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Back to the chassis, as seen in the previous post the chassis had been finished ready for reassembly. My method is as follows, after a good clean with the glass fibre brush and a scouring powder, I clean with Viacal. The chassis was blackened along with the wheels and balance weights. The chassis was sprayed black from a Halfords can, and the wheels and between the frames hand painted with precision.



Then it was down to cleaning the hornguides, and making sure the bearings slide easily in them. Just a case then of putting springs and keeps in. Wheels and axles including lots of washers to stop the side play on the wheels, (must start making wider spacers) With such a short wheel base I have left a half a millimeter on the front and rear, I suppose I could of got away with none, the centre has none as that is where the motor is mounted.blogentry-13601-0-21723900-1329332630_thumb.jpg


I made the pickups for the centre and rear drivers fixed to the top of the frame a tight fit because of the motor, this is really quite small inside, they scrape on the treads at the top. The front I made like an L shaped srprings rubbing the flange at the bottom of the frames



Setting it all running on the rolling road. It took a little tweeking. I found it would not run very well in reverse. After a lot of searching I found the motor had a little raised plastic edge around the bronze bearing at front, and of coarse the thrust washer I used was sitting on this. So when it was running with the worm being pulled to the motor it was like putting the brakes on. I used a 10BA washer with th hole opened up. This fitted on the bronze bearing not the plastic. The thrust washer waactually does what it is supposed to now. Needs some weight and a few hours in each direction. So thats the next job. I thought I would fill the chassis with lead where the ash pan is, which was stupid really it is full of gearbox and motor ( doh). Now all I need is a finished body to set it off properly.


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Those last shots are a nice way of illustratiting that the thing actually works - not alway easy on the web :-)


Congratulations on solving the problem of why it didn't run well backwards. These things can be extremely annoying until you find the fault and then it suddenly becomes an achievement!


(curious to know what the problem was, I think some text is missing?)

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There was a raised edgearound the front bronze bush on the motor, so the washer I was using was just acting as a brake.


It is in the text above, but the number of times I read things an miss bits seems to be getting more regular.


As you can see in the last shot The body is not yet heavy enough to compress the springs.

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