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  1. Hi, The best printed sources are D L Bradley, Locomotives of the LBSCR, part 2 (RCTS) and J H Russel, Pictorial Record of Southern locomotives (OPC) - this has weight diagrams for all SR locos and drawings for some. There are a couple of Locomotive Illustrated that have photos of E1s ( I can check which editions if you are interested) I would not be surprised if there are works drawings in the collection at NRM, but as I'm building kits, haven't bothered with that source. The Brighton Circle is a mine of information, and they have a Facebook page that gives their details or see http://www.lbscr.org/History/Circle/index.html certainly worth looking at the "modellers digest" (download link on the circle's website) I also have an SE Finecast E1 and D1 which are both almost complete (photo attached) Hope that helps Richard
  2. Hi, I've got two of these plus a C2 next on my list to build once I've finished a batch of 2 x E1 and a D1 all from Albion kits.... An observation - the tender on your kit looks to be different around the footplate level from the one in mine - I must have a look and check.......
  3. Hello David, your photo is really helpful - I had been trying to use "straight" wires - the two right angles (in the horizontal plane) is a great idea as it should prevent the wires from opposite ends "colliding" which is one of the difficulties I was experiencing. and many thanks for the link to the article, Tony W Now to persuade the management that this (initial) 12 week isolation period is intended for railway modelling, not dusting! best wishes Richard
  4. Hi, Exquisite modelling yet again. It is my intention to use AJ couplings and have previously bent up the hooks, but it looks as those the design has been improved upon - can you share anything on the way you attach the wires to the vehicles? - I think I saw something, elsewhere on pivoting the wires in a vertical plane, rather than relying on the flexibility of a long wire, anchored near the opposite end of the vehicle. Many thanks Richard
  5. Hi Tony, Sorry, not a first... Burgundy wrote an extensive thread (Mr Craven's engines - LBSCR 1870s) when he built his loco from the same kit, and I used his experience when building this one for a gentleman who lives in Midhurst and has a layout of the same name based pre 1880 (ie before the new station built for the Chichester to Midhurst line) - see The LBSCR Modellers' Digest no. 6, 7 and 10 Burgundy's model is beautifully finished in Stroudley's Improved Engine Green, however "Chichester" is trying to capture J C Craven's livery - although I put the base coat on, my painting skills are far behind Mr Haynes'. The loco is a bit of a cheat, as 172 "Chichester" was not a Dieppe class loco, but the model is intended to capture the essence of that loco without having to scratch build something. The challenge with this type of loco in 4mm scale is getting enough adhesion so that it can haul itself, and a train, along! Best wishes Richard
  6. It wasn't me - I've retired! Oddly, about 20 years ago I was interviewed for a transfer to HMRI (as it was then) and would have moved had it not been for a clerical error within HSE... on the positive side, staying with HM NII did enable me to retire 2 years early and RI suffered somewhat following the Kings X fire being split off from HSE....
  7. Looks good to me - would a bit of trompe l'oeil effect make it even better? Cheers Richard
  8. Very nice... Sorry if it's an obvious question, but did you emboss all the brickwork? I presume that is the only way to get the arched brickwork over the windows? (I'm thinking ahead of how to tackle my signal box when I get a round tuit!) Best wishes Richard
  9. Yes, that's the underframe from the Bagnal Coach - I understand it was originally at Amberley, but I have some photos (not taken by me) of it before it was moved from East Guildford, when it was more or less complete (but very fragile!) I believe Laurie Cooksey built the lovely diorama that's in the museum best wishes Richard
  10. Hi, I promised myself I wasn't going to buy a machine until I had some cutting files ready, but..... seeing the way the £ is moving against other currencies and as Silhouette machines are made in the US, I decided they weren't going to get any cheaper so have bought a Curio.... I'll let you know how I get on.... cheers Richard
  11. "These rodding stools are hand-cut in purest platinum by a zen hermit hiding in a cave in the Himalayas* and cost an appropriate amount." I prefer to get mine made from unobtainium as it has a better half life
  12. Hi Andrew, One question already answered - I was going to ask if the stonework was "pre embossed" or whether you had scribbed it on - either by hand or possibly with a digital cutter - did you use a digital cutter to cut the individual sides, ends windows and doors out? (If so which one have you invested in?) All very impressive - keep inspiring me, I will get around to my layout one day!
  13. Hi, Only just stumbled across your layout thread - very nice. What I would like to know is, will my First Class season ticket on the Rye & Camber be valid for a trip out to Blackstone-on-sea? I keep toying with the idea of another "Rye Town" (Inspired by Stephen Hannington's) but with an interchange with the R & C - "my" version would be located on what is now occupied by North Salts, and although I already have 3 layout projects started, this hasn't stopped me building some Rye and Camber stock - I couldn't resist as my Great Grandfather was responsible for one of the line's coaches. Good luck with your layout - I will follow it with interest. best wishes Richard
  14. Any thoughts as to the 8.5" x 6" Curio cutting mat is too restrictive compared to the 12" x 12" on the cameo? - I'm mainly working in 4mm scale, but might occasionally want to tackle a 7mm wagon or 4 wheel coach...
  15. What a great name the managing director has.....
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