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    Liverpool for my sins
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    Railway and Aircraft (military) Photography, a good beer or bottle of wine but getting heavily into the Sainsbury Swedish Cider with the beige label, reading, travel and new adventures / experiences. oh and i love holidays too :-)

    I also have a Zenfolio site with pictures taken of lots of things all over the world, on holiday or trips etc......trains and trams to be added soon.

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About Me

After many years in the industry I decided to start again with a new venture where I produce as detailed a model as I could, with very high customer service etc, as I think there is a market for a higher end product not at a higher end price.


Travel takes me to far flung corners of the earth, on holidays.
I love USA railroads, and go whenever I can to visit 'hot spots' and absolutely love Tehachapi and Bealville in CA, and Winton Place in Cincinatti, but Colton junction or Barnetby in the UK are very good and I miss Newport as once upon a time it was wonderful.

I'm an N gauge modeller and currently have UK (Welham Green Exhibition Layout DCC sound modern image (available for show bookings)), Austrian (I collect N scale Taurus locomotives in all the promotional liveries(and it's getting expensive now)) and American N scale interests.

Married twice, divorced twice with a son of 25, but happy in my life now!

I like reading, movies, taking in a view, sunsets, wildlife (big cat variety), and relaxing on the few 'down times' I get.
I love my 2 x DSLR cameras and lenses, and my I-pad and use them to the max and i am heavily into photographing military aircraft.

Oh and i'm a third generation QPR supporter too, so take pity on me.

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