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  1. I’ve just got a copy of Railway Bylines volume 10, issue 9 from August 2005. There’s an article on Chard and a picture of the Ruston shunter at the United Daries, later Unigate factory in 1962. The caption says: “From 1937 to 1987 the factory had its own diesel shunter which moved the bulk tank wagons to and from an exchange siding. In 1962 the factory’s loco was 48hp Ruston & Hornsby four wheeler W/No.183062 which had come new to the site in 1937. After being replaced by another Ruston & Hornsby circa 1974, it was saved for preservation by the West Somerset Railway. It later went to the Gwili Railway where it was named Folly” //Simon
  2. Stentor

    Oxford N7

    I saw this Quint set on eBay today: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F184104413293 A little too rich for my blood especially just after Christmas but they would certainly look good behind a N7. I’m not in any way shape or form related to the seller. //Simon
  3. Merry Christmas David and a Happy and Healthy New Year. You and your Father’s photographs are a fascinating window into our past and a wonderful present to us all. Thank you. // Simon
  4. A great show with some inspirational layouts and a really friendly, welcoming atmosphere. I had a really entertaining and enjoyable afternoon. Thanks to all the exhibitors, traders and most of all the organisers. //Simon
  5. I seem to remember that there was an issue with running wiring through foam boards which put me off using them despite the obvious weight advantages. There was interaction between the wire and the foam dissolving the sleeve? Am I misremembering or is this an issue? Any advice appreciated. //Simon
  6. Recent experience of mine was that Hattons weren’t interested in anything unless it was boxed whereas Rails were interested and gave a good price based on the photographs and descriptions I shared with them. Your mileage may vary. I made it easier for them by creating and sharing a gallery of the photographs I created on Google photos so they could see what I was offering. You might make more money on eBay but it’s the old story that if you want more money you’ve got to be willing to work more. //Simon
  7. Stentor

    Oxford N7

    Apologies Bernard and any others who couldn’t open it. It looks like it is a Facebook related link. This should be the document as a pdf without any baggage. //Simon N7 - Obituary for an outstanding suburban tank.pdf
  8. Stentor

    Oxford N7

    I saw this interesting article on Facebook in the “Jazz Service” group posted by Richard Matz, who may be on here somewhere, if so thanks. It is an appreciation of the N7 written by the wonderful Dick Hardy under a pseudonym. Enjoy. //Simon
  9. Stentor

    Oxford N7

    Perhaps at last ... news from Hattons this morning... “We thought you may like to know that an item you have on order with us. Oxford Rail OR76N7003 Class N7 0-6-2T 69612 in BR black Our latest information from the supplier suggests this item will arrive with us on or after Wednesday 16th October 2019 Whilst we are hopeful this information is accurate, manufacturer lead times are frequently prone to be delayed. “ Not getting too excited yet but let’s see. //Simon
  10. Issue 239 Class 47 & 57 - New Era is out now. Like the last issue covering the 37s this recaps the construction, green, blue and what they term “the broken up railway “ before going on to update the history through privatisation and preservation. As usual a full fleet list is included. Of particular interest is a short piece on the development locos 47601, 901 and the 48s with a 4mm scale drawing of 47901, side, front and plan. A good selection of pictures and a good read. The next issue covers preserved electric locos and multiple units which I don’t think will be a best seller but let’s see.
  11. Stentor

    Oxford N7

    An update from Hattons today on my pre-order for an early BR livery round top boiler N7: “Our latest information from the supplier suggests this item will arrive with us between October 2019 & December 2019 Whilst we are hopeful this information is accurate, manufacturer lead times are frequently prone to be delayed.” I assume that there must be a lot of Belpaire firebox models still sitting on trader’s shelves but on the +ve side it’s edged into the Christmas present window. Jag är insnöad på östfronten //Simon
  12. Stentor

    Oxford N7

    No further emails from Hattons since July and checking their website today it still says delivery between July and September 2019. Oxford Rail still lists the loco as “Future” with no commitment to a date. All quiet on the Great Eastern Front. //Simon
  13. Thanks Simon, Although I haven’t found any more about the Wimbledon incident this link has allowed me to find out that my wife’s great grandfather was working for the Midland Railway when he was killed in a carting accident in Bristol so thank you very much for that. //Simon
  14. Hi Simon, Thanks, this was where I went and I can thoroughly recommend them, the archivist was really helpful and genuinely interested in the story. Their railway information was very good but it couldn’t help with my question. //Simon
  15. Hi Roythebus, It cannot be this as the watch is dated 9th May and this accident was on June 27th. //Simon
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