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  1. Here they are coming back through Bruton. Apologies for the quality as it's a grab from video. // Simon
  2. Many thanks to Ian T for sharing the drawing which is very well executed and full of detail. //Simon
  3. I've just bought this locomotive body off of eBay. It is made of tinplate and looks to have been carefully assembled. It looks to be 4mm scale. What I don't know is what it is a model of. I am guessing a Sentinel of some kind but please can anybody enlighten me? Thanks for any information. //Simon
  4. Happy Birthday David your dedication is so appreciated and the photographs you post form a valuable reference source for us all. I hope both you and your Mum enjoy the day. //Simon
  5. Measuring from the top of the rollers to the bottom of the bracket which rests on the railhead it is 13.56mm. The spacing piece between the two rollers does not touch the railhead at all. //Simon
  6. I can wholeheartedly recommend these, not cheap but they do the job very, very well. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/wire-strippers/3822847/
  7. Very sad to hear this news, my condolences to his family and friends. All of Geoff’s shows I attended were impeccably conceived, planned and run. When you saw him at the show he always looked utterly in control and at the very top of his game. A sad loss especially now with the prospect, hopefully, of shows restarting and we would have seen him back in action, entertaining and bringing a smile back to faces. //Simon
  8. David, According to the CRW Flags of the World website: “in fact the emblem was reversed on one side of the funnel, due to some maritime requirement that the top of the design should always point to the bows. This was to give a better visual indication of the ships direction to other navigators in times of bad visibility. “ // Simon
  9. Yes, this fits in with the philosophy of Dick Hardy and John Bellwood of pairing crews to locomotives to encourage pride in their “own loco”.
  10. Paul, if I understand you correctly then although these B12s were “on the books” as being under 30A the Southend fitters removed the 30A shed plate and replaced it with a 30D one. Was this a common activity within each shed pool for the locos working from an outlying shed?
  11. There is a lot of information out there so I don’t know why manufacturers still get it wrong nowadays. For me, and probably many of us, to get paid to research and curate this kind of detail would be a dream job. So it strikes me as odd that a “dynamic and passionate team, striving to be the FIRST choice in models and hobbies” aren’t passionate about the detail here. //Simon
  12. I agree with you, it looks like Hornby have misread that B12s were used on the Southend services and taken it that they were allocated there too. 61576 appears on the shedbash UK website as being at Southend in January 1956 but it is shown as being allocated to Stratford. RCTS vol 2b also talks about B12s monopolising fast and semi fast trains to Southend but makes no references to allocation to 30D. //Simon
  13. Happy Christmas and a brighter 2021 to you and yours David. Thank you for your dedication in bringing us these fantastic pictures every day, it is very much appreciated. //Simon
  14. Thanks to all who answered especially to Philjw, Fodenway and Modelldoc. The John Day Models site is a real treasure chest for this and I’m going to go for a Morris LC ambulance which is bang on for my time range of mid 50s. // Simon
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