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  1. Another update. I had used Lcut kits on Dock Street and decided to try their very nice retaining walls. I wanted a high urban environment so an over bridge was also included. This time styrene sheet and Wills girders.
  2. I am most definitely a SLW customer (2 +1 on order, regular chats with Phil at York and highly delighted by the post sales support from Jamie et al) but I do have a TTG Bachmann 25 with factory fitted sound which is a regular and relied-upon performer on my small (shunting) exhibition layouts. I know some aren't keen on the profiles but it works well and is therefore always in the show stock box..
  3. Can you expand - is there a problem fitting the flanged wheels?
  4. I'm waiting for shorter turnouts but I'm tempted to just get one as a trial...
  5. Interestingly I don't think I've ever had a problem with a Halfords nozzle (and very few with Humbrol or Testors Dulcote) . Sadly I can't say the same for all brands.
  6. My apologies for the repeat.......
  7. Given the reputation of the product I'm a little disappointed by the coupler droop...
  8. The Finetrax 4mm products may be an option - the problem with Peco is that the short Unifrog - needed to make "Unifrog" work - leads to the shorts with the wider wobbly wheels. I tried my Sir William Stanier with the Flangeless trailing wheels - same issue. I should of course get round to installing the flanged wheels supplied! I can't find any current replacements for the 31.
  9. Good call - I do so and can then experiment with ballast etc.
  10. In terms of "other suggestions" for track I am yet to try the camouflage colours now being sold by Halfords although I have used them for other things. I think the dark brown and khaki may have a role. https://www.halfords.com/search?q=camouflage I currently use Precision weathered sleepers as my base colour but I've also used Humbrol #29 "Dark Brown" in a can - I think it used to be called Dark Earth.
  11. There's quite a bit in the Peco BH thread. Try Page 52 I really like the BH points but with two 31s on the roster and no replacement wheels currently evident and with a desire for a shorter layout they were not the choice for this layout. Chris
  12. I often do a light over spray of a track dirt shade after ballasting etc is done so if you do that you can blend it all together anyway. My observation is that from many angles real track does lose its definition. The whole issue also seems very important at the moment but once you move on to other stages of the project it will probably not!
  13. I'm pretty sure when I've seen it used it is usually with other colours - probably a bit stark on its own http://nevardmedia.blogspot.com/2011/03/earth-and-sky.html
  14. In my defence I would offer the following evidence: I have Cobalts on a number of layouts and have had no problems - I think they have a good reputation. CS is a very simple layout to maintain or repair. It can be flipped over in no time at all and stood on its rigid backscene once the plug in lighting rig is removed. I take spare PMs to a show so it should be easy to replace. The 90 degree adapter and operating wire can be transplanted easily. Removing one of the locating screws would allow the new PM to be aligned fairly easily. The only thing that would improve thi
  15. I was minded to try the Scalescenes arches but although the trial piece turned out OK I couldn't face all that cutting of the cardboard. Since then I understand some one is providing laser cut card parts and I've discovered self adhesive matt photo paper for printing in my High Street computer shop...maybe next time - its nice stuff.
  16. This is the underneath of the FY with the integral point control panel. As previously suggested I may review this arrangement.
  17. A bit of testing...I suspect this loco is a bit early for the Cement siding but Rule 1 may apply..its got sound and stay alive by Digitrains and its a gem.
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