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  1. Lenny defo onto a winner for 12mm rtr chassis I could do with several for rats, 33, 37 and a few more In kit form would be fine for me but others will certainly like an rtr. I would hope to use some Dapol N pcbs to collect pick ups and to be able to add lighting, but also the latent provision for DCC could be useful. The video shows good haulage and low noise which is good. Hopefully weight casting has an allowance for cutting back to give cab daylight. Thanks for showing that this stage of development. Robert
  2. That looks very good. In the 1970s on the Kyle line the gangs did the best with what they could with cascaded materials and spot resleepering to keep track to gauge was a common activity so you could highlight a few areas - say 10mm apart with overturned and thus cleaner ballast on a curve. Sidings got nothing at all - not sure how much was ash ballast but certainly it was used for cess walkways and being black and dusty the edge paths were clearly visible and the ash was a good weedkiller for a while. A neat Ballast shoulder is important as not only pride of a job but it gave a good early warning sign of voids and movement - a collapsing shoulder would alert patrolmen to look a little closer. - Why walking on shoulders was frowned upon- it upset the system. I find using books and on line phots really good if you do not look at the subject of the pic but look around it so much is hidden in plain sight ! Happy modelling Robert
  3. Hi As some will know I "luckily" sit in both TINGS and Warley Camps so I enjoy the postings on this thread comparing the apples and pears ! I too have seen the Scale Model world shows and the support from international suppliers we have perhaps in the model railway world not embraced all that is out their in the active hobbies market place, advancing electronics and military weathering techniques apart. Who remembers the Brighton Model world shows? I recall comments about Warley not being specialist enough and seeing visitors red penning stands for attention and striking off others - and being around a day long show in 90 minutes, departing happy, broke and clutching a selection of "designer labled bags" of goodies. But missed all the wider hobby gives if you want to look. While I act as a "Minion" at shows and am happily ignorant of many of the costs ( aware of yes but not able to numerate) the stand costs argument is an active one, but compare four years ago or so I was on Build up at the NEC for the Grand design show - a 3X2 m bare stand in a shell scheme box was £11K so the trader commented but he expected to sell nothing but it was to get the name placed and looked forward to 6 months profitable trading - he was selling granite worktops IIRC. Warley set up the traders village with support from MRJ mag and we have suitable signage - the tables were at reduce price and got many small traders in one area rather than being lost and unfindable in hall 5. I guess a similar "experience" could work at TINGS if a sponsor came forward to subsidise table,space and underwrite expenses, a leading modelling magazine or web modelling experience provider would seem likely "volunteers." I will leave it at that as I have some parkside chassis sides to fit to the Dapol grain wagons on the bench wondering where I have gone. Thanks Robert
  4. Phil`s phot must be early afternoon Sunday - Sophie is holding up a roof support and you can see around the stand. Given the non mandatory nature of wearing masks and as always been the case throughout the pandemic no real state sourced effective policing of mask wearing - correctly even on public transport. I was pleased to see visitors taking it seriously and a good smattering of sunflower lanyard exemptors on site. One I spoke to had hearing problems and so a mask meant no lip reading so it was mask off to make for successful comms. - The world is far from perfect. As the front of house greeter on Saturday I was suggesting folk queue at distances they felt safe, no issues and certainly lots of space once doors opening there was some closing up by 700 very excited folk after a two year gap.... I explained to one parent with an excited child that he was not alone with several hundred excited "children at heart" ahead waiting the off ! The wider aisles, increased seating areas along with thanks to the weather use of the roadside paddock - 50 seats at 1m spacing available did help a lot but does mean crowding comparisons to judge visitor levels hard but a guarded success pending final bills. The happiest person on site was the paramedic both days spent time being mobile looking for "trade" but failed to find anything beyond the odd scratch. Restaurant offered a reduced menu but was always busy and even found recruiting staff back hard as several regulars now in other employment. I did clear a few tables both days but even nothing to report as exciting for the hard working crew. Traders were generally of the view that with 99% being double jabbed and themselves double jabbed along with a deep stands and ability to step back plus some used visors as a gesture towards avoiding airborne spray. It was acknowledged that wearing masks and hall noise levels would make comms hard so it as risk assessment decision to trade, all left pleased with the welcome return of the show and expectations for 10/11 Sept 2022 . My friends on site duties all enjoyed a hassle free weekend so a good successful show and a big thanks goes to everybody who came along and thanks to those who thought about coming but did not for all the reasons that abound , you were missed- see you in 2022. Just one year I will bring a layout and see the show from behind the barriers ! Robert
  5. Hi Yes expect to queue master again so see you about - by 12.00 I expect it will patrolling in the hall and reacting to calls as required. At least the carpark should be self managing this weekend. A good show expected purely on the grounds we missed last year ! In other news on my layout I have just painted a base coat on the platform - a grey primer and a coat of brake dust railmatch acrylic to to give a sandy effect. Thinking I will be painting a hint of flag stones along the edge and the signature scottish dotted white platform edge. Robert
  6. Well it has arrived and indeed a co - co wheel layout but still only two axles powered so a good start and perhaps it will be ok with distributed power down a train - how to fit power to a HTA bogie coal hopper. Freightliner containers not so bad using a 20m chassis and making a fake container load around a clear body shell. A fuel tank barrel much harder ! Robert
  7. air drying clay is best such as ttps://www.amazon.co.uk/DAS-Modelling-Clay-White-Air-Dry/dp/B000J445XA/ref=asc_df_B000J445XA/?tag=go has been used - check out Chris Nervard efforts. toothpics make good cleaning prodders to clear around rail fixings when clay drying out such that the bits you chip out do not re adhere to what you want to keep. A good idea to try a test piece . Robert
  8. Now Tuesday for Kelseys crossing clear up, how many days... non fatal derailment with track damage and some signalling duffed up, lucky we are not at war is all I can say !! Viz Hixon given it was an off route voyager that got named it did result in wondering if there were 33 other accidents of a serious nature that would warrant a plate on a voyager, on and off XC network- it took a while and a long step back in history. Previously "policy" has seen crew who died got commemorated this could be a first to go one step further with location named in memory. Perhaps folk will see "Hixon" and learn about it and seek the lessons.
