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  1. When I visited, the cross-over was still in use. I remember some weekend Engineering jobs requiring the Newcastle - Liverpool - Newcastle services using it to get off the bang road. Yes, the box was partitioned but I didn't notice anything in the void. I can't remember when the external steps disappeared. Kev.
  2. I'm not buying anymore until these models come with opening engine room doors! (And that's before I mention the lack of an orange LED for the Grill!) Kev. (OK I give in, I'm still going to get all the blue TOPS ones.)
  3. It was originally a 60 Lever Frame but when the line to Oldham closed, most of these were redundant. The Frame was reduced to 12 Levers in 1982. The upper End door is still there (without the stairs or landing) - presumably it was "nailed" shut! This is one of only a handful of boxes that I was ever invited into. Happy days. Kev.
  4. Mesty Croft Signal Box, Wednesbury Town L.M.R., closed 7th December 1964. It was, according to "A Practical Record of L.N.W.R SIGNALLING", a LNWR Standard Type 4 size C signal cabin capable of housing a Frame with 15 Levers. Kev.
  5. I think a lot of "myths" were created at the time of the Woodhead closure to "exaggerate" certain aspects of 1500Vdc verses 25kVac - depending almost entirely on whether you wanted to close the line or keep it open. I'm still hearing some of these today! 1500Vdc = thicker conductor but less Catenary and Insulators. 25kVac = thinner conductor but more Catenary and Insulators. In modelling terms that's less knitting verses more knitting! (...ducks down and retreats...) Kev.
  6. They do give that impression but they are still lower than the Rat's Head Code box. Kev.
  7. There are lots of mast positions marked out, on the ground, both between Stalybridge to Miles Platting and from Stalybridge to (almost) Guide Bridge station. These were first marked out with spray paint onto the vegetation - it didn't last long. Then the vegetation was cleared and the spray paint onto the exposed soil - it didn't last long. Finally, wooden squares were made and placed in position - These have lasted a lot longer but, I fear, even these wont last long enough for the Stalybridge to Guide Bridge section! Kev.
  8. I must admit that I was hesitating buying more 24s until news of the 25s availability, or otherwise, was out there. I just didn't want to run the superb 24s with other rats, preferring that they all came from the same mould, (so to squeak)! I already have two SLW 24s, with another on order, and I have just ordered two 25s. Now I can happily order more 24s and 25s as the right ones come along. Kev.
  9. Just like everything on this build - it's on an "industrial scale"! Kev.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good/useful websites for calculating the electric field strengths (both electro and magnetic), induced by Transmission Lines, at up to 1/2 a kilometre away? I have some sensitive Instrumentation that requires these fields to be <1uT. The power company (in Germany using 380kV lines) indicates that this will be a very close thing. (We have a whole range of techniques and options, (that we already use), with dealing with issues like this but I wanted to run some calcs for myself.) Kev.
  11. Redbanks' a good idea and even Collyhurst but you may as well go the extra mile and plonk them on Newton Heath. Phillips Park could work too. The Stalybridge commute is very busy into Manchester. (I seem to recall reading somewhere that Stalybridge was Manchester's 11th busiest station!) It's not just the commute, or the out placing of the Liverpool trains from Victoria, the juice is also required for the 802s. (Well another 7.5 miles less on diesel.) Kev.
  12. Todays lesson in Chinese*. (* from someone who only speaks a little "pigeon" Chinese**, so so be taken with a large pinch / bucket of salt!) (** apparently with a ShangHai accent!!) Pronounced GuoYing and means "Made in China". Pronounced DaLian and is the city in North East China that stick out into the Yellow Sea. Note - This is the "complex" form of writing DaLian so the second character will look differently on current maps. Pronounced GeChe and means "big machines" like ships but includes things as small as
  13. Whilst I was on to Phil, I asked about this and he said, (words to the effect of), "they are coming" but I wasn't paying much attention because of the detail differences he was pointing out between my two ordered locos. I could speak with Phil all day! (Sorry if you were waiting to get through.) Kev.
  14. Two blue ones with TOPS numbering now ordered. Speaking with Phil, just moments ago, he indicated that sales are "very high" at the moment with the phone going non-stop. These models really are exquisite. I just can't wait to get mine. Kev.
  15. I keep ringing 25324 but I just can't get through! (I will try again first thing tomorrow and keep trying all day long if I need too!) Kev.
  16. Heyrod did indeed have two sidings on the Down side. I can't see it happening though. Re-instating the Bay platform at Greenfield would make more sense than stabling at Heyrod. (..but that would be a longer running time and capacity on the Standedge route is already at a premium.) Kev.
  17. Yes, the Liverpool EMUs need to terminate at Stalybridge because the big reduction in capacity, at Manchester Victoria, when the MEN Arena was plonked on top of it in place of half of it. This needs to be done to free up capacity at Victoria. These Liverpool trains should sit in the bay at Platform 5, Stalybridge, but If they want to sit one in the other bay platform, platform 2, then it would have to cross 3 of the 4 running lines to/from Manchester. I wonder if they are thinking of another Manchester facing bay or putting a through road (back) between platforms 3 and
  18. Thankyou SLW. They have just announced a bouncing baby class25 !

    1. Hroth


      One wonders what the birth weight was.  In bags of sugar...



  19. Another useful link... https://www.networkrail.co.uk/running-the-railway/railway-upgrade-plan/key-projects/transpennine-route-upgrade/manchester-to-stalybridge/ Which gives the snippet... This would appear to back up what I overheard in the local butty shop! (Plenty of proviso's though even in just 2 lines!) Kev.
  20. Yes, the lines speeds didn't improve much / if at all, but the new layout allowed for multiple train movements at the same time whilst having the flexibility to hold trains in any one of the through platforms. The line to Guide Bridge was prioritised in the junction design. The increase in Piccadilly trains diagrammed to terminate there, and especially, to pass through platforms 13 and 14 - was a disaster! It's no wonder they have rethought the junction requirements at Stalybridge. Kev.
  21. If a west-bound 802 was diverted, or diagrammed, via Guide Bridge then it just wouldn't switch over from Diesel power. Is it right that 802s can switch power modes, (Diesel to electric OH and back to Diesel again), without stopping? Kev.
  22. Yesterday I heard that in three weeks time Electrification of the Manchester Victoria to Stalybridge section will start in earnest. Also gleaned, from the same source, was the fact that the Stalybridge to Guide Bridge line was "not being done". I wonder if Miles Platting and Stalybridge junctions will have any OHLE provision for later electrification schemes? Kev.
  23. OK, who's going to be the first to model Fred Dibner ? Kev.
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