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  1. If that member happens to be me - I am on the 'naughty step', and am denied reactions by the Moderator. John Isherwood.
  2. I don't think that 'cool' had been invented then. John Isherwood.
  3. The same way that any 8-coupled steam loco does - or 10-coupled for that matter. John Isherwood.
  4. Agreed - I know how they do it; I was just pointing out to Jonboy that his suggestion that they trawl the attendees list didn't apply in this case. John Isherwood.
  5. Screen-grabbed from at BTF film. John Isherwood.
  6. You may be confident that I fully understand the constraints of one-man-bands; aging and internet trading. My sole concern in the case of Markits is that I have detected a change in the attitude of retailers from amused tolerance to marked frustration, or even loss of patience. This cannot be good for Markits or for us retail customers. I do not criticise Markits or make judgements; I merely express concern at a worrying development. John Isherwood.
  7. Please don't misinterpret me - I would be devastated if Markits products ceased to be available. I have been content to make my purchases of the (reduced) Markits range via retailers, but have become concerned when every single retailer that I have dealt with recently tells the same tale of endless waits for deliveries of orders. The danger is that retailers will conclude that the hassle that comes with stocking Markits products is not worth it, and a reliable source of those products becomes nonexistent. I would be the first to applaud the creation of a predictable system for distributing Markits fantastic (but currently theoretic) range but, regretably, I cannot see that happening under present circumstances. Of late, an all too familiar tale. John Isherwood.
  8. This completely overlooks the fact that even the retailers cannot source much of the Markits range - when we get to that stage, the future viability of Markits must come into question. No matter that Mark is a nice guy - if you manufacture a range of components you have to be able to supply them to customers; or you may as well give up! John Isherwood.
  9. Could the OP please amend the title of this thread to more correctly represent the non-functioning nature of this product? John Isherwood.
  10. A little frustrating - but I'd strip the body and start again. John Isherwood.
  11. There must be more to this than meets the eye - it's almost as if Mark Ascott is deliberately undermining his own business. Can anyone shed any light? I know that many / all Markits retailers are having extreme difficulty restocking the most basic items, let alone the more esoteric ones. John Isherwood.
  12. Don't touch the wet Klear / transfer until it is thoroughly dry - even a slight excess will disappear. I think that you may find that there is guidance for the removal of the lacquer on the package - it was always on the pack of the original Klear. I seem to recall that it involved a solution of ammonia; (not a very attractive odour)! John Isherwood.
  13. It must be more complex that that - I don't attend ANY exhibitions. John Isherwood.
  14. Please, I am not your mate (m8)! If you wish to learn how to apply transfers; (Gotta learn how to do transfers)?; I would suggest that you would be better doing so on a kit that you have built; rather than on an expensive RTR model that should have been perfect on reciept. John Isherwood.
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