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  1. 86401 'Northampton Town' in Network SouthEast livery heads north from Carlisle station towards Kingmoor as it passes Port Carlisle Junction on 18 July 1990. The sheepmount is behind the train. Built as E3199 21 January 1966, it was renumbered 86001 before being finally renumbered to 86401 17 December 1986. It was sold to West Coast Railway Company (WCRC) on 14th February 2020
  2. Class 86 86621 'London School of Economics' double heads another class 86 on a northbound freight at Carlisle Station on 17 July 1990 (my photo)
  3. The LMS corridor tender was stored in the roundhouse at Carlisle Durranhill shed for years. Us local kids used to play on it in the 1950s
  4. I had the same problem with my Fuji Finepix S9500. I got round it by pre focussing by pressing in the shutter gently at the spot where the loco was due to be. I now have a Canon!
  5. The Sunday WCML milk train left Carlisle at 3.25pm. Weekdays and Saturdays it left much later in the evening and ran down the WCML headed for Mitre Bridge (Unigate) and South Acton (Express Dairies) and used to depart later at either 8:10pm or 9:30pm depending on the day. Another milk train that left Carlisle and ran down the S&C via Appleby before picking up the Midland Mainline and running to Cricklewood. According to the 1954 WTT, the S&C train used to depart Carlisle at 5pm on weekdays. There were 2 trains on Sundays departing at 3:25pm and the second at 10:15pm Info from Facebook Cumbrian Railways page
  6. I am trying to identify this loco, look like a converted 9F. Anyone any idea? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-58271871
  7. Here is a photo I took of the last train to Silloth waiting to enter the station due to crowds demonstrating on the line by the station 6th September 1964
  8. I saw 62710 Lincolnshire with it's plates still on in Darlington North Road scrap yard in October 1960
  9. The majority of trains changed engines at Carlisle in the 1950s and 1960s while I was spotting there
  10. As a Carlisle lad, very few trains used the goods lines through Carlisle as nearly every train had an engine change in the station. In the 8 years I was on the Station spotting on the Glasgow Fair Saturdays, we only saw 2 trains use the goods lines. We spent the Glasgow Fair Saturdays running from one end of the station to the other so not to miss anything. One Saturday, trains were stacked up as far as Rockcliffe a few miles north of the station waiting for free platforms in the station. Great days indeed!
  11. It was stored at Kingmoor from April 1967 to November 1967. Photo taken 29-5-67 and i have a photo taken at Kingmoor in April 1967 with it's bogies still in place.
  12. IIRC the Kings were not due to go to Woodhams but due to a weight restriction they were diverted from the original scrapyard the were due to go to and ended up at Woodhams
  13. Exactly the same reason that Kingmoor yard was built, to save tripping from Carlisle's 7+ small yards
  14. Here is a photo of Black 5 44713 at an unidentified shed. It has a 10D Lostock Hall shed plate and was reallocated there on 24 June 1967, so the photo must have been taken after that date. I am trying to identify the shed where it is. I'm sure I have seen photos with the same screens and gantries that can be seen in the background. There can't be many steam sheds still open after June 1967. Any ideas anyone?
  15. I have a photo of 43090 taken in 1990 and the indecipherable ‘mark’ above the 90 is a small 43
  16. J12893. Wetheral Corby Bridge footbridge had a toll when I was a boy living in Carlisle' as so many people were trespassing on the trackbed, in order to cross. Initially, a half-penny toll, each way, was charged, having risen to a penny by the time the station closed in 1956. The toll was withdrawn soon after.
  17. Quote "All tickets will be sold by GBR in the future, ending the system where passengers must buy them from multiple companies online and in stations" Will this mean the end of split ticketing web sites?
  18. Thank you for the info Stovepipe. Looking again at my photo of D1974, I notice that the trees in the background are in full leaf, so it was definitely not taken at the time it was built 11-65 or the winter months just after. As you say, it may have indeed been back to works for rectification. Taking into account my photos of the Clayton and B1, I'm now sure that photos on my roll of film were taken in from early to late June 1966
  19. Hi Using the internet I am trying to identify dates that I took photos, my records long since lost. I have found a strange paradox on a roll of film I took in the mid 1960s. I have a photo of A4 60009 and Clayton D8613 taken in Aberdeen Ferryhill shed. The Clayton way transferr to Haymarket along with others from Barrow Hill 28 May 1966. 60009 was withdrawn on 1 June 1966 and it looks like the photo was taken after withdrawal. Also on the film strip is B1 61008 with a 65A shedplate. This was reallocated to 66E Carstairs on 13 June 1966. So, This data suggest that the photo was taken after 28 May 1966 and before 13 June 1966. However, towards the end of the film roll is a photo of D1974 which looks brand new. This was released to traffic on 13 November 1965 which conflicts with the above dates! I wonder if D1974 had beeen back in the works? Anyone any idea about this? PS the photos are definitely on the same film roll
  20. Here is a photo of Upperby Carriage sheds on 19 March 2016 shortly before they were demolished. Most of the roof on the left hand side of the building was taken down many years before.
  21. There were carriage sheds at Upperby, only recently demolished
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