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Barry Railway H Class




This is a early version sketch of a Barry H class. There are some puzzles. Photos appear to show a much narrower dome than the various weight diagrams, Barry and GW, which I've tried to reproduce. More problems come from the underframe being in shadows on most photographs. No brakes shoes on the leading driving wheel, and although I've drawn them the same, I have a suspicion the brake gear on the second pair of drivers was different to the other two. Finally the best profile shot of the L/H side of a locomotive I found shows a very prominent injector (I think) with a large diameter pipe leading a few inches below the footplate to a box like structure between the 1st and 2nd driving wheels, but I can't make any sign of it out in the shadows in any other photos I've found. No sign of it in drawings in Mountford and Russell. I try to avoid drawing injectors unless I have a very good reference as they are such a pain to get looking vaguely right, but if the universal fitment was as per this locomotive then I shall have to make the attempt. However I note that RCTS states that the locomotives started life with an exhaust steam injector which was fairly soon removed, so I wonder if its that early fitment that I am looking at. Anyone know?



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Replaced images. There's a problem or two with them, I'll replace them again when I get a chance.

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There were no brakes on the leading wheels - no room for them - the others were identical. I've not seen any photo evidence of an exhaust steam injector.

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Posted (edited)

4 hours ago, Michael Edge said:

I've not seen any photo evidence of an exhaust steam injector.

Here's a crop (so hopefully fair use) of the photo showing the gear in question. I fear I am unable to tell one injector type from another.




If this installation was on the class for all its life I'll have to do some thinking, because while its a very prominent structure to leave off, its also going to be hard for me to get reliable detail out of the photo.

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Nice photo, looks like new condition though so anybody's guess how long it remained. I wouldn't have thought it was much use on this loco. The box at the front end is probably a grease separator, two control rods down from the cab just behind the trailing sandbox and the overflow pipe clipped to the step. I can't really make out details of the live steam and water feeds though.

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Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll leave injectors off:-).


I've made some ( I hope) improvements to the Barry sketch and added a "GWR condition " sketch to the parent post. This last is based on a photo @The Stationmasteruploaded some years ago ( https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/77804-the-stationmaster-has-been-to-an-auction/&do=findComment&comment=1204296 ), which shows some rather unusual details. The whistles are mounted above the safety valve casing, so above their old Barry location rather than in one of the GWR  preferred positions, and to my eyes its a non standard small safety valve cover too. I've coloured it in green, but looking at the photo I don't see any trace of GWR lettering on the tanks, and something about the gray scales makes me wonder if this locomotive is not green, but has been given a quick splash of black as some absorbed locomotives were on their last overhaul before withdrawal. Anyone with a better feel for grayscale -> colour than I prepared to comment?


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