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  1. Hello GreenGiraffe This is partly to do with the fact that 14 places in The Top 50 have become available this year. It has meant that a number of locos have moved up the pecking order consistently with previous year's results. The SECR 01 was just one vote outside The Top 50 in 2018. The SR L1 was just two votes outside. The D1 & E1 were just 10 votes outside. The W and C2X were just over 20 votes outside. I suspect the SECR D would have been up there had it not been announced during the currency of The Poll. It was taking a fair percentage of the SR loco votes until a few days after the announcement. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  2. Results – The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 Hello everyone Very many thanks to all those who downloaded and displayed The Poll posters and who took part in The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019. Once again, the 00 Poll Team would like to express its grateful thanks to Andy York for all his timely help in running ‘the computerised aspects’ of The Poll for us and particularly for the ‘new style’. Although The Poll is ‘hosted’ on RMweb, Andy does this as a volunteer in his own time and neither he nor Warners/BRM etc have any ‘influence’ on it. The 00 Poll Team itself comprises nine volunteers who have worked on The Poll in its current format since 2012. We are unpaid and totally independent. The results are in the formats of: * Most Wanted * Category-by-Category * Top-to-Bottom * Top-to-Bottom – New Entries Only (a new result for you this year, showing where the 112 new items came in) We always seem to have one or two people who will exclaim such as: “The LCDDRR Ventilated Donut Van has polled 30 more votes this year – it must be a fiddle!” There are many reasons why we get slight year-on-year fluctuations and we have listed some below…but The 00 Team puts more store by how items fare relatively and whether they stay within High, Medium or Low Polling. A number have been in The Top 50 for years. * Industrial and Underground categories have gone, removing 43 items * 18 announced items have been deleted * These deletions have freed up 14 places in the Top 50 * 112 new items have gone in * Some items have been ‘combined’ this year whilst others have been ‘split’ * Freight has been split from three categories to four, which could have affected how voters saw items * General Railway Service has been split from one category to two, which could have affected how voters saw items * Press Releases have gone out but may not have been received or acted upon * We know of some magazines that heavily supported us last year, but have not done so this year due to quarterly publication dates being too early or too late. * Conversely, we weren’t in some last year but are this year. * Just one club of c.35 members all voting for one item can propel it from top end of Low Polling one year to bottom end of High Polling the next (or vice versa if they don’t vote) * Certain categories are more ‘popular’ with voters than others * New announcements might have a positive – or negative – effect on votes for items (for example, the SECR D Class was announced during the currency of The Poll. Some may already have voted.) * Some might be encouraged to vote if they perceive an increase in announcements of certain eras etc. But others may be ‘losing hope’ and stop voting for other time-frames * An item that has been ‘restored’ and has received publicity may well have an impact on voters * Items that have recently featured prominently in magazine articles etc may have an impact on voters We hope you will find the results interesting and that the makers keep providing us with the now so often excellent models with which we can further enjoy our modelling! The 00 Poll Team Neil Burgess, Robert Carroll, John Lewis, Jeff Lynn, Brian Macdermott, Chris Knowles-Thomas, Nick Stanbury, Ian Taylor and Glen Woods 1. Results - The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 - Most Wanted.pdf 2. Results - The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 - By Category.pdf 3. Results - The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 - Top-to-Bottom.pdf 4. Results - The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 - Top-to-Bottom New Entries Only.pdf
  3. Hello everyone Just to let you know that this thread will be 'locked off' very shortly. We are aiming to publish The Results tomorrow (Friday 8 November) under the title: Results - The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  4. Hello mdvle Thanks for this and it partly says what I would have said a day or so ago but ran out of time. We do our best to reflect outline differences in classes - such as B16/1, B16/2, B16/3 and D49/1 and D49/2 etc - but that's about as far as we can go. If we really went into detail we would have a separate listing for S&D 7F No,53807, which had a unique smoke-box saddle after rebuilding. Merl Evans told me it would be a massive cost to tool up for that one loco. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  5. Hello Kat Thanks for writing. If there isn't one already, why not consider starting your own thread about catenary? That would be an ideal place to discuss different types and perhaps narrow the field. As noted, this Poll Team is concentrating on 'core content'. