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  1. Happy Birthday Dave, you’re still a young man, never let anyone tell you otherwise. //Simon
  2. I stumbled across a new to me supplier of 3D printed figures on eBay. The quality is very good and the range is impressive covering mainly modern dressed figures in what you might call normal everyday poses. 116 figures are listed including: middle aged men chatting, man on a mobile phone, male and female photographers, man on a motorcycle, stern older looking lady, pregnant woman, man spraying paint in a hazmat suit, girl leaning against tyres, man with a clipboard, football fan and a choice of dogs. Service is good and when I contacted them with a query Stewart replied back very quickly. The range is mainly 1:76 but some figures are 1:43 or 1:50, options for painted or unpainted and prices start from £1.99 a figure. Find them on eBay by searching for seller PMMSTUDIO. They have no connection to me other than being a satisfied customer. //Simon
  3. I too remember seeing it as a 6 year old at Colchester Zoo and the dimming of the lights made a big impression on me. Going through some old papers at my Dad's house I found the booklet that described the railway and I attach a few scans from it, the ink stain was not an original feature of course. The scenes included: the Channel, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ocean and City of the Future. The booklet describes the construction and gives plenty of hints and tips for building your own layout. Fond memories of an inspirational layout. //Simon Dear Mods, I assume that I'm not breaking any copyright here as there are no declarations on the pamphlet of copyright and it is more than 50 years old now. If I am please take it down.
  4. Hi Jack, I cannot check the individual issues at the moment but this link to an index tell you where articles about Wanhurst appear: http://www.modelrailwayjournal.com/index.php?o=title&s=wanhurst&t=All&g=0&x=0&y=0 //Simon
  5. Phil, I think that’s a Mk2 Cortina not a Morris 1100 Countryman which makes it more likely to be in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). //Simon
  6. Hi Mick, Nice user name, a fellow disciple of Mr Nelson I presume. This might be of interest to you as it’s quite straightforward to service the Triang motor bogie. As mentioned already the body is too short and I understand that it is possible to cut and shut it to length using another body. It was done by the great Chris Pendleton in the past but I’ve not been able to find any further details. Does anybody out there know any more? //Simon
  7. Thanks to everyone who responded especially 298, Rivercider and Jonny777 who have given me the date of 24th October 1987, I’ll amend my scanned photos accordingly. //Simon
  8. I think the bmx style bikes may be Raleigh Burners or Mini Burners. //Simon
  9. I've been scanning some old negatives and found some I believe were taken at Didcot Railway Centre. On the film they follow on from Ripple Lane open day which was 17th October 1987. However I cannot find any references to this event using my idea of what to search for using Google. Can anybody please shed any light on this - the event not my searching abilities? Was there a diesel gala in late 1987, possibly to celebrate Didcot's 30th anniversary or was it just a normal weekend? Thanks for any information. //Simon
  10. Thanks to everyone for their insight. I’ll look at using the ends to build a model of one of the de-icers built from old 4SUBs. //Simon
  11. I have been given 2 sets of these white metal ends and I am trying to identify what EMU prototype they are. I think they might be from a 2-NOL. I did wonder if they are from a 2-BIL or a 2-HAL but I don't think so because the conduit pipe above the route indicator doesn't go to the cant rail for those types and the roof profile of these ends is too shallow to be a HAL or BIL. Any help much appreciated. //Simon
  12. Darius, you are very very good at turning these into great models but I think you've got your work cut out with this one. I guess you'll be junking the mouldings for the underslung track recording sled and scratch building it. I look forward to seeing what you can do, good luck my friend. //Simon
  13. I was amazed to see kit MU83 Ultrasonic Track tester go for £80 inc postage on eBay, anemic castings and all. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143580170820 Proof that people are desperate to occupy themselves in the current situation. The listing does include a picture of what might be termed the instructions which might be of use to someone. //Simon
  14. I guess the answer is that anything is possible but according to Nigel Burkin’s book the body width (35mm) is spot on for 4mm to the foot, making it a major exercise to rebuild it as HO. //Simon
  15. As said it is a Lima Deltic. It is 10mm shorter than it should be and unfortunately that difference is spread across the whole bodyshell. A1 models used to be sell a brass etch which gave you replacement sides, roof and grilles. These were stuck onto the sliced up body. In addition the bogies are wrong (swap them for class 37s for a late Deltic) and the bonnet is profiled incorrectly. The whole procedure is well documented in Nigel Burkin’s excellent “From Deltics to Class 67s” book, chapter 3. It’s a lot of work if you want a more accurate Deltic. Given the arrival of the Accurascale Deltic I expect that a number of the better Bachmann Deltics will come onto auction sites at good prices. The Bachmann model is also not totally correct but it is a big improvement over the Lima effort In terms of appearance and pulling power. Plus you can and keep the untouched Lima Deltic as a souvenir of what early diesel models used to look like. //Simon
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