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  1. At last the two plate girder bridges that needed building for Ewer Street are finished, and I can come out of the very tight corner for a breather, if Mrs W Station will be so good as to lever me out. My usual construction for the bridges has been used, that is greyboard and plasicard rivets, I hope the pictures show the construction method. Now I am going to breath in and hope that I am out for lunch time. All the best Adrian.
  2. Hi Al, smashing bit of weathering really looks the part. All the best Adrian.
  3. A very crowded corner with many arches, bridges, roads and railway lines all on different levels in this area of south london. Construction is all card covered with Scalescenes dark brown brick paper, my next job is to make some more plate girder bridges. Some pictures of the area and progress so far. All the best Adrian.
  4. Hi Al, lovely bit of construction and paintage on the tank. All the best Adrian
  5. This is where I should have started building the layout, not one of the last bits. Space to work in this corner is very tight, to get to it I have to remove a couple of small units, crawl underneath the baseboard then try and squeeze between the wall and the baseboard to finally appear completely knackered and dusty the otherside having left any tools I might need just out of reach on the otherside of the baseboard, thus having to repeat the process in reverse. I must stop eating pork pies as I think they are making the small gap even smaller. Now I am in position to show you whats happening, that's if I stop breathing and hold my stomach in. A viaduct wall will run across the back at high level, replicating the original with a curved top plate girder bridge, the baseboard has been widened to accomdate a small section of double track just to make the bridge and track look wider at this point. The track to Westerham and Brasted runs underneath here. I hope the pictures show what is happing and that Mrs w Station can pull me out of this gap in time for tea. All the best Adrian.
  6. Hi Al, lovely job, sort of modelling that I like. I am looking forward to the pipery. All the best Adrian.
  7. Hi Al, I have passed your idea for the Acme Rivet Mask to the Research & Development dept at at Acme Enginnering Works who have expressed an intrest in it. They have found one or two holes in the design concept but would be quite willing for you to develop the idea further. All the best from the Acme Enginnering Works. PS: the paintage looks great.
  8. Hi Lash, some good finds, and what a difference a bit of paint makes. All the best Adrian.
  9. Hi Al, looks the part, great workmanship and paintage. All the best Adrian.
  10. Hi your Alness, really like your work on the windows, a lot of fiddleness going on in the making of those but well worth the effort. All the best Adrian.
  11. Hi Al, lovely job and some great pictures of your modelling, it's all coming together very nicely. All the best Adrian.
  12. Brasted October 26th 1961. Closure notice for Monday 30th October 1961.
  13. Hi Tony, that's looking really good and a lot of cutting involved in it's construction, I will look forward to seeing the progress on it. All the best Adrian.
  14. Hi Lash, it would be good to see Portsea Town revived as it was a good layout. I look forward to your cunning plan. all the best Adrian.
  15. Hi Al, I am not going to make any mention of the axle stands, I presume that you ran out of bananas. All the best Adrian.
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