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  1. That perhaps goes some way to making things clearer - just a shame that the information wasn't forthcoming from the outset. Let's hope that things now revert to normal before too long. John Isherwood.
  2. I think that I can live with that - as I would never have noticed anyway! I have no doubt that the new Bachmann model find a ready market - myself included. John Isherwood.
  3. Confidentiality is all very well but, in the absence of even the most basic justification from anyone as to why customers have had their money taken with nothing to show for it, their patience is not inexhaustible. Why hint at Jim's issues if they are known? Illness of any kind, physical or mental, is no longer the taboo it once was - some plain speaking is what is needed here. Humble pie will not be consumed at any time - everyone in this discussion seems to have behaved very reasonably. Regards, John Isherwood.
  4. Thanks Simon - just what I needed to know. John Isherwood.
  5. Thanks, that's very helpful. Can I assume that, beyond this livery variation, the early LMR allocated 24s matched the the new Bachmann model? John Isherwood.
  6. If it is a simple mazak bar with no projections or recesses, it should be possible to cut the plastic of the spine laterally, and withdraw the bar. It is likely that the bogie pivot screws are tapped into the mazak- this may be a complicating factor. If I had an affected model, it would certainly be worth a discreet cut with a razor saw. John Isherwood.
  7. My first reaction too! Apparently, it can't be done - being moulded within the outer plastic injection moulding. John Isherwood.
  8. I was surprised to note that the two green Class 24s are both ER allocated examples. Not being too knowledgeable on such matter, is there any reason why they could not be renumbered as LMR D5084 - D5093? Were there detail differences - for instance, was the silver grille livery variation of D5094 a Finsbury Park feature? Thanks in anticipation for any input. John Isherwood.
  9. That's not maroon - its carmine / crimson / blood, as in the early blood & custard livery. NPCCS at that time were painted plain carmine / ................. . John Isherwood.
  10. The wheel type is MANSELL - nothing to do with Maunsell. John Isherwood.
  11. These look to be excellent models, and I am sorely tempted to add to my small stock of detailed Tri-ang examples. I don't recall it being mentioned previously that the Tri-ang ones suffer from the then-common practice of representing plank lines with raised rather than grooved lines - presumably as this would have considerably reduced the cost of making the injection moulding tool. John Isherwood.
  12. All that is needed is a small, two-part sign - < (walking man symbol) , (wheelchair & cycle symbols) >. John Isherwood.
  13. From what you say, it should be possible for the person who gave you the kit to approach DJH for the missing parts - presumably that person DID purchase the kit from DJH, if it's not secondhand. You are implying that DJH sold an incomplete kit. John Isherwood.
  14. Does the law differentiate between scale models and toys - I doubt it! I also doubt that Dapol will feel under any obligation after such a period of time. If the damaged models were mine, I would be dismantling them ASAP - by cutting through the spine with a razor saw if necessary - in order to extract the metal core. If the metal is indeed responsible for the damage - which I strongly suspect it is - it could be replaced by some steel bar and the model components reassembled around it. It does surprise me - no it doesn't - that so many owners are reporting that their m
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