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  1. Thats an interesting photo, blue with full yellow ends, but before the 503s were butchered to install end doors for safety purposes in the Loop. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Rail_Class_503 As Dmudriver noted, the platform lamps are "different", they, or single lamp variants, were installed on all the stations that were modernised when electrification took place in the late 30s. By the 1980s they were replaced because galloping concrete rot made them unsafe.
  2. And there was also Corona soft drinks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corona_(soft_drink) Corona ended up with Britvic in 1987, its old factory was closed down then and use of the brand fizzed out in the 1990s.
  3. The parts of the building under the diagram would provide some interesting shapes, rather than a flat conventional building. The main thing is to fill in the blank space! But it does need to look a bit grubby, until the late 30s steam locos worked up fairly close to that wall, and then "natural" dirt would accrete nicely. The brickwork would never have been cleaned. Of course, by the time modelled, the cinema might have been out of use and demolished, rather than being taken over by Wirral Social Services. The site may have then been colonised by the car workshop, using buildings rather like the ones you're going to use.
  4. The Ribble buses that worked into Liverpool always looked uniquely ugly and were always filthy, there was red under the muck but they were never clean and shiny. They always came from the North into the city, terminating at the bus station next door to Lime Street station. They'd never go anywhere near Binns Road... The most probable reason!
  5. As far as I know, when Lodekkas were around Liverpool Corporation never used them, and Liverpool buses were never painted red. A green Crosville one would be nice! Anyhow I've enough buses for all the bridges on my layout...
  6. A pity, the best thing they could have done to the Flying Rustbucket! I'd always understood that the filmic bridge was Barmouth, but as I had no evidence to say that...
  7. I think its a scene from one of the versions of Arnold Ridleys* "The Ghost Train", though I've not a clue which one. I expect its a model, so in mid-20th Century terms it could be anything! * More famous nowadays as Private Godfrey in Dads Army. He served in both World Wars, as a private soldier in WW1, being severely wounded and medically discharged, and in WW2 as an officer before being discharged on health grounds and then joining the Home Guard.
  8. Then again, the profile pretty well matches Brunels Maidenhead Bridge. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maidenhead_Railway_Bridge
  9. A very thoughtful present! Paint it black and call it a V2....
  10. I'd forgotten about the door being able to be opened whilst the flap was down. (I mean, the photographs??? ) Perhaps there could be a Special that could be dispatched to receive the proffered refreshments?
  11. Going by the route mileage, 4' 8 1/2" is the "standard" gauge, but as the originator of the railways, its perfectly allowable for the UK to have a multitude of gauges, proving the feasibility of their application to varying situations! Its a great place to model any kind of railway, the UK!
  12. I was just applying the engineering rule of thumb of thinking of a feasible distance and doubling it! Could be messy if the sugar beet hasn't been replaced for a while...
  13. The main question is replicating "functioning" visible motion work that would be tiny at 4mm scale Sans Pareil is doable, there's actually not much in the way of visible motion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sans_Pareil Locomotion No 1 is a different kettle of fish! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locomotion_No._1 Planet would be easier than either... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planet_(locomotive)
  14. Or at least auto-isolate the 12 inches of track on either side of the lifting section!
  15. Just a test track, eh? Its coming along well! According to Fairport Convention, the location is unmentioned, and after slewing Matty and his Lady, Lord Darnell is magnanimous enough to have them buried together with the lady on top... Hmmmmm...
  16. 1920s? It looks like a mid 50s Hornby O gauge loco, tinplate at its last gasp. I got one of those, boxed, in excellent condition, with track and goods wagons for about 40 quid, inc delivery a couple of years ago...
  17. That's Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre?
  18. Currently, my main layout is packed away, so all the locos and rolling stock are likewise. However, even when its up and running, a large proportion are boxed, because they don't fit the period/company/region that I'd be operating. But they won't stay boxed and unused forever, their turn will come!
  19. If Hornby were to do another P1 loco, then Lion would be an obvious choice as apart from it being used with their L&M coaching stock, they could also introduce goods wagons. However they might consider instead a Planet or a Patentee as they would also fit in with the coaches and have no visible motion work! A Patentee might be a good bet as it would be nice to have a 2-2-2!
  20. Hroth

    EBay madness

    Dunno, but Noch do lots of model nudists, and other nekkid people geting up to all sorts of ... things ... too!
  21. Agreed, but one thing in addition.... For some reason or other, my mother quite liked that version and I had to buy a copy of the single for her. Its still somewhere about the house... If we're going to have Magpies dragged into things, can we have Susan Stranks too? And to keep on topic, because Blue Peter adopted a loco, Magpie adopted (and named) one too, "Black 5" 44806... The name didn't last long. Anyhow, I've always thought Corvid-19 was a better name for the Pandemic!
  22. According to Rogers and Hammerstein, its Oklahoma!
  23. Originally it was The Queens Hall, a fancy function venue, which actually displayed films in the late 1890s. This burned down and the site was used to build the proper cinema. After it closed as a cinema in the 1980s? it became offices for Wirral social services before being vacated and the whole site turned into an Aldi, though the frontage of the cinema remains. Here's what it looked like as a cinema, you can see its just brick boxes behind! All the views from Bridge Street concentrate on the station, the back of the cinema is always out of frame on the right....
  24. The Krugers, both the 2-6-0 and the 4-6-0 versions were ruddy odd, and no more a fore-runner of anything than the Holden 101 (Beloved of Hornby) was. But I do like them for their completely ungainly ugly duckling look. The Wikipedia article has a pic of the 4-6-0, which looked more balanced than the 2-6-0.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GWR_2602_Class The 2600 Abadares may have had some Kruger parts, but were a completely different kettle of fish! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GWR_2600_Class
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