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  1. Lovely picture. Very many thanks . Also, very many thanks to 1whitemoor for the link to Hardy's. One RING HAW duly ordered and paid for. Les
  2. Mr Makkem's pigeon cree on Hawthorn Dene. There was a man in the Easington area who bought an old railway van body, turned it into a pigeon cree (loft for you savverners) and painted it in Sunderland FC colours. It just had to be modelled on an Easington-based layout. There are leeks in the dug area to the left. One is just visible above the last red post of the front railings. Almost impossible to see but you know they are there if you put your finger on them- single strands of fine wire painted green and planted. Les
  3. I understand the idea originated with Andy Forty, and only the opening door and use of the space was adopted by DJModels, despite the idea of the sliding tray being discussed at that time.... Les
  4. Wider gangways, one way system, masks as required, frequent sanitising of surfaces, expected that there is unlikely to be more than about 150 punters in at any time (which is our usual number for this show- highest attendance for the weekend is still less than 800). Investigating tables outside to eat at - I'll have to discuss that with the caterers. Nothing too tragic. Slightly smaller show than last time- three fewer layouts and four fewer traders, with admission prices a little lower to compensate. Les
  5. Just a thought- could the securing screws be underneath the couplers- ie you carefully prise the couplers out of their triangular sockets to get at the body screws. Other manufacturers have done this successfully and ham fisted me hasn't broken one yet taking bodies off to fit DCC.... Les
  6. The latest news is that our insurers are happy with what we proposed to them so the show is ON! Les
  7. And in a corner by the shed at furtwangen Ost a dead pigsnose railcar awaits its fate..... Les
  8. Gardens in N. I wonder how Mr 34 Belgrave Terrace, Croft Spa broke his leg? Mrs 32 Belgrave Terrace has a goat for a lawn mower. I must get round to making a tether for it so it doesn't escape. Les
  9. Sod's law says that you never have the right size box to hand. When you do find one it is so full of plastic peanuts you have to go out to the dustbin to dispose of them, and the parcels tape will split repeatedly and then stick to anything but the right place on the box. As for parcels tape dispensers the last one I dropped cut my foot on the way down and the sand inside it took a long time to vacuum up.... On a good day about 3 minutes, on a bad day in excess of 15, and that is with over 9000 eBay sales under my belt.... Les
  10. At the house above the railway the occupier gets on with his gardening. NO PLACE. Les
  11. Train spotting cat at NO PLACE yard Les
  12. Done- put two forms in with these suggestions- Kitson long-tank 0-6-0 as built for the Cardiff railway, the Manchester Ship Canal and the Beamish Railway. NER 20-ton hopper wagon. Les
  13. Another arrival this morning is the skip lorry to hide the road exit at the top - or at least disguise the fact it doesn't go anywhere. last time I used this trick was with a bus on Furtwangen Ost which was appearing from behind the bank. Ordered on eBay it was only when it arrived I discovered it is by Osborn's Models, one of their Archlaser series. A really beautiful thing it is to UK N-scale and is a little on the big side. The bright yellow skip isn't really suitable to be carried off, so I've swapped it for one of the loaded DM Toys ones and dirtied the back of
  14. TRADERS CONFIRMED Book Law Sherwood Models, Nottingham A2B Models, Matlock Bath J&C Models, East Goscote, Starlight Models, Wellingborough Malc's Models, Ilkeston A shorter list than we would normally have but we're still working on gangways and space. There might be room for a seventh but that gives us three model shops selling ranges of mainly new and a good understanding of what each other do (helps to avoid too much duplication), one second hand specialist, one selling entirely kits and bits and one book seller. I'm retirin
  15. Les1952


    I threatened a video of No.36 with sound and here it is. I have no idea whether the NCB ones had the exhaust sound on every fourth beat that the sound file has, but as they were scrapped in 1953 I doubt if anyone alive remembers them well enough to tell me it is wrong. They probably clanked more if anything... The clip was taken with the phone, which left to its own devices kept deciding it was focused on the wrong point and adjusting. I propped the phone in place, pressed record and concentrated on playing with the controller. The clip does, however, s
  16. As well as all the OO ones I bought this N-gauge one off eBay for Hawthorn Dene and had it DCC fitted then improved the cab windows with an RT Models etch. The layout has gone but the loco remains. I'll find a use for it in a future project no doubt. Going back to the OO ones- one newby to report- another Hornby Yet another Hornby HARRY, renamed with the last set of Walkden system plates I have for a loco with original chimney. I can see me buying a Geisl ejector or two in case I get hold of another red one- I still have four unused s
  17. You are lucky. Our village post office (quite a busy one) disappeared when the postmaster retired and couldn't sell the business- no village shop, no post office.... Les
  18. One model railway dealer I knew quite well (now deceased) used to buy at one third of list to sell at two thirds of list. That was for an "average" used item that was not a "red hot collectable". I tend to assume that that is the starting price and with a bit of luck that can be negotiated down. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I walk. Les
  19. Possibly, though I've no evidence of two flags flying from one flagpole in Germany. The flagpole on Croft Spa is used to lift the drop-in section out at the end of a show/session in the same way and has survived so far. I'm not sure if having two flags on the pole might be vulnerable to damage when used for the purpose I put the flagpole there for. I'll give it some more thought. No hurry- the first outing is either July 31st or September 4th. All the very best Les
  20. Les1952


    Breaking news- a show invite COALVILLE on 18th and 19th September. Les
  21. The last small section of the layout to have its ground done has now been started. A little fuzzy but the sub-structure for the small rise under the phone mast is started- one more smaller piece of balsa then I think I might use some spare static grass sheet. The tree just visible at the left will be on another small grassy bit to give the impression of a road going off at an angle behind the brewery, probably with a wagon to hide the fact it ends abruptly at the backscene. The VW van will be kept in the box of plant-on bits with the sub-board containing t
  22. They still needed an 08 or similar to help them up the slope out of the yard at Tyne Dock but a Class 40 was rostered to bank the train from South Pelaw to Consett. Plenty of photos of this exist. The Class 40 was deemed to be "more easily spared" than a Class 37 for the job..... Les
  23. and a Class 40 to push.... When the Tyne Dock to Consett ore trains were dieselised they needed eleven diesels to replace ten steam.
  24. Les1952


    The pics I have of some of these show that MOST had vertical boarding/walling separating the access road to the top of the yard from the screens, but I also remember a couple where this road had no walling. Obviously there were no drops. One reason for having locos facing uphill is that it is easier to slide downwards into the screen than upwards- witness the damage to the cab of No.47 at Whittle where the loco slid down the slope with wheels locked and bashed the screening house with its cab. East Stanley Colliery (the prototype location for NO PLACE) had only one roa
  25. Les1952


    An awful lot of screens were too low to get a loco under in any case- Whittle being a case in point, hence the shape of No.47's cab.. How did collieries that had a through road in the screening house get on? There were a few of those around where locos had to take that route to get wagons up to the top end of the yard... Les NO PLACE has the uncouplers about 2 wagon lengths clear of the screens.
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