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  1. Not sure whose transfer numbers you have used for 66539 but I've found the Replica Railways pack 41063 Freightliner class 66 numbers to be greener than most of the others Simon
  2. The Howes class 60 sound file sounds excellent when paired with the EM1 speaker Another sound file which has plenty of bass and benefits from an EM1 is the Hornby digital sound class 60 - the sound file is surprisingly good and is a nice crisp and clear recording Simon
  3. A very modellable train ! 37379 hauls a short northbound 6m90 near Marley Aire Valley Photo by Neil Harvey
  4. Great video on the new Hatton's class 66 and sound files - the attention to detail is almost overwhelming The recent additional models to the range are most welcome - particularly the Royal Scotsman 66's I can't help thinking that the big omission in the range are the new DB repaints with the large DB logo - a good one to do would be 66100 Armistice 100 Photo attached ( credit Dave Clarke)
  5. Looking at the excellent photos of the model on this thread.I noticed that 87019 has two cabside numbers on one side and one cabside number on the other side . This is correct when compared to prototype photos . Is this something unique to 87019 Sir Winston Churchil or were other Virgin class 87's so adorned ? mogs 37116
  6. Further to black and decker boy's earlier post re debranded Cawoods containers her's a link to Russ and Tilly's video of debranded containers near Walton Yard Warrington hauled by EWS 60018 in 2006
  7. Would it be possible to have a similar sales arrangement to your IZA cargowaggon twins sets in conjunction with Kernow ? That is a four pack set of wagons ( also available individually ) and a fifth wagon with a flashing tail lamp available separately In my humble opinion the IZA cargowaggon twin sets are an eminently sensible arrangement
  8. Hello Arran Resurrecting this thread after a gap of some four years I would like a hi-cube in Triton brown livery ! Also as mentioned earlier in the thread a hi-cube in Tex livery would be nice Are you considering a re run of previous productions which are now difficult to source ? ( eg Maersk Hamburg Sud Hapag Lloyd hi cubes ) mogs
  9. I probably won't be on my own in wondering how you are getting on with Causeway Junction reborn ! Hope you can give us an update as not heard from you for a while mogs
  10. Colas 60096 on the Carlisle to Chirk logs passes Scorton Lancashire on Friday 8th April 2016
  11. 68007 and 68001 head 6K27 Carlisle to Crewe past Scorton Lancashire on Monday 11th April 2016
  12. The rake consists of 14 wagons with the sharpest curves on the layout being Peco 4th radius set track curves
  13. I had similar difficulties with Hornby biomass wagons when running a rake of them - they are quite light for such a large wagon I found a couple of the offending wagons had wheel sets that were not fitted correctly in to the bogies - a simple job to remedy The running problems completely disappeared after I had fitted Kadee no19 couplings to the wagons
  14. A well presented and constructive comment I was hoping for a DRS Compass liveried class 66 with revised light clusters - a loco from number series 66301 to 66305 OR 66421 to 66433 . It would go nicely with Bachmann's proposed DRS 66434 These locos operate nationwide and therefore have good sales potential
  15. Hello Jeff I used P & O Nedlloyd grey gloss paint from C-Rail on mine . The Wrexham and Shropshire logos on the loco are particularly difficult remove . Simon
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