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  1. Good news indeed - I wonder if it might prompt Oxford to expand their range of 70s / early 80s cars.
  2. The CADs look delicious! I am banking on an original blue/grey version making the final list of variants.
  3. Yes I have posted a few pictures in the Modelling Real Locations section (although it really should be in the Layout Topic as my overall layout is far from an accurate representation in the Marylebone area!). Also a few mis-orientated photos I'm afraid! The link is: Marylebone in N Gauge - Modelling real locations - RMweb
  4. Some more photos including before and after photos.
  5. Hi I have spent some Tier 4 time lowering the bodies on some Farish class 47s (the original run of the current blue riband model) and class 37s. I couldn’t find a previous post on how to go about this so thought I would share some pictures and notes in case it’s a help to any one else. For the 47, there are 6 steps: 1. Remove the body from the chassis and in unclip the fuel tank etc from the underside of the chassis. Slide out the lighting PCBs at each end of the chassis - these slide out vertically. Extend the cut out on each side of the PCB by around 1.
  6. Just given my Railfreight grey class 31 a run and it performs beautifully both on DC and on DCC with a Zimo MX618 decoder. Probably one of the best I have encountered from Farish for running quality.
  7. I have a short rake of these new MK2fs and am pretty pleased with them. I have swapped the fitted coupler at one end of each coach with the short shank version provided in the bag of accessories so that each couples together with one short shank to one medium shank version. The rake happily copes with my minimum 11inch radius curves. The short shank version also happily couples with my Farish Mk1s.
  8. I have seen very little news about this project in recent months but hope it is still progressing. Was anything said at yesterdays RevolutioN Facebook event? - I cant get the video from yesterday’s event to play for some reason.
  9. Thanks for the positive feedback - much appreciated To Macketty : regarding the hydraulic buffers, they were scratchbuilt using different diameter brass and plastic tubing, wrapped around a super large pin ( I picked up a box of 100 from John Lewis haberdashery dept). Higher res photo of these buffers attached plus a photo of some of the components I still have in my spares box. By the way the NSE ticket booth was also scratchbuilt, from plastic card.
  10. And here are just a few more photos. I still can’t see any means of rotating these so apologies if a few are wrongly orientated.
  11. Hello. Please see attached photo of the track plan (I’ve used the colour version showing power sections as this has photographed better). The light blue / pink tracks Immediately ‘beyond’ the station form a return loop that sits on a board below the station - as drawn in the middle of the plan. I have also attached a photo of the storage sidings that aren’t properly captured on the track plan.
  12. Hi Reinder The layout was originally designed to fit in a small ‘box-room’ bedroom but now has a larger home. The main dimensions of the core area as photographed are 6ft by 8ft, with an 8ft extension that accommodates a 13 track storage yard and return loop. I don’t have a fancy ‘templot’ style track plan but I will have a go at photographing a pen and ink drawing made 30 years ago and loading that to this site - hope you don’t mind waiting until the weekend. Mark
  13. Thanks for rotating the photos - and sorry it just wasn’t obvious to me how to do it. I choose Marylebone because it’s one of the few London termini thats’ real life size makes its model-able. I was also drawn to its general decrepitness which I am yet to reflect in my model. In fact I have applied a general dose of Network Southeast to lift it from the pure ‘blue grey’ era. My track plan reflects the pre 1980s resignalling layout although I have added two additional platforms before Chiltern Railways did this for real in the mid 2000’s. Mark
  14. Finding my way through the process to create a new topic so apologies if this hasn’t worked quite as it should - and further apologies if some of the photos are upside down. Anyway I thought I would post a few photos of my N Gauge model of Marylebone Station (and bolt on layout that loops trains back to the station, provides a continuous run and provides a connection to off layout storage sidings). This Model has in fact been 30 years in the making when the main station building was scratch built out of plasticard. The station concourse roof and train shed roof are all more recent - built in t
  15. Marke

    N gauge Class 50

    Does anybody have any intel on the sound fitted class 50s? I preordered one a couple of years back and understand retailers will still be honouring those orders despite the more recent change of policy by Dapol to only sell sound fitted locos direct.
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