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  6. Thanks Phil We always get one or two will exclaim such as: "The LSDCRR Ventilated Donut Van got 30 more votes than last year - it must be a fiddle!" There are numerous reasons why individual votes will fluctuate - to a modest degree - and I will allude to all those factors when we publish the results. We put more store by whether items stay in High, Medium or Low over the years...and there is clear consistency. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  7. Hello 34C Many thanks for writing and for your continued support. I'll have to keep you waiting for the results but I can say that the Category 21 venture was exactly as we expected to be. As you know, we ran plenty of similar - but smaller - exercises on the old MREmag. The way Andy can present the data to me - and I have already seen results up to a certain point in time - is very clear and won't take me very long to put into result presentation format. I'm already 90% done - unless we get several thousand more votes today! With the 'new style' of the voting pages, I have been able to follow votes literally as they happen. This has enabled me to prepare 'dummy results' as if we had closed at various points over the last three weeks and they are consistent. Brian
  8. Hello everyone This is the FINAL CALL for your votes in The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 - we close this evening. We will set up a new thread entitled Results - The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 sometime during the week. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  9. Hello Andy I'm always happy to take 'content' emails from you. As we note in the Q&A, we request pollsters to only contact you with technical queries. The post above was suggesting we had left items out...the post below (which is verbatim and exactly as received on a specialist email group) suggests we have too much! The upshot was that I had a very supportive email from another member of the same email group which confirmed our feeling that we have it 'about right'. However, we will continue to review all reasonable suggestions through our agenda process. All the best Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team) Way over complicated! You’ve got to wade your way through so much guff it puts people off voting. Needs to be much less complicated and fewer choices.
  10. Thanks Andy We went into the new - but 'experimental' - Category 21 with 'eyes wide open'' having had much experience in the past particularly back in the old MREmag days. My task there has been made really easy by the way you will be able to present the data to me and I much appreciate it. It may look a bit daunting at first as 'raw data' but patterns soon emerge. A reminder to all...get your votes in before it's too late! Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  11. Hello 4firstimes Many thanks for writing. You have noted the (quote) 'omission' of the D21. As we say in the Q&A at the start of this thread, we could list 30,000+ items so we have to draw a line somewhere. The D21 is not an 'omission' per se - it is just 'not listed'. Back in 2011/2012, we 'rationalised' the content of a Poll that had been run on the old, original MREmag and that has provided a basis to work on ever since. The D21 - and many others - would have been taken out for good reason of very, very low or non-existent votes. You are right that there is a need for more rolling stock. Within the 112 new items listed this year, 23 are steam era hauled passenger types. I hope that helps. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  12. Hello Jerry I fully concur with you again there. Bath (Green Park) on Summer Saturdays has much to commend it, but the weekday service is every bit as interesting, albeit in a different way. You have fewer express passenger light engine movements between shed and station but that is more than compensated by freight locos to and from the yards. And you still have to change locos on the through trains, even though those locos might be more 'local' in nature as opposed to coming from distant sheds. The Pines still runs and there is no reason why you can't have a pre-Bank Holiday Special or a pigeon train. The Leicester Parcels and 2.40am Down Freight & Mail run and you have the Co-op Sidings trip. Add that to a Midsomer Norton and return coal train, the Binegar local and the 8.25pm Templecombe-Derby Perisher, you have more than a wide variety of stock to match with operational planning and interest. Brian
  13. Hello Jerry I fully concur with you there! If you run to the timetables of Mon-Fri and then Summer Saturday, they are almost 'chalk & cheese' in flavour. Even a Sunday timetable could have merits - if only to rest the nerves after a Saturday. All the best for the project. Brian
  14. Hello gpplumy We explained our valid reasoning last year. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  15. Hello Dunsignalling That is perfectly within the spirit of The Poll, too. As long as they are items that voters would realistically wish to buy at sometime in the future, we are happy to accept the votes. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team).
