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  1. Yes please! A straight copy of Sidmouth would, indeed "make my day".
  2. any chance of a screen shot for those of us not on F-arsebook?
  3. Plastic bags are extremely easy to recycle at your local supermarket, most have recycling bins for used carrier bags, chuck 'em in those
  4. this is why we make cider and wickermen
  5. BTW fantastic cat, does it sharpen pencils with it's 'arris? Cheers
  6. I am also a massive fan of Halfords Photographic Grey. I feel better for letting that out into the open.
  7. Careful mate, they'll have you flying spacecraft next. Happened to my uncle Albert in the 60's!
  8. If "we" wish to discuss cardboard, perhaps a separate thread would be in order ? Thanks to absolutely everyone for getting this edition created and out there in such unprecedented circumstances! Cheers Timbob
  9. What's the possibility of the ex LSWR route from Okehampton to Bere Alston being reopened? I'm sure there's plenty of concrete to be shoved into that rebuild
  10. I think you can get a cream for that?
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