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  1. If you took that yesterday around 09.30 I was the guard, it's 156403, 09.24 arrival and 09.32 departure from Peterborough.
  2. East winds in summer can be pretty 'fresh' as well. I have a caravan right on the seafront at Caister a few miles up the coast
  3. If you can, get a screwdriver with a proper handle and grip, the screws holding RTR bodies on are notoriously tight and jeweller's screwdrivers don't have much of a grip. It's worth it in the long run. I have one I picked up years ago, unfortunately no idea where from I'm afraid.
  4. Local auctions are notorious, I've been to several, largely out of idle curiosity and prices paid can usually be well over what you'd reasonably expect, add in commissions and vat they become silly. The other side is that some things just don't reach their true value. We don't know the circumstances behind this particular auction but it could be a way to raise some much needed cash as a matter of urgency, perhaps as a result of the virus, a bereavement, or some other personal issue? I went to an enforced shop liquidation auction many years ago, bog standard RTR was fetching well above 'normal' prices whereas some lovely professionally kit built locos barely cost more than an RTR coach, go figure!
  5. I don't remember the place being as you describe, having done the walk a couple of times around 4 in the morning. Late 1968, early 69, might have been 69-70, on day trips to Barry docks. The only way you could do it then from Nottingham was overnight services to drop you into Cardiff around 06.00.
  6. That was the beauty of the GC in my opinion, never really suffered the diesel take over, although possibly worse was the decimation of the route when the Midland region took over.
  7. No pictures but plenty of memories, they passed through New Basford north of Nottingham around lunch time I think, similar time to the York-Bournemouth. Saw quite a few of them sometimes singly or a pair.
  8. Thanks for that, I only tend to see what's about when I get into Nottingham in the morning. Knowing we're running a reduced service for the time being it makes sense to put them out of the way for now.
  9. We had a fountain as well for a time..........
  10. Huh, get you with your fancy brass! I had to make do with straightening a bent piece of old lead water pipe, then cut out the motor space with a tea spoon sharpened on the door step!
  11. 153319 seems to be something of a regular in your photos David, only chimes with me because it's now an EMR vehicle, well I think it still is! We don't see many 153s about at the moment. One of the few booked workings is a Worksop service in the morning attached to a 156 or 158.
  12. To my mind 2CVs have no charm in anyway shape or form, just an upturned pram with a lawn mower engine. As for that loco,............. The steam loco has something of a resemblance to an A4. A dig at the British perhaps?
  13. Some years ago, not long after I passed out as a guard I was on a Sunday Nottingham-Liverpool service. We ran into Manchester via Romiley rather than our normal route through Stockport. Most unusually we were booked to stop at Ardwick for some reason. Neither I nor the driver could figure out why but if the job card says you're stopping you stop. Opened the doors to the bare platform mostly covered in what seemed to be well kept grass. Felt like we'd stopped on somebody's front lawn!
  14. Until fairly recently I would have suggested Spalding, most rooms empty with notices saying the floors were unsafe and such like. The 'staff' toilet was one cubicle left over from the old Gents which, I suspect, had the old urinals still in place behind the boards covering them up. It's had a major refurbishment including the provision of a lift to access platform 2. Unfortunately as I don't now work afternoons I don't get the time to have a look around. Still very much a shadow of it's former self though.
  15. Photo of said bridge taken today from the back cab of the 12.15 Skegness-Nottingham.
  16. Took a little while to find this thread, well over a month since it was updated. Then again not surprised as not many people are out and about. Finally managed this shot today, what you're looking at is the big black block. It's the base for one of the double bracket signals at Sleaford East. I saw a photo recently, possibly on here(?), showing that there was a four track section, two parallel pairs from just over the level crossing to the junction of the Bourne and Joint lines.
  17. Pretty sure that's a Nu Cast kit, the hefty coupling for the loco is typical of theirs.
  18. Not quite the same I don't think, the train must be on the curve reversing towards meadow lane junction, so as the line was single and 'one engine in steam' nominally (is there a correct term such as one loco only if it's not steam?), he shouldn't be at any risk. I'm not suggesting it's in accordance with the rules though.
  19. There's a lot more examples of that right along the GC in the Nottingham area, specially where the current tramway uses the trackbed or very near by
  20. I wonder if the fella leaning against the platform, possibly writing something (?), in the Penistone shot has taken a possession on that line? Nowadays it would be an absolute no no to be working even when a train passes on another line, full PPE as well required including hard hat. Not that I'm suggesting the extra safety measures are a bad thing as still people get injured and worse trackside.
  21. The bridge in the background of J7801 shows a painted on 'sighting board' for the signals which were obviously in front of it, removed when colour lights were installed and controlled from Bottesford west. I'd guess that they would have been distant signals for Belvoir junction. There are others about but darned if I can remember where now. In the 37 years since the photo was taken, much growth of greenery has taken place but the paint is still there although not as bright obviously. The signal at the platform end in J8095 has been replaced and control transferred to EMICC at Derby, perhaps slightly ironically using GN as prefix for Grantham-Netherfield route which probably foretells the eventual plan when the rest of the Skegness branch is resignalled. Who knows when that is likely to be though
  22. Pretty much to the tunnel mouth I believe. The tunnel mouth and wingwalls, along with other general bits of infrastructure, are still there behind the doors from the carpark. Hayden Reed has pictures taken on an official visit in one of his books about Nottingham"s railways.
  23. Re the workings to Ruddington, the train was propelled into the tunnel at Weekday Cross from the junction near Meadow Lane with the Midland/GN goods yard, then hauled to Ruddington. I remember standing on the midland station one summer, probably 1969 or 70 while waiting for exam results, when a pair of 20s hammered overhead heading for Ruddington. Driver was really giving them a thrashing, maybe he was ex GC and showing those 'down below' how a proper main line worked
  24. Re the B1 shots. The one at Nottingham Victoria is, I suspect, one of the various specials run just before closure of the GC as a through route. One of them used 61131 and 61173 double headed. These were two of the few remaining B1s in service but based around Wakefield I think, the LMR had quickly got rid of anything ex LNER as they took over the Nottingham area sheds.
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