  16. Hello Anglian Many thanks for the kind comments and for taking part in the spirit in which it is intended. Indeed, The Poll is many days in the making. We first started The Poll in its current format in 2012, although we had been working on it for some time before that. The Team is in touch most weeks throughout the year but we have a full review of every item and link over a 10-week period between June and early September. We then 'close for press' and the data goes to Andy York to construct the very clear pages you voted upon. At that time, we open an agenda for the following year. It could be described as hard work, but we enjoy the process and learn as we go. And part of the overall plan is for voters to learn from The Guide. If anyone reading this hasn't yet voted you only have until Saturday! Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  17. Hello centraltrains You have made your point and The 00 Poll Team has accepted it. Can we please leave it at that? Thank you. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  18. Hello Jeff I agree that Bachmann coaches don't need weights. They are very difficult to remove from Mk1s. Hornby are a lot easier! Brian
  19. Hello everyone A reminder that you have just one week left to vote in The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019. Voting closes on Saturday 2 November. We hope to publish the results within a week. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  20. Hello Tom Many thanks for the kind comments - much appreciated! Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  21. Hello Sturminster Newton We used to have an Underground category but deleted it (and the Industrial category) this year to concentrate on 'core content'. Our reasons have been given in many past postings. If you wish to vote, please see the link at the bottom of the first post of this thread (but please read the Q&A first). The Class 230 Vivarail is listed as the last item under Category 7 Railbuses, Railcars & DMUs. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  22. Hello David Many thanks for the comments which are much appreciated. The Metropolitan E Class was in The Top 50 in 2014; was High Polling in 2015; and went back into The Top 50 for both 2016 and 2018. (The Poll didn't run in 2017.) We have spoken with LURS - they have a 'Modelling Officer' - and have offered our Guide notes 'free, gratis and for nothing' with an offer to assist in as helpful a way as possible if any 'Undergrounders' wanted to set up their own Poll, but nothing has materialised that we are aware of. May I suggest you contact LURS direct? Their link is: http://www.lurs.org.uk/index.htm . If you don't get any joy there, I will happily put you in direct contact with the Modelling Officer. The magazine editor is also interested, I believe. If you search the home page of RMweb, I feel sure there is a dedicated forum for Underground. I hope that helps. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  23. Hello again centraltrains As promised, The 00 Team has been looking into this matter since my 'holding response'. Although we can't - with the best will in the world - give you a specific reason for the non-listing, we believe that this may date back to c.2011/2012 when we were tasked with 'rationalising' the Poll content and it all rather depends on how we saw things then. We were dealing with over 1400 items placed against a potential listing of over 30,000 items. There are many locos, coaches, wagons, EMUs, DMUs etc that share 'family likenesses' and we often have to list items combined. We often have to take a view that if one family member has been made it might follow that the others get made in due course (or not!). The upshot is that we believe there is a case for the Class 172 to be considered on the Agenda and we will do that without any further notes as we have some of our own. And that brings me onto the subject of 'notes with suggestions'... Can I make a small clarification? If a pollster suggests something like an LNER A4, BR Clan Pacific or Drummond's Bug - in other words, something very clear and unambiguous - we wouldn't expect to receive notes and links etc. It is where someone says "Why not list Ore Wagons" that we need to fully understand where they are coming from. We could work our keyboard fingers to the bone in listing every known 'ore wagon' only to be told "Ah, but you haven't listed the one that I was really meaning". (Paul, above, has shown a good example of how to avoid any confusion and our thanks have gone to him for that.) We work on the basis that our 'core list' has been there for many years and evidence shows that many 'new entries' end up towards the bottom of the results - so, we need to take care with new listings lest we simply 'gum up the works'. We are always happy to help. A quick email to us at The Poll Team email address setting out your general ideas will be met with suggestions of how best to proceed. We don't bite! All you need to do is ask. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team) thepollteam(at)gmail.com
  24. Thanks Paul We will certainly be reviewing your welcomed notes and links on the Agenda. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Wishlist Poll Team)
  25. Hello Paul Many thanks for the notes. Please give me a few days to look into this as I am temporarily chasing my tail on a family matter which is taking me away from the computer. I can say that the Dapol model is listed as new tooling in 2005 in the Pat Hammond Ramsay's British Model Trains Catalogue. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
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