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  1. Finally caught up. great pics and well done on your weight loss
  2. Thread drift not sell off wholesale but get someone else to pay for greater bandwidth and let them use any spare the railway doesn’t use.
  3. That was the Cambrian which is not controlled from Cardiff
  4. It’s ok Jeremy Vine is going to sort it out today on Radio 2
  5. I walked through the tunnel this morning and the shot Creet is just about finished. the level of the floor is now up to the height of the concrete walkway on the left of the last picture
  6. Is this still going?
  7. What a great little layout
  8. The cross beams / braces are being removed from inside the box and the final bit of shot Crete is being applied to the piles in the launch cutting. on the other end, the reception pit is being made ready for the base with the final bit of demolition taking place at the face of the box.
  9. ess1uk

    A New Start

    Nice job on the buildings
  10. The civils contractors have advised that they will have removed all heavy plant and machinery by the 22nd or 23rd of April From the tunnel
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