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  1. I know I've been AWOL for some time but RMWeb has changed a little in the meantime with lots more adds. Most of which I thought were unrelated to railway modelling, until I came across this here today:
  2. but, but... they're the wrong shade of malachite and one of them has one of those James Milne tenders.
  3. Rumour has it that a certain book seller lays claim to construction of a signalbox somewhere along this section if the S&D? I know nothing.
  4. I've built a shrine for my books (ex built in wardrobe). Latest including, more (old) scribblings of Rice and some geezer building baseboards out of stuff(s). My earliest memory of the S&D was around the time the S&D Circuit were based in Radders. One time particularly, when I came across the sight of a cow sacrifice (by fire) and much merriment at a fund raiser, watched from the footbridge. Of course, later my bro and I would hang about in the underpass (whilst our folks would enjoy the sights and sounds of the Radco). It was nearly always flooded, and the underpass, I think it had something to do with the Somerset Coal Canal in a previous incarnation, then a tramway after that (or both). Cheers
  5. HA! you tried hiding it from me but I found it! Dear Sir I would like to express my gratitude to you once more for sending me some books before I had even ordered them! Cheers Simon, wasn't expecting next day delivery right now, not even from BA1 to BA2! (This postage thing is, of course, new to me but rest assured now that I know it's cheaper than an "Alldayer" on the number 3, by a substantial 20p! I needn't get up from my chair, excepting for the deliveries). Timbo
  6. Ah Allan Hall's scrappy, my last wrist watch was lost there. I say lost, I could see it 3 cars down, but couldn't get it back and all for what turned out to be a free part anyway, an Allagro plastic headlamp adjuster thingy. Crickey, over 30 years ago now! The yard is on the bottom part of what was the tramway to Clandown pit, which joined the S&D next to Veater's, where one could buy maggots by the pint, when I were a lad. Edit: sorry, to answer your question, I don't know if the scrappy's still there but I doubt anyone could afford to build on it without having to remove all the toxic soil etc. He once bolloxed me for smoking in his yard, fair enough until you realise he was cutting a battery out of a car with a gas axe at the time.. Shooting flames out of the fillers from petrol tanks was also fun to watch, health and safety having not reached Radstock (if indeed, it has by now) in the late 80's.
  7. Well the sad news is, that not only has the shed been long gone, but The Radco, that 50's icon and beacon of light, is most likely being turned into hardcore and a lesser cathedral of shopping being rebuilt to replace it.
  8. You can't learn that from books, you just know it or have to hang about down Radstock Co-Op... I mean shed to find out.
  9. Hi Can you point me in the direction of the mail order section on the SRG website, I can't seem to find it? Or do you need to be a member to see and order? Cheers
  10. ah, the new Hornby "I saw you coming" range.
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