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  1. Having been there and done that in the past (Kentish Town relay room fire, barge hitting Blackfriars Bridge, Gauge Corner Cracking) I feel for you and hours you will all be putting in to try and build a plan based on constantly shifting sands. Most people will never understand the amount of effort made behind the scenes to keep trains running. The effort is appreciated, especially by someone who has a trip to Edinburgh in early June booked which uses both affected routes!
  2. This order confirmation just does not add up at all! The actual price of R3840 is £199.99. The VAT on this is £33.33, so the price before VAT should be £166.66. No idea where the £21.21 has come from! Shipping at £50 would make the order total £216.66. I would suggest you contact Hornby to ask about how your totals have been calculated?
  3. The KMRC one has not been released. It is at the painted sample stage.
  4. I do understand the frustration, would love a Peak too! However, there is nothing to say they are not working on it and we only have three months to wait until the next announcement.
  5. OK, so the Graham Farish Maroon RU is shown as June / July. Given the shipping delays at the moment following a small incident in Suez that is not much of a delay. Revolution announced the Mk5 coaches in February 2019. So as long as Graham Farish announce one item you are interested in every two years they will have the same success rate at attracting your interest! I really don't understand why everyone thinks every announcement made must include lots of brand newly tooled models every three months. Who else is producing brand new N Gauge models at the rate Graham F
  6. But the point is that not one of the items you listed was announced and delivered within three months. You will get an announcement from Graham Farish every three months giving what is new and will be delivered within three months. At the moment it is in an intermediate stage because there are still items from before the new policy that have not yet arrived.
  7. As a matter of interest, how many of those are due in the next three months?
  8. That is exactly how it will work. Bachmann were very clear they would only announce items due within 3 months at each quarterly announcement, and that includes new tooling items.
  9. They are Class 108s, a two and a three car attached.
  10. Because they are Hornby Website Exclusives. Hornby failed to provide the information that these were exclusive to the Hornby website on the information provided in the slides that Andy has posted at the start of this thread. Several retailers added these to their sites assuming Hornby had missed them from their order forms (errors are not unknown in the early days of the new announcement) but then subsequently removed them again once they were advised they could not order them. You will have to ask Hattons why they continue to list them.
  11. Definitely - it was 1X00 when we conveyed HM from Moorgate to Luton Airport and that was in 1999.
  12. Gaugemaster have sold out of these models so I am sure they are devastated by your cancellation!
  13. Paddington to Penzance Night Riviera was the only WR usage by this time, generally just a single GUV as well. Not WR, but they were also used on the Scottish overnights, image below shows them being shunted at Euston after working in overnight.
  14. Correct, best image I have is this When on our training scheme back in the 1980s, we were sent out on our free pass from Waterloo to have a day of discovery and report back the next day. One of the lads came back saying they had travelled on a train with strange bunk beds, which we worked out meant he travelled from Guildford to Gatwick on a Class 119 in the former buffet coach!
  15. When I travelled on the Cumbrian Coast Statesman in September it picked up at Derby, Long Eaton, Attenborough, Beeston, Illkeston, Alfreton, Chesterfield, Chinley, New Mills Central and Manchester Victoria. A good number picked up at every one of those stations, so perhaps they have a good idea about where their market is!
  16. Yet he already operates a regular Statesman service which is always virtually sold out. This will be just an extension of that but will allow 125mph running so be much easier to path on the modern railway. I have already booked a couple of trips on it - no better way to see the Central Wales line!
  17. They are however mentioned in the video as expected in December or January from memory, so probably just an error that they have come off the website.
  18. Is it not a pun on Luxton from On the Buses? Probably avoids licence issues?
  19. If they reach Grampound Road it will be nothing short of a miracle! Let alone Gwinear Road! However the funding they have received is nothing to do with this and is actually related to the COVID situation, which Bodmin and the West Somerset have also been successful in receiving a grant.
  20. I was also involved in the commissioning of these units. As part of this I had to time mileage accumulation and driver training trips. This involved three round trips from Salisbury to Waterloo, commencing after the morning peak. The fourth and final trip of the day was Salisbury to Basingstoke and return, because it would otherwise arrive at Waterloo slap bang in the middle of the peak with no platform or return path available. On the first day that this commenced the first three trips went well, then the fourth trip reached Basingstoke but instead of reversing carried on up the f
  21. That was North Crofty Junction Bill, start of the North Crofty branch. Dolcoath siding was next to Dolcoath level crossing. More about it here http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/the-north-crofty-branch.html
  22. That is not the way Bachmann work now though. They will only announce things which are due in the next 3 months. So it could be announced in November for example, and be here by February or sooner.
  23. Yes this film must be relatively old. The platform at St Erth is pre-rebuild and the timetable has since been amended so that most trains call at Carbis Bay and more call at Lelant, whereas Lelant Saltings now has the bare minimum service.
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