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  1. Apparently a seven day extension to the standstill period has been granted..........
  2. Now I'm getting big ads in the middle of the forum rather than just the almost constant drop downs at the top. Hopefully worse before it gets better?
  3. Isn't the Bachmann smokebox door modelled on those fitted to the original boilers on the first 40 or so locos from memory? Over time and works visits they turned up on other locos including, slightly ironically, 61264 while 61000 was withdrawn carrying one of the later type of smokebox door. When originally preserved, and until fairly recently I believe, 61264 carried the same (early) style of door but at it's last major overhaul was modified to the later type. 61306, the other preserved B1 has always carried the later style. I've spent ages going through pictures to get appropriate numbers to use on Bachmann B1s.
  4. I'm told the EMT section pension fund is in good health and Arriva were disqualified from the bid for the same reason as Stagecoach.
  5. Yep, if you've got a decent body complete with both bogie frames still a good buy at £40. As mentioned above Brush type 2s can be had for as little as a tenner at swapmeets or shows if you're anywhere near one. Pantographs not so cheap or easy to find but you could fit Judith Edge etched ones or possibly utilise some continental ones. Marklin. I think, do one which will fit the bill with little alteration, similar to the erstwhlie Lima one fitted incorrectly to their class 87s.
  6. Manchester is now a major bottleneck, with extra trains routed through the Piccadilly-Oxford Road section without the benefit of, I understand, government promised widening to four tracks. The answer apparently is the 'digital railway' whatever that means. More government waffle? Both TPE and EMT services are delayed by all this, also caused in part by previous DaFT meddling and increased Northern services. Regarding Abellio, all I'll say as a (now) future employee, have you seen the state of a lot of the Anglia rolling stock? Not a particularly promising advert. Guess I'll be needing a new tie come August.
  7. There's enough problems caused by people booking tickets with non-existant railcards without adding Priv options into the mix. No thanks. Priv option is available, as you say, at ticket offices or on board staff where they're present. If not you should be able to buy at destination. I'm guessing you know the Priv discount? I won't mention it here but if you do you should be able to do your own comparison between Priv discount on normal tickets and bargain public fares. The Trainline often gives some rather obscure routings to get your bargain fare as well, from my experience involving 15 minute walks between stations giving no consideration to the ability of a passenger to make that walk, sometimes elderly or infirm passengers are quite upset that their bargain fare is going to cost a taxi ride between stations and one I know of doesn't have a taxi rank. It also doesn't offer group tickets and rarely cheap day returns, all of which costs the passenger dearly.
  8. I'm sure that shunting was carried out in the same way a lot of work tasks in any field are carried out, with one eye on what comes next! If there's more to be done then no incentive to hurry, perhaps it can even be spun out a bit to leave something for the next shift:-) On the other hand if it's break or home time coming up get it done ASAP!!
  9. East coast pacifics could slip furiously leaving Grantham in either direction, southbound they were starting the climb to Stoke summit, northbound they were on a curve. V2s could be even worse possibly for a similar reason to the Bulleids, powerful locos but perhaps a bit on the light side? Always got away eventually, there's some decent sound on some of Peter Handford's Transacord recordings.
  10. For what it's worth, a modern unit, well ours are all 20+ years old now, will slip and slide quite easily on a damp rail. All wheels braked with over 10 tons on each axle, even at very slow speed they can and do slide surprisingly easily. A few years ago I was working back from Matlock on one of the illumination evenings. It had been fine going up half an hour or so earlier but, cautious approach notwithstanding, we nearly overran at least one station and came to a shuddering halt with all wheels locked.
  11. Photos taken at Sheffield Victoria and Darnall respectively, the second one including an EM1:-)
  12. Indeed, although I must admit I didn't buy that much from them, last thing being a Bachmann class 85 at the Nottingham show a couple of years ago. Previous major purchase I can think of was an ABS LNER L1 kit! Must have been 25 years ago!
