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  1. Hi Shaun , thanks for finding the link it will be useful. All the best Adrian.
  2. Hi Shaun, good to see a craftsman at work and to provide us all with a clear explanation of how it should be done thanks. All the best Adrian.
  3. A few pictures taken at Bridgnorth the other day. A Multiplex Cinema Refurbished mounting steps Some really nice building mounted direction signs All the best Adrian.
  4. Many thanks for the pleasure that you have given us all by sharing yours and your parents archive of photos. All the best Adrian.
  5. Hi Chris, this is what happens if you don't read the instructions properly. All the best Adrian.
  6. Well that's a very strange bit of spacing on that sign. All The Best Adrian.
  7. Hi, thanks for posting, great set of pics and a useful and interesting reference. All the best Adrian.
  8. Hi Tim, this link might be of interest to your followers as it shows some of the changes that have happened over the years . All the best Adrian. https://www.kentrail.org.uk/sevenoaks_tubs_hill_1975.htm
  9. Lovely modelling and very well observed, I can remember it from the fifties and sixties and my has it changed. All the best Adrian.
  10. This will soon be a distant memory, a nice bit of glass gilding facia. Street view 2011. Taken today on my phone May 23rd 2023 Open to the skies.
  11. Hi Grahame, will it be a N gauge size shed covered in plastikard, or a full size timber one. Take it easy and plenty of rest breaks. All the best Adrian.
  12. The platform at Weald was made from a old wardrobe door which had a mahogany varnished surface, this needed changing into something that looked more platform like. Old tarmac for the platform surface with repair joins etc was my choice, and as I had some pieces of 240 grit wet and dry these have been used for the surface. Joining them together I have torn them so that the edge is ragged and thinner, this means that it is not raised from the next piece and the join is more like a repair to the tarmac. After the pieces had been glued down and left to dry I knocked the surface back by going over it all with a block of wood, this has the effect of dulling the surface of the wet and dry, some brown pastel chalk has been used in places to add a bit of colour. I think that the pictures show the sequence I have used but if not just ask. All the best Adrian. God Save The King.
  13. Now that's a fine bit of poets day roof slating, he started off nice and level, but I bet he didn't realise the roof was that far out of true till he got to the ridge. Now we have all got a good excuse for wonky roofs on our models. all the best Adrian.
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