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  1. With respect - you presumably had inspected the model before offering it for sale, and knew that the antenna had not been "bodged and (that) there were (not) traces of residual glue on the fuselage"? If so, why on earth did you refund him £70.00? I'm sorry, but these scammers prey of people who "didn't want to get into messy dealings". It's a hard world out here ! John Isherwood.
  2. My Dad had a Ford Consul which was fitted with a similar sun visor - in the 1960s, it spoke of exotic, hot places ....... ! ..... but it only ever got as far south as Cornwall. John Isherwood.
  3. cctransuk

    Panic buying

    As previously stated - the store may close to customers, but that's when picking starts. Who knows how many orders were picked before yours, that may well have depleted the stocks that existed at 21.55? Below is our last order order and substitution notification. Again, as previously stated, the more restricted your choice of products due to dietary regime, the more likely you are to have substitutions and / or deletions. No shop that I am aware of has ever guaranteed to have all products stocked exactly when you want them. John Isherwood. Order Details Substitutes ASDA Creamy Coleslaw 300g Substitute for 1 X ASDA 40% Less Fat Creamy Coleslaw 300g1£0.79 ASDA Grower's Selection 7 Bananas 7pk Substitute for 1.26kg X ASDA Grower's Selection Loose Banana (order by number of bananas or select kg) per kg1£0.98 Hovis Seed Sensations Wholemeal Bread 800g Substitute for 1 X ASDA Extra Special Farmhouse Wholemeal & Rye Bread 800g1£1.00 Southern Point Cabernet Sauvignon 75cl Substitute for 3 X Southern Point Shiraz-Merlot 75cl3£16.50 Ordered Chilled ASDA Watercress 85g 1£1.00 ASDA Grower's Selection Broccoli 360g 1£0.58 ASDA Grower's Selection Cauliflower each 1£0.95 ASDA 6 Low Fat Red Fruit Yogurts 6x125g 1£0.90 ASDA Greek Style Yogurt 1kg 1£1.42 Country Life British Salted Butter 250g 1£1.65 Others ASDA Grower's Selection Loose Onion (order by number of onions or select kg) per kg 0.87kg£0.61 Other ASDA 6 Hot Cross Buns 6pk 1£0.89 ASDA Grower's Selection Loose Conference Pear (order by number of pears or select kg) per kg 0.83kg£1.24 Groceries, Health & Beauty and Household Items Le Grand Clauzy Chardonnay 75cl 3£15.00 El Riquelme Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 75cl 3£13.50 ASDA Grower's Selection Cherry Tomatoes 325g 1£0.90 Sheba Select Slices Poultry Collection in Gravy Adult Cat Food Trays 12x85g 1£4.00 ASDA Ready Salted Potato Sticks 150g 3£2.55 ASDA Cleaning Cream Lemon 500ml 1£0.78 ASDA Lasagne 375g 2£1.06 ASDA Wheat Bisks Cereal 48pk 1£2.49 Robertson's Silver Shred Fine Cut Lemon Jelly Marmalade 454g 1£1.43
  4. cctransuk

    Panic buying

    Quite - common sense seems to have been a fatal casualty of COVID-19 !! John Isherwood.
  5. cctransuk

    Panic buying

    The same is true of the UK - very few items are now in short supply. The problem with deliveries and substitutions is that the order picking now takes place in the early hours of the morning, in order to avoid clogging the aisles when customers are present. It is quite likely that the picking occurs before the daily deliveries; ie. when stocks are lowest. The current situation has caused problems that did not occur previously; order picking took place throughout the day - ie. mostly after the daily deliveries. I am just grateful for being given a priority recurring delivery slot - I can accept a few substitutions if that is the price. John Isherwood.
  6. She could have been buying for a care home - or not ! John Isherwood.
  7. cctransuk

    Panic buying

    That depends upon the picker having a fairly broad knowledge of food categories and regimes; I suspect that there has not been the opportunity to train to that extent all the extra pickers that have recently been recruited. I, as an omnivore, whould be perfectly happy to receive a quiche lorraine in place of a non-meat quiche, but a vegetarian customer would not. I may be mistaken, but I don't recall having the opportunity of inputting my dietary regime when signing-up for Asda deliveries; (nor would I expect to). The bottom line is, if you don't like the substitution - for whatever reason - reject it; get a refund; and donate the offending article to a foodbank. John Isherwood.
  8. cctransuk

    Panic buying

    Spot on - the computer may think that it knows what's on the shelves, but what matters is if it's there when the picker looks for it ! Remember, the computer doesn't know something has been sold until the customer passes through the check-out; not when it's picked up off the shelf. No point in the computer suggesting substitutes - which it can do if asked - but it doesn't know what each individual customer's dietary requirements are. How could it - there's no facility for inputting such information? I do think that some customers imagine that the computer has a virtual crystal ball !! John Isherwood.
  9. cctransuk

    Panic buying

    I sympathise with your position as vegetarians, but I do not believe that now is the time for the supermarkets to be devoting scarce resources to classifying all of their products amongst the considerable number of food regimes now practiced by by some customers. This would be the only way to guarantee that substitutions offered were appropriate for the customer's particular regime; the chances are that a suitable replacement would not be available, anyway. Customers are totally free to adopt their chosen regime but, in doing so, must accept that they are limiting their choice of products. During abnormal times such as these, it is inevitable that reduced choice will equate to missing products. John Isherwood.
  10. This precise subject was discussed - at some length - last week, in another thread. John Isherwood.
  11. cctransuk

    Panic buying

    No-one is asking you to do so - I merely suggest that a few inconveniences, that cost us nothing in financial terms, are of little or no consequence when far more weighty issues confront the world. Hardly a matter of life or death, and certainly not worth blaming hard-working shop assistants for. John Isherwood.
  12. cctransuk

    Panic buying

    I have to say that Asda seem to be handling the huge increase in demand for home deliveries extremely effectively - given the circumstances. Their policies on substitutions and rejections are fair, to the point of generosity, and it is hardly suprising if some of our favourite items are not available at the precise time that our orders are picked. We, too, have had substitutions made to our orders but, in almost all cases, the substitution has been reasonable and has provided a welcome change to our eating 'routine'. Frankly, I have no patience with those who expect to have their exact food choices delivered during these difficult times; it's not you who has to daily expose yourself to COVID-19 in order to try and cater for the fads of customers. There are plenty of 'heroes' out there who do not work for the NHS ! John Isherwood.
  13. cctransuk

    Panic buying

    Are you allowing substitutions? If not, I'm not surprised that they may not have your chosen brand / type in the early hours of the morning, when these orders are picked. Allow substitutions; and they will deliver the nearest available product to the one that you have selected; and if more expensive, they won't charge the difference. You can reject the substitution on delivery for a refund, if you choose. John Isherwood.
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