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  1. I would agree, it looks like a Nissan Cherry GTi to me, https://www.curbsideclassic.com/uncategorized/carshow-classic-1985-nissan-cherry-europe-gti-the-worst-of-both-worlds/ //Simon
  2. Taken at Acton Bridge, its the lighting and the compression of the turnout length that gives a model look I think.
  3. A1 models still sell a range of detailing parts on eBay. Search for seller A1models-doncaster. No connection other than a satisfied customer.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions and following Philj W's suggestion I slid a thumbnail between the front grill and the front bumper and it opened with no damage. Likewise doing the same between the rear bumper and the body loosened that too. I attach a couple of photos of the split body for anybody who faces the same problem, the seats and glazing look straight forward clips. Once again, thanks to John and especially to Phil for their help.
  5. As suggested by Philj W here are some photographs. As you can see our old friend the blind man has painted the model using his trusty bog brush which is why she needs a repaint. The rear number plate looks promising but that is part of the glazing , not the chassis. Any suggestions please.
  6. I have recently acquired a Solido 1:43 scale Renault 5 which I would like to strip and repaint. But I cannot see how to separate the chassis from the body. There are no obvious rivets to drill out and whilst the body is diecast the chassis appears to be plastic. Does anybody have any experience of how to open them please? Any help much appreciated, thanks.
  7. Happy Birthday Dave, you’re still a young man, never let anyone tell you otherwise. //Simon
  8. I stumbled across a new to me supplier of 3D printed figures on eBay. The quality is very good and the range is impressive covering mainly modern dressed figures in what you might call normal everyday poses. 116 figures are listed including: middle aged men chatting, man on a mobile phone, male and female photographers, man on a motorcycle, stern older looking lady, pregnant woman, man spraying paint in a hazmat suit, girl leaning against tyres, man with a clipboard, football fan and a choice of dogs. Service is good and when I contacted them with a query Stewart
  9. I too remember seeing it as a 6 year old at Colchester Zoo and the dimming of the lights made a big impression on me. Going through some old papers at my Dad's house I found the booklet that described the railway and I attach a few scans from it, the ink stain was not an original feature of course. The scenes included: the Channel, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ocean and City of the Future. The booklet describes the construction and gives plenty of hints and tips for building your own layout. Fond memories of an inspirational layout.
  10. Hi Jack, I cannot check the individual issues at the moment but this link to an index tell you where articles about Wanhurst appear: http://www.modelrailwayjournal.com/index.php?o=title&s=wanhurst&t=All&g=0&x=0&y=0 //Simon
  11. Phil, I think that’s a Mk2 Cortina not a Morris 1100 Countryman which makes it more likely to be in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). //Simon
  12. Hi Mick, Nice user name, a fellow disciple of Mr Nelson I presume. This might be of interest to you as it’s quite straightforward to service the Triang motor bogie. As mentioned already the body is too short and I understand that it is possible to cut and shut it to length using another body. It was done by the great Chris Pendleton in the past but I’ve not been able to find any further details. Does anybody out there know any more? //Simon
  13. Thanks to everyone who responded especially 298, Rivercider and Jonny777 who have given me the date of 24th October 1987, I’ll amend my scanned photos accordingly. //Simon
  14. I think the bmx style bikes may be Raleigh Burners or Mini Burners. //Simon
  15. I've been scanning some old negatives and found some I believe were taken at Didcot Railway Centre. On the film they follow on from Ripple Lane open day which was 17th October 1987. However I cannot find any references to this event using my idea of what to search for using Google. Can anybody please shed any light on this - the event not my searching abilities? Was there a diesel gala in late 1987, possibly to celebrate Didcot's 30th anniversary or was it just a normal weekend? Thanks for any information. //Simon
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