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Clevedon - baseboards 2



Having taken the day off to get ready to take Wheal Elizabeth to the Epsom show, I've finally got around to putting up all the baseboards and taking a picture or two. My carpentry is never going to win any awards. Nothing in our house seems to be square or flat and my baseboards are no exception. Mark1 track plan has been laid to give a flavour. After the Epsom show, I've a break until it goes out to Scaleforum. The plan is to start trackbuilding on the Bristol EM demo stand next weekend and see how far I get over the summer. As it's flat bottomed rail on copper clad, it's quicker than conventional chaired track, though I am tempted to replicate the track spikes using staples this time.


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Presumably Andrew, if using staples to represent the spikes (a wholly laudable idea, by the way - I used a soft copper wire bent over to make around 1000 individual spikes for Bleakhouse Road, never again!!) - you will need to drill each copper clad sleeper four times (more on pointwork)?

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Evening Cap'n.

It's a very laudable idea but not one I decided to pursue. I've firmly adopted the Bob Haskins method of modelling here - take a step back and see if you can still see the problem! It is EM after all so I don't need to worry about getting it all right wink.gif.

You're right in that the WC&P used off set dog spikes either into timber sleepers or wooden inserts in the concrete pots. There will a short section of this track formation at the left hand end of the layout as per the prototype.

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Of course, you could put the spikes on the visible side, that would mean only half the number of holes!

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Of course, you could put the spikes on the visible side, that would mean only half the number of holes!

But that's like just putting valve gear on one side of your loco only - it's just not cricket!! ;)

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