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  1. The NBR Corpse Van were in regular use until the end of WW1 but their use became less common into the Grouping - probably due to cost and the advent of the motor hearse. They passed into LNER stock but it is unlikely they were repainted or renumbered and they were scrapped by the end of 1926. But maybe not all - it appears one, possibly more were sold into private ownership to the Dunragit Creamery which had its own siding off the Portpatrick Railway and operated over the G&SWR. Livery is believed to have been a dull yellow. If anyone is interested in the 4mm resin ki
  2. Attached is a rough outline of how the brake rigging should be on this carriage. Only the actuating rods from the Westinghouse cylinder to the weigh bar can really be seen below the chassis. Please note that the Westinghouse reservoir is marked in the correct place. This Bk3 is longer than the PBV you are referring to for the chassis structure and this vehicle has additional cross framing. Yes that is a vacuum pipe you have fitted, the Westinghouse pipe is still on the sprue. Top left is the gas control cover and top right is the cover for the emergency
  3. There should not be a "Part R" for the 4-wheel BK3 as they were Westinghouse only. I suspect Peter is using instructions from his 6-wheel carriages and carried this over? There is a "Part W" (located on fret next to body end steps) which after folding, spaces the Westinghouse cylinder off the underneath of the floor. I have PM'd pdf images of the BK3 which I only completed for Peter a couple of days ago and will be included in future kits. I've still to work on a detail drawing showing the brake rodding/weigh bars.
  4. Hi John, Hope the following images makes sense. Basically fold down the four bearing supports and the 8 "ears" which the wire suspension will go through, soldering the folds for strength. (Do not fill the hole with solder!) The bearing carrier (black in the 3rd image) should have the wire run through the half etched grooves and crimped to secure. Ensure that the bearing carrier can float vertically and is not catching on the bearing support. I'll apologise now for the mistake in the body where you will find the half etched holes for the door bump stops were etched fu
  5. Likewise, I would like to record my own praise of Andrew and an appreciative thanks for the service he provides us. I have used Wizard Models over the years for both my personal modeling requirements as well as bulk purchases of castings and etches to supply NBRSG resin wagon kits and have not once been let down. Despite the size of the range, I remain amazed at his ability to usually supply direct from stock held. While I understand his reasons for withdrawing from the exhibition scene*, I for one will miss a good rummage through his stand. Inevitably I would always come away w
  6. Curiously my H15 kit also was mising its dome. It was bought secondhand off Ebay with all the bags still sealed, still I accept I will need to pay for one. I emailed PDK on 30th January enquiring as to availability of a replacement I could purchase as it is not yet listed on their parts list but never heard back. Really should chase that up so I can complete the body. Other than the missing dome, a really nice kit to make though bending that footplate to match the valance is an interesting challenge.
  7. I also think this is Edzell located in Angus, 5 miles north of Brechin. The NBRSG digital archive has a similar image possibly taken the same day, dated 04/03/1961
  8. Burntisland 1883 has seen a considerable amount of work over the summer. To whet your appetite's, some recent images as a teaser of what is to come...…..
  9. SPATE Speed Previously Advertised Terminated Early Rgd's Ian
  10. Coincidentally, I came across this short film of the now preserved Dandy No.1 in service with a bonus shot of Dandy No.2 from 24 seconds on. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/RfO9ySKK3Ns?rel=0"frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  11. I should have added a wee caveat that details taken from "Sir Eric's Notebook" articles need to be checked carefully as evidence often contradicts what he wrote. NBR wagons are in general painted all over grey, including the iron work except for that below the solebar which is black. Photographs showing iron work picked out in black tend to be found on wagons specially prepared for photographing and not seen in general service examples. The grey I used was indeed Phoenix Precision P679 NBR Freight Wagon Grey and I agree is darker than I would like. I would also agree that the duck eg
  12. Hi, found this discussion on the NBR brake vans by chance and as the individual behind NBR 4mm Developments thought I would add some info. Hmm, that image does make the interior look rather yellow on my website....... It is actually, "duck egg green" and was referenced from a December 1955 Railway Modeller article by Sir Eric Hutchison, Bart. The full description: "Painting was as follows: van sides and solebars medium grey (a rather lighter shade, much lighter than the "lead" colour so often used on goods stock) ; van ends, headstocks and buffer bodies, bright red ; all ironwork,
  13. Managed to find a list of traders attending Scotgog 2017 but not the layouts (!) on the ukmodelshops website which I have "cut and paste" below. List of Traders Attending : Scenic Solutions The Tower Collection Blackpool JPL Models Alba Railway Models Helmsman Model Rail The Model Tree Shop Invertrain Model Railways Parkside Dundas 62c Models Douglas Blades Books
  14. Looking over the previous 4 pages, I cannot find any mention of this Saturdays exhibition at Linlithgow. As it is deserving of better publicity, I have copied details below which are taken from the O Gauge Guild website. Scotgog 2017 Date: Sat 14 October 2017 Location: Low Port Centre, 1 Blackness Road, Linlithgow, Lothian EH49 7HZ Price: ADMISSION: Adults £6 Information: OPENING TIMES: 10am - 4pm SCOTGOG 2017 A friendly O Gauge Guild supported show in Central Scotland showing 3 layouts, Ayr MRC Test Track (DC & DCC), Guild E&T in attendance, together with a good s
  15. The first J37 (NBR class B) was No.8 which entered service December 1914. A works grey photograph was taken of it newly completed outside Cowlairs which suggested Reid's green goods livery including the control number on the tender (introduced in Autumn 1913 for goods engines) was intended. However, there is no evidence that when painted and released into traffic that this was carried and it is believed that they entered service with Reid's later Goods Black livery with the straw double yellow lining which was standard from 1915 on. With regard to the J37, it is black whether modelling NBR,
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