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  1. Free but they turned me down
  2. For which I have offered £1
  3. There's more.... Been having a 'chat' with the lovely folks at Squires, about the SEF range and they've sent me their latest a 2019 catalogue/ price list. 'ere 'tis & enjoy PriceList.pdf Edit: Date amended + I've also noticed (on Facebook) that Squires are recruiting for a Vacuum Forming Machine Operator, I guess for the flush glaze and building sheets? Good news if so, looks like they've really gone for it! https://www.facebook.com/jobs/job-opening/446799259701153/?source=post_permlink
  4. Cheers Cpt. et al Here's Brian's latest NuCast list and motors etc. NuCast list 01.21.pdf M&G pdf 01.21.pdf
  5. Thanks for the heads up re Squires. Are the chassis packs going to be made available through them or will Dave be continuing to supply these? I'm contemplating a G6, but it needs a chassis etc. Cheers chaps
  6. Have you got a link please?
  7. Yes please! A straight copy of Sidmouth would, indeed "make my day".
  8. any chance of a screen shot for those of us not on F-arsebook?
  9. Plastic bags are extremely easy to recycle at your local supermarket, most have recycling bins for used carrier bags, chuck 'em in those
  10. this is why we make cider and wickermen
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