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  1. There's this one in Norfolk, set up as a side project by the owner of a transport company I think. Stand to be corrected. One or two members on here were involved in the building of the layouts I believe, maybe they can offer some sort of insight? I went once shortly after it opened, in truth can't say I was particularly impressed and unlikely to visit again. Edit: a read through the about us section of the website could give some idea of what is involved. http://wroxhamminiatureworlds.co.uk/contact-us/
  2. Many years ago now I picked up an EM2 body at a swap meet, several years later I found an underframe. The two were mounted on Lima 37 bogies with cast resin side frames. Flush glazed and with separate handrails and other work it don't look half bad in my opinion. There's a photo of it somewhere on here from years ago but darned if I can find it using search on my mobile
  3. I think, and I really should know, that all the signals in the Sleaford area are now colour lights controlled by either east or west box. Nearest semaphores are at Heckington to the east and, again, I think at Ancaster to the west. You know how it is there all the time and see what you expect, but trying to think of it out of context......... Edit, there's at least one post mounted semaphore shunt signal at Sleaford west.
  4. There's plenty of trains with other operators won't be PRM compliant by the end of 2019, although nothing has been said about what happens,..............yet!
  5. Sorry, pedant mode, but EMU engines??? Mentioned in two separate posts above!
  6. J6698, the GN bridge and viaducts have been completely erased from the landscape, as have all the buildings nearby, and the MR bridge is being replaced in a possession over Christmas. There's been a lot of preparatory work going on for the last few weeks. Only thing remaining from that photo will be the London Road bridge and canal.
  7. We have one or two ramps on 156s stencilled 'property of Wales and West Railway'
  8. . Thread here including upgraded brick wagons http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/137519-improving-a-triang-Hornby-mk1/page-2
  9. The APT test track was on the MR line from Melton Mowbray as far as Edwalton. The paved track at Radcliffe on Trent, so far as I'm aware, was experimental sections to determine a type for use in a future channel tunnel. It's still there in the undergrowth parallel to the down line. There's also a section beside the Derby-Sheffield line in the Little Eaton area.
  10. New technology solves everything don'tcha know? Ah but only until someone pushing buttons in a land far away decides otherwise. Or the certificate expires like O2 last week.
  11. For Skegness bound trains there was a facing crossover about a 1/4 mile from Barkston junction, running all the way from Grantham would have taken an inordinate amount of time. While on a family holiday many years ago my parents got chatting with a signalman from Barkston junction and I was duly invited to come over one day. It was quite a trek from the main road with my mother but well worth it when we got there, standing in the box watching Pacifics passing within a few feet.
  12. Station Hotel Newstead demolished earlier this year after being closed and up for sale a good few years. A friend lived in Newstead for 18 months or so, couldn't get out quick enough when the opportunity arose!
  13. There was one Skegness-Derby in the latter days of class 20 haulage which turned up 4 locos. Apparently the pair working down in the morning failed and another pair were sent to rescue them and the train. I saw it at Boston, all 4 locos were working, I have a photo somewhere and there's probably some on the web anyway.
  14. Hmm, bit of a mixture there and on the adjoining road. There's obviously three axles from an LNER Pacific, the green one on the right being a crank axle. The other five drivers could be from a 9F, although there does appear from the photo to be two sets of flange less wheels, the boiler not being related. The set of smaller wheels are from a trailing truck or tender due to the outside bearings. Edit, maybe I've stuck my neck out too far in assuming the larger wheels are from an LNER Pacific, going purely by the colour. I don't know which one it would be, unless possibly from Blue Peter?
  15. At McIntyre's at Beeston they take pretty much all the remnants of cars from this area. There's often lorries piled high with flattened body shells seen heading in that direction, others with engine blocks. There's a shredder which processes the metal to small pieces, seen as a massive pile alongside the railway line until it's cleared into a train. It must be said though that not all goes out by rail I don't think, it seems to be if the scrap is destined for export.
  16. Sorry but with a dismissive attitude like that all I can say is, if you're likely to be at Stafford show next year don't even look at Deepcar All my class 76s, DC kits resin by the way, run on modified Lima Western bogies, with Lima diamond frame pantographs. They have run for around 30 years and 40 shows by now. The Lima motors needing nothing more than cleaning and lubrication from time to time, all bought second hand by the way so no idea how much they'd done before I owned them. I have a Heljan class 76 bought from the Hattons clearance, not been out of the box yet and unlikely to run at Stafford due to the non functional pantgraphs What I would suggest to the OP, if he can get to a toy fair/swapmeet in his area, it's well worth doing so as, in general, prices are very reasonable and you can look at the goods before purchase. A word of caution although most of the traders are honest in their dealings there is always the odd wrong 'un. A recent returnee to the hobby came to the club with a loco and controller he'd bought at a swapmeet, the loco had absolutley no chance of running as it stood, filthy wheels and pick ups twisted, even though the trader told him it had been serviced and tested! The cotroller was rather iffy as well being a basic train set Hornby one. If he has access to a club in his area, they usually have a cross section of members who can help out as well.
  17. David, I think you mean from the east onto the Cotgrave branch? The western side of the triangle was at Rectory junction, the erstwhile end of Colwick yard. Radcliffe is east of the junction so the picture is looking west. That signal survived until the full resignalling of the area 5 or 6 years ago. Out of curiosity, do you know if the eastern side of the triangle was ever used? As far as I understand it most if not all of the coal from Cotgrave went west? Edit to clarify.
  18. Oddly enough I was on one of our (EMT) units today and it had recently, I think, applied no smoking labels on the windows.
  19. If the coaches behave anything like it, they will be rocking and rolling.
  20. This one is more recent and it does wobble a bit...... https://youtu.be/cs2NPFkR8Xw I can assure you that trains still wobble considerably on uneven track
  21. Not bluegrass fiddle but hey.... https://youtu.be/AJOIqmlI65Y Edit: this is fiddle...... https://youtu.be/Zyj9yp8z4pg
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