  9. Most "landform done now up to roots level. Platforms and area for station building added with joins filled- await sanding and some test primer to check they are invisible enough. LH corner comes along with a bit more to add infront of rocks - this will be a bit of an enlosed grazing land , base for a second cottage and veg patch, rest will be a bit boggy behind ex signal box and the Level crossing control building, well in my vague plan anyway. Hopefully platform will go grey later today.
  10. Despite the great covers the bit in between is even better! A great read and shared with friends at work, several flick reads got comments on great photos of a time past and notes on battle scars and staff errors and omissions ! A good record of the past and despite much source material some bits tantalisingly just out of touch. I would love to see an A 4 sized plan of the hotel ! Robert
  11. The cashpoint machine was well past its date and fees for a new machine would have rendered it totally redundant. Two new boosters in the hall along with the original one should help coverage so hopefully less of the carpark jig required but with the whole area reliant on not much of a BT cabling network the show sucks it dry. I think you will find some form of forced air ventilation has been fitted during closedown period so air flow improved. See you all Saturday and some on buildup Friday. Robert
  12. Hi Erixtar, A work of art I am sure. I was wondering about inter car electrical connections and adapting some Dapol N PCBs to hand for lighting. I did also flirt with the idea of dcc for these and the 03 but as a layout is most unlikely I might just stay dc. time will tell of course. I did get the EFE 007 on ebay the other night so now have one or more of each EFE and thus 7 in the fleet now so beating reality for fleet size. I can now do three maroon , 007 in LT and , 008 in Island line and 009 to match 007 in unbranded maroon. two dinos - 004 and 006. two NSE 001 with differing yellow front and 005 as a hybrid set. I have one intermediate 1938 for glazing spares which I could mug up a plated over 010 car for fun . The spare bodies John has at Metro models and his 3D print chassis and motorising kits do mean it is possible to make up models in an almost rtr state easily enough.
  13. Good to see that all still working - passed through as a student and invited in for a quick 50p tour. Hopefully worth preserving when finally replaced given ease of access on the station.
  14. Well now got some 3D print chassis units originated by John Polley at Metromodels. and some more bogie sideframes so with the last of the John Hall bogie frames I can now power more units than were ever in traffic. I am sourcing a suitable red to repaint the non IOW 38 red vehicles and I will revisit the still not good enough front end filling. Pictures later.
  15. True, the model was seen as a quick win for the range, prompted by works on the 252 project. Clearly in the modern day getting a new tooling rather than changing a slide is quite expensive and would not see a twin pack for circa £60. £60 each maybe. My 10 pence worth was that the ends would be against a loco of day stock so the omission was going to give some angst but was acceptable in the bigger picture. With a care given the variation of day stock on the Fort William an accurate train is possible but I too would love to see a BUO and RLO to match. Robert
  16. Good to see bridge progress with beam sitting into the retaining wall and abutment correctly. Happy modelling !
  17. I guess the lack of figures is due to "Alice in Wightland" numbers not adding up. IWSR visited by friend last week with a colleague who was almost wheelchair bound and found service and care wonderful and were amazed at the museum on site at Haven Street. I suspect any attempt to move would be a heartbreaking killer. Seems to be well worth a visit. It would change the character of the ISWR business if it was the main operator on the lsland but Newport - Cowes -Wotton , if route was available would be a big leap, but then nobody thought the WHR would reopen in the TLC of Wales. Think big win big. Hopefully the 484s will make the grade and the massive rebuild works out, seeing the picture of Brading reminds me of Ardrahan on the Ennis - Galway. A standard urban station dumped in a rural environment- no idea of cost/ value/ relevance just somebody able to open a suppliers catalogue and order a R600 standard station. Is it value for money ? Cannot wait to ride the line in the future. Robert
  18. Looks ideal for an AC railcar or 122 bubble when finances permit ..
  19. I am sure the various deities available will be forgiving ...
  20. Hope so but with that many containers many more folk interested in the other 99.9% contents of the manifest. Robert
  21. While a bit Vic Berry the 6, only 5 picutred ends after further faffing. One thing I cannot find any souls who do a transfer for the destination blinds so will see if Steve at Railtec could oblige in a spare moment ( he is very busy of course so no rush!)
  22. me ! 1989 was busy in TLC on Ffestiniog Railway no time and certainly no money for raves , but I do recall some 12mm points from 3SMR landing !! -sign of a truly misspent youth..
  23. Hi "d00m" I slipped a knife blade under an edge and with a gentle tweak on most shells, some front windows not even glued . Just one LT red shell had the cab divider glued in and this had seeped under glazing but a few twists of the shell broke the body bond, but left it fixed to glazing- left alone. I did remove the cab divider or they fell out and this does allow the glazing to be released from cab end - most out in one piece worst was three large sections . The inner roof only traps the top edge and has not been removed form carrs where it did not fall out. I have removed the inner end windows as these may well be the cable route for inter carr wires, but these were all adequately glued in place. The quality of the build is not unlike some recent real railway purchases from CAF .... Hope that helps Robert
  24. What is an "e" among friends sorry hope tea still ok. Middle space could be dummy sidings for end of carriage sidings or perhaps a Marsh Mills style store of locos waiting last call to Swindon, just as a display area. Along with a view blocker building to hold the control panel perhaps. Robert
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