer beam brackets.



After what seemed an eternity I have one side plate ready for fixing to the floor. I thought a wagon that was just a bent floor on to frames would be quick to build. How wrong can you be. Just need to repeat this on the second side.



As an edit I added this picture of the brake lever.



The final part today was just to rest the two parts together to see what it will look like in the future. It is actually longer than I expected.


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A very neat and tidy build.


I do like the chain on the brake lever guide.

Thanks Kev

I just cannot get over how long the frame to to assemble. Almost put me off doing the other one. Would anyone notice?

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Lovely build. Nice idea about the farm moving train. Photos I've seen from horse market days shows the horses moved in cattle wagons. Maybe horseboxes were mostly used for the more noble breeds? Not sure, but anyway a horsebox would be nice!

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Thanks Mikkel

I am modelling circa 1930. so most farms would still be on horse power. So thought it would be used for the plough horses, it is an early diagram box so neaing its lifes end. If all else fails I can add another cattle wagon. Non of which I have. As most farms were quite small I should not need to many cattle wagons. I still need to source loads etc, or a few odd shapes under a tarp. But would like a plough and a hay wagon for one of the machinery wagons.

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