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  1. Fantastic show. Well done to all - and there were many. I really do appreciate all the work (and quality of production) and specifically enjoyed the videos, layouts, humour, how-to's, and (of course) the competitions. I hope this was a success (commercially) as, if it was, then we are more likely to see it again. I did click on some links and have ordered some stuff that I never knew existed! Can't wait for it to arrive now. Thanks to all, Kev.
  2. The "brain training" is working - done. Kev.
  3. There is no difference! (Is the link correct?) Kev.
  4. Those are immaculate! Especially considering one of them is a "predecessor"! Kev.
  5. I hope I'm not spoiling anything here... "Hornsey Broadway spot the difference" 1/ Blue sky on the left 2/ Chimney Pots removed from the right 3/ The Peak changes colour from Blue to Green 4/ The foreground Signal colour changes from Red to Green 5/ The Tube Train under the bridge disappears from the right 6/ The view of the back end of a Bus disappears from on top of the Bridge 7/ The two PWay workers in front of the Peak wander off in the second view 8/ The Relay Cabinet by the changing colour signal disappears in the second view 9/ The DMU Headcode changes from "B2" to "B " 10/ The AWS magnet disappears from the running line at the side of the DMU 11/ The Peak's Arrows of Indecision are reversed in the second view 12/ The wall mounted Signal above the DMU front Cab has gone in the second view 13/ The middle 4 windows, on the 4 story building, change from all glass to half glass/half white - as the floor below 14/ The Roof Line Horizon above the left hand most bus changes in the second view 15/ The tuft of grass, in the fore ground of the first picture, is longer/darker then in the second view Kev.
  6. I spent ages counting fishplates*, 3rd rail lengths and even checking MU coupling codes before spotting the foliage being darker/longer in the bottom-left of the first pic. I even gave up and watched a couple of the very excellent vids, made available during today's virtual exhibitions, before returning and the grass just 'jumping' out at me. (* = I've drawn the line at counting bricks on RMweb!) Kev.
  7. Well, I have a list of 15 differences now. (I deleted the Driver's odd socks, in the second pic, as a choice!) I wonder if we all struggled on "different last ones" to be found? Kev.
  8. I'm up to 12 on spot the difference and my best guess, for the weight, is 742 tonnes - in full scale! Luv'in it... Kev.
  9. I pretty much don't mind what is behind a Perspex screen, it's what's lurking close by without a screen I worry about. (I'm from Australia!) Kev.
  10. ...more like side show bob! Kev.
  11. No figures, of course not, but Rails did expand their production to meet demand and Hornby's production is split amongst all their distributers. The time taken for Rails to sell their pre-allocation from Hornby was very short indeed and it is recorded in one of these threads. Kev.
  12. Don't forget Rails had orders, not only a complete production run, but an expanded production run at that. Hornby's allocation to Rails would only be a tiny fraction of Rails orders already received for the 3D printed version. There is no way they could have just transferred/honoured their current orders. I was on the phone pretty quickly (to my local model shop) and got the impression that there would be a mad-dash for everyone to increase their allocations from Hornby. These early offerings of British history seem to be VERY popular and I would expect more varied examples to come. Kev.
  13. I just love this thread - such value for money! ...but, Melmerby's scope is definitely the best "DCC meter" going. Although the current function in the DCC Concepts Alpha unit is useful and the voltage reading is quick to monitor any sudden changes. Kev.
  14. Whenever anyone was stupid enough to leave me with my hand on the tiller, I used to recite "Port Left / Star Bright" whenever someone shouted an instruction. I always thought of "Port" as being red and a bRight star as being green. Kev.
  15. Thanks so much for this information. My Pico 2000series scope has just arrived from Farnell. What a Joy to use. So intuitive and I already think the Serial Decoding feature is indispensable! I use RS232, SPI, I2C and DCC, in my PIC projects, so this device is going to get some serious usage. The PicoScope is so portable too, just the jobbie for when I start travelling again. Kev
  16. "Pinza" What a cop! Get in there! Kev. (Sorry, got carried away there.)
  17. Thanks Melmerby, that is really useful. I have an old Pico Scope but that used the parallel port and I cant remember the last time I used it (2003?). I have an account with two out of three of the venders you quoted. I'll have a look at them in Farnell (great support if out goes wrong + %10 off at the mo) Thanks again, Kev.
  18. Which Scope and software is that? (How much, where from?) It's easy enough to count the 1s and 0s and build the words (important to be able to too) but having a quick breakdown of the DCC packets looks really useful. Kev.
  19. Mark, you had earned a "informative/useful" feedback but the last few words I can definitely relate to! Kev.
  20. That certainly looks like a challenge! Kev.
  21. Hi Paul I hope you don't mind if I attempt to translate, (from Mandarin), the slogan on the front of the loco... These two characters are "Ming" and "Tian" and are very common everywhere in China and Chinese literature. Ming means "bright" and Tian has many similar meanings such as "Heaven", "Day", "Sky", etc. Together they make MingTian (obviously) but this new word now has a meaning of "Tomorrow". This is pronounced "Yao", in Mandarin, and sort of means "will" or "is going to be" as in a sort of promise. (Mandarin does not have the same concepts, or usage, of "tense" or "gender" in its language - and uses them much much less, if at all.) This is "Mei" followed by "Hao". Mei means "beautiful", as in beautiful girl, and Hao means good and has to be one of the most recognisable Chinese characters going. Hao is a pictogram of two other Chinese characters for boy and girl. (You put a boy and girl together and that MUST be good!!!) Mei and Hao together means, literally, "beautiful good" but would morph more into something like "future good" or "promising future" or "promise better". So, all together we have something like "...tomorrow promise good future". Now we have the first three characters... These are written in "complex" Chinese as appose to "Simple" Chinese. Do not be mislead by the terms "Simple" and "Complex" here. After the second world war, the Chinese decided writing Chinese was too difficult and took too long, So they "removed" a lot of the brush-strokes from many characters and taught these new characters everywhere. The sound, grammar and meaning remained the same - it's just that few people can recognise/read them now. I have no idea what these complex characters say, (and would love to know), or what they mean, but I think they are crucial for full meaning of the phrase as they could/can change the meaning of the later characters. "Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs!" (Translating phrases is much more difficult than translating individual words!) You see the problem? Kev.
  22. Thanks, but you couldn't have been any more surprised than I! I think I lost out because the photo of the completed work, was taken just minutes before the close of the competition, in dark gloomy conditions that the phone camera was clearly struggling with.. I took the photos, you just quoted, in the sunny garden the next day after work - which look much better. Kev.
  23. Looks really good Stu. What/If are you going to use for railings? I don't blame you if you don't have any. The ones I did were fiddly enough! Kev.
  24. Yes, because you have found an emoji that looks just like me - Kev.
  25. I got as far as the blue touch paper and "bottled it"! Kev.
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