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  1. The standard for etched smokebox numberplates and shedcodes is bright nickel silver. John Isherwood.
  2. I can vouch for the quality and value of the 247 Developments plates - and the cover the printed plates exactly. The set does include the smokebox numberplate. I don't use etched smokebox numberplates or shed plates - they should have white lettering and I think that the printed plates, or transfer replacements, look more authentic. John Isherwood.
  3. Remember that you have to get the motor into the boiler when the latter is fixed to the running plate - longitudinal sliding will be limited by the bufferbeams. John Isherwood.
  4. See Sheets BL58 and BL175 at https://www.cctrans.org.uk/products.htm Nothing for PIG IRON I'm afraid. Regards, John Isherwood.
  5. Unless I'm out of the loop - surely that's 18000 ?!? John Isherwood.
  6. Sounds a bit like the guest house claiming a sea view - but only if you stood on a chair and used binoculars! John Isherwood.
  7. I wouldn't argue with that nowadays - but, teenaged and impecunious, it was an acceptable compromise; (many, many years ago, alas)! John Isherwood.
  8. Years ago, I discovered that one of the aluminium tubes in the K&S metals display is an exact fit over the Airfix half-axles. So it is possible to get them to run true, and they did run acceptably on three-rail Hornby Dublo track. John Isherwood.
  9. Coincidenally enough, I have just descended from my workshop - known to SWMBO as 'The Play Room' - where I was applying etched plates and real coal to the 16XX, and coal to the 94XX; they are now standing adjacent to each other on the test track. Having been unable to resist the temptation to trundle a few recently-built wagons up and down the tracks and admire the latest loco acquistions, I have to concede that they might easily have come from the same factory. Nonetheless, I feel that the 16XX has the edge where fidelity, sophistication and running qualities are concerned.
  10. I refer my honourable friend to my earlier response to his original statement. I strongly doubt that the achieved level of 'out-of-the-box' detail and running capability could have been achieved with a less complex design - no capable designer would introduce needless complexity. What my honourable friend wishes for is a less detailed / capable design for the majority of purchasers, so that he can more easily throw away the most expensive part of the model in order to spend more money achieving the niche result that he desires. I'm afraid that I cannot chara
  11. I was thinking more of some of the early electrification schemes - NER, LBSCR, etc., etc. I think that I am correct in saying that electric traction preceded the invention of diesel traction. John Isherwood.
  12. Out with the Klear, then - a couple of coats should sort that out! John Isherwood.
  13. Not sure that 'unique' is quite the right word; commonplace until very recently in many parts of the world, EXCEPT the UK. John Isherwood.
  14. The mistake is often made that the chronological sequence was strictly horse / steam / diesel / electric; some simple googling will reveal that electric preceded diesel; albeit in relatively restricted geographical areas and applications. John Isherwood.
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