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  1. Funnily enough, Mrs Dubya is 'doing at bit' of Spanish now on her duolingo app. "I know nuuuthing".
  2. I think those are B6, a B7 is in the pipeline too. Edit: B7 in kit form is already available. Come join us https://emgs.org/member-benefits/
  3. Those still pop up on eBay now and and again.
  4. How's she handling your curves sir? Lots of moaning on Faceache (it's main purpose) about derailing on trainset curves and some driveshaft (?) failures.
  5. All will be explained in due course...
  6. These are the devil's work...
  7. Indeed, I have left out the "Information for Executors" EMGS sheet in a prominent position in my train porn library cupboard. I'm taking my piles with me though X
  8. too easy, just clear, sorry klear plastikard init
  9. I tell you what is a fun thing to do, try and find out the name of the soap factory in Bath owned by the Peters family. Bath and Soap are such good bedfellows.
  10. Steady now... Beautiful and masterly work young sir. I believe the Great Way Round's River Avon Bridge was originally laminated wood, know idea what it's made of now (looks like Pigeon sh1te to me). Oh and they've give the front a bit of tidy up, moved heaven and earth to create Brunel Square, where the coal wagon turntable and sidings for the power station were. Cheers Dubs
  11. Same as the Somerset coal field, where there are millions (?) of tons left, not only are the seams thin and deep but they are fractured, rising and falling 20 odd feet or so, meaning mechanised extraction is impractical. Cheers Dubya Grandchild of a Guss and Crook wearing Somerset miner.
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