  13. Same thing applies to LNER B1s of similar vintage, possibly used the same wheel? Many definitely have the same problem, something to do with the lubricant in use at the time maybe attacking the plastic wheel centre?
  14. Yeah I know, just trying to inject a bit of humour into a pretty daft situation. As mentioned a couple of posts back it's Gee Dee's in Nottingham
  15. Not sure if this is allowed given the previous complaints regarding bargains available at certain west midlands retailers as it's only available to personal callers at the shop? There's a certain retailer in an East Midlands city closing down. Final day is tomorrow. I've just been in, stock is much reduced but there's still quite a number of Hornby coaches now at 50% off so around the £20 mark each. A few wagons at half price, small number of locos discounted, other bits and pieces all discounted. Couple of things caught my eye but not my wallet, Hornby Thomas range Edward at £45, no interest to me by maybe to someone, and an Adams radial, don't know if Hornby or Oxford for £50 possibly, second hand? As the saying goes please don't shoot the messenger!
  16. Shame you didn't post this query yesterday, a friend of mine is doing a lot of the paintwork on Tulyar, he could quite likely give chapter and verse. Unfortunately I won't be seeing him for a couple of weeks now, but a quick question to the DPS could well get a response.
  17. I'm guessing it's actually a loco from the Charwelton stud. Cheltenham hauled an RCTS special from Nottingham Victoria and made it's way from and back to the southern region via Charwelton. It was used on a service train to make, at least part of, it's way home. There's a photo published somewhere but darned if I can remember where.
  18. And just for good measure, use one set for a trip out to Fishguard during the day?:)) Oops, nearly forgot, there's class 50s available for that? The valley lines certainly make the 37s work. EE thunder anyone:-)
  19. Not sure if it's something I've done but now instead of unread posts showing up bold it seems that all parts of the forum are marked as read? I can't seem to find a way to undo the marker? Always possible I've touched something while reading the forum on my phone on a train as it takes a couple of seconds for a new page to stabilise so I do hit things unintentionally. Also the modelling zone is greyed out until I click on it? Help?
  20. Yes sorry, I edited my post to say I was wrong. Couldn't see how to delete it.
  21. C6118 will be a Skegness to Nottingham train, provided the picture is at the southern end of the tunnel. The unit has tail lights on so heading into Grantham, to swap ends and off to Nottingham
  22. I had a childhood friend who lived in the house at the top of the forest, looks like a Greek temple small version, his father was head groundsman for the forest recreation ground. There's a basement underneath you could definitely feel the trains there. As an aside when the Nottingham tram was being planned the feasibility of breaking into the tunnel alongside Mansfield Road was investigated, Carrington station site having only been filled in a very few years earlier. I used to live around 1/2 mile from New Basford, with bedroom windows open all year round I could easily hear the trains heading uphill.
  23. There's a couple of mixups between up and down in those photos, may have been pointed out when originally posted. The signal box was on the up platform and the double arm semaphore in the down. For as long as I can remember the up side signals were a pair of searchlight arranged in the same way as a semaphore. Also the A5 in the first picture wouldn't be 69877, more likely 69827? Can't tell on my phone.
  24. Not quite above the southern tunnel mouth, there's only a double roundabout where Mansfield Road and Gregory Boulevard meet. The Pelham was, if memory serves, on one of the roads off Sherwood Rise above the northern tunnel. If it's the one I'm thinking of they decided they could make more money, regularly from DSS clients so didn't want our business any longer. It was then we transferred to the Westminster Hotel on Mansfield Road for around 25 years. The nearby hostelry was the Grosvenor, still there but the statue of the horse over a gateway has now gone I believe. Many years ago someone, as a stunt, painted it up in zebra stripes. No mean feat given it was probably 15 ft off the ground, I don't think to this day anyone knows who did it. Edit: Googled Pelham hotel and it's still listed on Pelham Road
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