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  1. Sorry...I don't know what came over me....I read the instructions.......I expect I'll be banned..... Chris
  2. The paperworks says it is a ESU Loksound V5.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised - I rarely buy sound fitted locos and normally use Zimo/Digitrains. The paperworks says it is a ESU Loksound V5. I agree with others that the bogie pick ups look as if they might benefit from tweaking but so far so good over my live frogs. Chris
  4. My sound version turned up today. Quick video straight out of the box.
  5. I've had good service and products from Grainge & Hodder. Chris
  6. I should contact their technical advice people and ask. They should know the right answer... https://peco-uk.com/pages/help-advice [email protected] Chris
  7. Don't be rushed by the enthusiasts..be happy before you launch! Chris
  8. Its alright as long as you have a decent photo of the opinion to copy...
  9. Thanks Mick - I did scan the various threads but missed that - BL180 it is then... Chris
  10. One for me please Ian. What was the source of transfers? Chris
  11. Cheers Rob - I'm not too far from you so hopefully it will appear somewhere at some point. It should have had its first show at Stow last May. Chris
  12. I've just run in and put sound in a Hornby 8f and I'm about to weather it....I think we know what that means....
  13. Something to look forward to in the New Year.......
  14. As Peco do some work for EMGS can I assume the rail is therefore compatible with Peco track??
  15. TMC and DPD seem to be doing a little better. Mine is due this afternoon.
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