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  1. They did and still do; and recently re-stocked: https://www.ngsjoin.com/kit-9a-br-polybulk-grainflow-hopper-ngsk0090-563-p.asp https://www.ngsjoin.com/kit-9b-br-polybulk-distillers-hopper-ngsk0091-568-p.asp Best Scott.
  2. Time Left: 17 days and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • AS NEW - as purchased (unused)

    Excellent as new condition. Not used, only been in storage since original purchase from new. Has been run in and checked over prior to listing. No split gears. Good low speed performance. Original box in very good condition. NOT DCC ready. Price includes paypal G&S fees.


  3. KR Models are proposing a Shay in HO: https://www.krmodels.ca/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=68 Best Scott.
  4. Whilst I might have been on the verge of quizzing you privately, I certainly wouldn’t have publicly. Good luck with the model. best scott.
  5. @Revolution Ben, @Revolution Mike. Thank you for posting this. I was sure I had seen this on facebook this morning but then couldn't find it again and thought I was imagining things/dreamt it. Panic over. Best Scott.
  6. Kris, I have the Class 70, Freightliner and Colas, down for Spring 2020 (was this out of the blue or previously announced/known about?); BR Standard 3MT (Existing model; Thomson coaches (previously announced?); GWR Toad (3 liveries) I may be wrong, but I took that from the thread on RMWeb... Best Scott.
  7. No, these are a re-issue of a previous released model (Originally an NGS exclusive model, then released under the Farish brand.) I think this is the third issue of ex-LMS Saloons.
  8. Two versions left, Crimson with Yellow Ends (Preserved) and LMS Unlined. Best Scott.
  9. Perhaps an obvious question, but have you checked the back to back dimensions of the wheelsets of all stock your running? Best Scott.
  10. https://railsofsheffield.com/collections/n-gauge-class-j50?mc_cid=24f696411a&mc_eid=69d4704d8c
  11. From the press release supplied by Tom, above: "The model is being developed by Sonic Models in conjunction with Revolution Trains." Best Scott.
  12. Rails have announced a G&W liveried 59 206 as an exclusive: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/class-59-59206-john-f-yeoman-freightliner?_pos=3&_sid=758b398bc&_ss=r&mc_cid=4cb2e658e1&mc_eid=69d4704d8c Best Scott
  13. Oil on the Rails by Alan Coppin also has a a good number of line drawings of various tank wagons. Best Scott.
  14. Thanks everyone for their replies. I have dropped the Jersey Library an email to enquire about anything they may have in teh reference section/archive. Paul, I had seen that website but for some reason I hadn't come across the extensive photos. Thanks for that. There is a particularly revealing image of teh sheds at St Helier. Best Scott.
  15. Thank you, Phil. I should have thought of that but didn't. I'll drop them a line and see what they have. If you come across the book and you think it will be useful, do perhaps you could pass on the details? Many thanks again. Best Scott.
  16. Hello, I have an interest in The Jersey Railway and The Jersey Eastern Railway, and whilst I have both books from The Oakwood Press, only the latter one (Eastern volume) has any trackplans within it's pages. I have had a search on NLS and Old Maps webpages for The Jersey Railway but have been unable to find anything at the kind of scale that would be useful for modelling purposes, in terms of track plans. Neither of the books gives any drawings of the railway buildings either. Is anyone aware of any other places I might find track plans and building drawings for these railways? I'm aware that Corbier and St Helier Weighbridge station buildings are still extant, along with the hotel at St Aubin. However it may be a few years before I could get there to visit... Any help or directions gratefully received. Best Scott
  17. The link works for me as well when I click on it. Straight to the document with no problem... best scott.
  18. Excellent gen, thank you. now to source a genuine semaphore signal and post for my garden... best scott.
  19. Oh I see! I thought you meant signal lamp as in for line side signalling by a worker or for the guard to signal from the van, but you mean an actual semaphore signal. yes okay that makes sense with the red and blue lenses on the arm. thanks very much for that. my other half’s father found it in his shed. Best Scott
  20. Thanks, Andy. In what sense? There are no coloured lenses, all are clear. There are four, one on each face. best Scott.
  21. Does anyone recognise this lamp, and it’s purpose. It is embossed LNER on the top along with a number (serial?). There is a makers plate as shown. pictured beside a BR tail lamp for scale. best Scott.
  22. More 9Fs on the way, including a train pack with Gresley coaches. Details from Rails: https://railsofsheffield.com/groups/3504/Dapol-n-gauge-class-9f Best Scott
  23. My goodness, you can't leave us on such tenterhooks...for that would be a stretch Best Scott.
  24. Sometimes that’s all it takes. glad to hear you’re feeling better. If you have the cassettes, it might be best to at least try them first. 4 and 5 coach trains won’t make for very long cassettes in N. That would let you continue to run trains and it’s one less thing to fix and to be on your mind. if it doesn’t work out you can always consider your options at that point. I’d say, your priority should be getting the turnouts motored and the crossings powered. That should go a long way towards improving running and therefore your confidence in the layout and in model railways. It might be worth looking at the pick-ups on the new 40s, along with any tarnishing of the wheels. Regardless, keep us posted with progress, no matter how small. Anything you achieve today is one less thing to achieve tomorrow. Best Scott.
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