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  1. I'm building a layout that has a crossover for a loco release. My question is would both switches (or points) be operated by one lever in the box or ground frame, or two? I ask as I'm controlling the by DCC and I can either give the motors the same address, or separate addresses and set up a macro to change them one at a time, but want it to be as prototypical as possible.
  2. I guess this is more to do with providing a stop for modern units with the middle part buffering to the coupling, as the new stock doesn't have traditional buffers.
  3. This may be a silly question but I've just bought the Bachmann 117 3 car DMU which now needs to be run in. As my layout is end to end I use a rolling road for running in but obviously this can't hold a 3 car DMU. Can the power cars be run in individually or does this mess anything up? After spending £300 I don't want to do anything to ruin it!
  4. Thanks, not quite enough room for the side mounted motors. Thanks for the article, look like I'll be looking for a different solution.
  5. Has anyone got any experience with the Peco Smart Switch? I'm looking for a point motor that I can surface mount but doesn't take up much room for an N gauge fiddle yard. Need to mount the motors at 90 degrees to the track so thought servos might give me more flexibility.
  6. Me too. A great layout. Whole exhibition was good too.
  7. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing how you get on.
  8. Cleaned the wheels and lubed the gears and it's running sweet as a nut. The motor is is good condition but one of the brushes is very worn and I'll need to find a replacement soon.
  9. The 37 was my first "proper" two rail loco. 37s and 11d from Gingers Toy Shop in Banbury. I must have gone into the shop to look at it a dozen times or more before saving up birthday and pocket money to buy it.
  10. Dropped into the Thetford MRC open day. Nice bunch of people. Picked up a Hornby Dublo R1 for a Fiver. We put in onto the track and no sign of life but a quick clean of the wheels kicked it reluctantly into life. It will get a good clean and lube and hopefully that will get it running smoothly. To be honest at that price it wold have been silly not to take a punt on it!
  11. I once turned the trailing bogie the wrong way round on a Lima 37 (I'd previously removed the couplings so I didn't have those to give me a clue) Took me ages to figure out why the loco kept shorting!
  12. An interesting magazine as my late father in law worked for Cranes of Dereham (see article on page 55) and my Mother in Law remembers this. I live just a few minutes from the site of the works now a retail park. Also an ad for Hobbies of Dereham.
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