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GWR 666 Class (ex Alexandra Docks & Railway or Brecon & Merthyr Railway, ex ROD, ex Inland Waterways. Kerr Stuart Victory Class)



The 'Victory' class was a class of ten built in 1917 for the Inland Waterways and Docks dept. Post war they were sold off by the Railways Operating Department, mostly to collieries. There's a detailed history here at Planet industrials


The ADR bought two of these from the ROD. They had outside cylinders and were quite powerful locomotives. They were numbered 666/7 on absorption. They received a moderate Swindon rebuild. Another had been purchased by the Brecon & Merthyr. This loco was numbered 2161. It was given a significant overhaul in 1922.

The B&M loco was sold in 1929, and lasted to 1951 in colliery service. Both the ADR locos reached British Railways.


This sketch of the beast is intended to portray the later GWR configuration on at least some of the class with GWR dome and safety valve cover. They seem to have had new tanks in GWR days with prominent riveting, but I don't do rivets in my sketches. The drawing owes a lot to Planet Industrials and in particular the Don Townsley drawing on the web page for their upcoming model. However the beast is completely redrawn, and, for instance, I've steered something of an intermediate course between the GWR weight diagram B13 and the Townsley drawing on some aspects, notably cab window position.

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  • RMweb Gold

Insignia too now, I like how this is developing.


But a rather ominous number!

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Minerva offer a model in 7mm, with etches to convert to the GW version.  A pal has one, it’s very nice.

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Another vote for green. As for the transporter bridge, my north-east mind did a flip for a moment until I remembered the other one..... 😖

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  • RMweb Premium

The black numberplate background looks a lot darker than the body sides, which possibly points more towards it being in green livery (he says ... very cautiously !)

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I'm also inclined to think green. 666 seems to have received a repaint (probably at Caerphilly) in the first months of 1948, when locos continued to be outshopped in 1946 livery, i.e. with green bodies.



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