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  1. Believe it or not these events are planned, and it was interesting to look back at an early exchange of messages last year when I suggested I bring our Club layout. Now I've just checked and it virtually fits, so I have set it up, Andy is due to take some pictures, and we might even get to see what he does in the day job.
  2. I want to be the nerd of the quiz that always produces pedantic corrections because they failed to get the right answer. Question 1 What was the first British Railways prototype locomotive produced by Airfix. Answer Surely it has to be something like the 0 4 0 saddle tank, the J94, Evening Star, or the Mogul that they bought from Kitmaster?? I note that Phil's answer then refers to the Airfix GMR, but that wasn't the question was it Phil? I demand points for my answer!!!
  3. Now it is customary to have had a trip or two arranged on the Saturday before the Great Event, and sadly this year there probably won't be many trips out for any of us for the forseeable future. So I decided to organise a couple of trips today, you're welcome to come along.
  4. Mick, I hadn't reaIised you weren't going, as you live local to me would you like me to not give you a lift and not save on fuel costs?
  5. Back home after a particularly tiring weekend, Exhibiting at Luton on Saturday up at 6, and only got down to Weston at 9.30 last night, up again at 7 this morning and back home at 7 tonight. Was it worth it, You bet it was, the standard of layouts that Stu organised was far better than the offerings the day before, ( my own included), and that was a commercial Exhibition. Coupled with again catching up with some of the nicest people I know, it made the day a positive joy, and a few thanks are in order. Firstly Stuart for organising the layouts and demonstrators, it's going to
  6. Sorry to hear you've not been well, hope your recovered now, where about is the Club? I'm getting a bit too old for the weekly 40+ miles to Leamington every week. Peter
  7. Hi Steve, Operation is limited it has to be said, if I were starting from scratch I would do it slightly differently, it's not too bad for Exhibitions where the audience moves on quite quickly, but for a home layout it would soon lose appeal. What I have found is that the accidental inclusion of the tippler is of most interest, and for Exhibitions it's that which takes precedence, with trips in and out of the loading bay and the occassional lone wagon to the other loading deck. I don't run any particular timetable and stock is limited to about three vans, two coal wagons, and a co
  8. No, try http://www.pdhdrawings.com still there I fear. Peter
  9. Maybe they've found a permanent fix for their crappy 0 gauge gears that last about 5 minutes. Peter
  10. Hi, Welcome to O gauge, just one more thought, if it's not too late, I usually put some crushed tissue, foam rubber, or fabric in vans, before the roof goes on, this helps stop it acting like a sound box. Otherwise they can rattle and sound like a plastic toy. Peter
  11. Marc, I went down the Sprat&Winkle route for Exhibition use, but only because Dingham equipped stock had to face the same way (I believe), but Dinghams are pretty unobtrusive, and fiddling about with 3 links can be a pain. Struggling to see and hook up stock can take the pleasure out of shunting, so why not? I know there are many who say it's just a matter of getting the right hook etc. but that doesn't help if the eyesight is going, the hands are getting shaky, or the layout is operated from the front, and people don't want to see your back. It also enables the operator to sit d
  12. I would use a pair of compasses with a drawing pen, put the point side down the edge of the platform, with the pen set to the required distance in from the edge, charge it with white paint and run the compasses along the platform. This is the sort of thing I mean, Once the line is established it's easier to paint in the gap between platform edge and line with a small brush. Peter
  13. Laurie has now sorted out new premises, so things appear to be moving on. https://www.facebook.com/pg/MM1ModelsCo/posts/?ref=page_internal Peter
  14. H.M.R.C. Would probabably also be interested in all these people and 'Clubs' dealing in large amounts of cash, trading, presumably for profit, hope it's all been declared..... Peter
  15. Well this is the last update on the workroom as it's pretty much complete now. I'm just starting to get things straight in there so this is a concluding post to wrap things up. The door to the garden store was hung, and the mower and tools fitted, there's a small compressor in there as well, which will serve an airline in the room for air powered tools. Advantage was taken of the space in the roof trusses at either end of the room to store things, ply was laid between the trusses and one half is a timber store while the other has trays with paints, and things like inspection
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